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I will exult and rejoice in thy goodness
when thou hast seen mine affliction,
adverted to the distress of my soul,
rescued me from the hand of mine enemy,
and set niy feet in a freer space.

Pity me, JEHOVAH! for in distress I am :
Mine eye, my soul, and my body
are wasted with vexation !
My life is consumed with forrow,
and my years with sighing!
My vigour is exhausted by affliction,
and my bones are corroded with grief !
Of all my foes I am the reproach;
to my neighbours a burthen,
to mine acquaintance a dread!
They, who see me abroad, shun me;
as one dead I am forgotten :
I am out of remembrance, .
like a vessel that has been lost.
When I hear the reproaches of the many,
terror encompasseth me on every fide;
while against me they consult together;
and lay plots to take away my life!

Yet in thee, JEHOVAH! I confide :
I say: “ My God thou art :
“ My fate is in thine hands :
“ Rescue me from the power of my foes and per-

“ secutors. “ Make thy countenance to shine on thy servant: “ Save me, JEHOVAH ! for thy goodness' sake; 6 let me not be confounded, since thee I invoke. “ Be the wicked confounded, “ and drop silently down to Hadés !


66 dumb be the lips of falsehood-
" that speak harshly against the innocent,
66 with haughtiness and contempt.”

How many, † JEHOVAH! are the good things 20 which thou reservest for those who revere thee haft prepared for those who make thee their refuge, in despite of the sons of man! In the covert of thine own countenance thou 21

hidest them, from the vexatious persecutions of man. Thou hidest me, in thine inmost sanctuary, from contentious detracting tongues.

Blessed be JEHOVAH; who to me hath shown such wonderful favour, in a fortified city. In my confternation, I had said: “ I am cut off from thy regard !”' But thou heardest my supplication, when to thee I cried !

Love Jehovah, all ye his pious ones : The faithful JEHOVAH protecteth: but repayeth with usury the infolent.

Be constant and courageous, all ye who trust in JEHOVAH !

NOTES. Although this pfalm is not hard to be understood by the Hebrew scholar, many passages are not easily rendered into any modern tongue. I have laboured to make them intelligible, without much deviation from the letter: yet a few explanatory notes may be not unnecessary. Ver. 9. Rescued me from the band of mine enemy. Lit. “ hast not shut me up in the hand of mine enemy :" but as negative propofitions in Hebrew are often equivalent in sense to opposite positives, 1 deemed it better to use an equivalent, as more agreeable to what precedes and fol. lows.-Ver. 12. Nothing could better paint the distressful situation of David, than the emphatic terms which he uses in this and the two fola lowing verses.-Ver. 20. The word Jehovah is authorised by Sep. Arab. and one ms. Ver. 21. Tbou bideft me in thine inmost fanctuary. This is to be considered as a mere metaphor ; allusive, however, to the inner part, or Holy of Holies, of the real tabernacle.- Ver. 22. In a fortified city. The original here has been supposed by Houbigant, and others, to be corrupted : but I see no reason for such a supposition. The words refer, I think, to the city of Ziklag, which was by Achith assigned to David, and where he was no more molested by Saul.

PSALM XXXII.-al. XXXI. This psalm seems to bave been composed after David's repent. ance for bis adultery witb Uriab's wife, and the consequent murder of Uriab.-It is the second of the psalms called Penitential. The title is :

a to


HAPPY is hewhose transgression is pardoned, and sin forgiven. Happy is the man to whom Jehovah imputeth not iniquity; : and whose foul is void of deceit.

While I was deaf to remorse, my bones were wasted from my roaring all the day long ! for day and night thine hand aggrieved me; my moisture was turned into summer-drought.

My fin, at length, to thee I confessed; mine iniquity I strove not to conceal.

I said: “ To Jehovah I will own my trespasses :".
- and straight thou remittedst the guilt of my fin.
Whosoever shall piously thus to thee pray,
(at a season when favour may yet be found)
him the greatest flood of waters shall not reach.
Thou art my refuge—from trouble thou hast freed

and given me cause for songs of deliverance.


“ I myself (Jaidst thou) will instruct thee, “ and show thee the way thou shouldst go : “ mine eye on thee I will keep... “ That thou be not like a horse-like a mule - which, untaught to the bridle and rein, « will not come near one, to be jaw-bound.”

Many are the sorrows of the wicked : but mercy will attend him who trusteth in Jehovah. In Jehovah be glad and rejoice, ye just; and shout for joy, all ye upright in heart.

NOTES. Ver. 6. The greatest flood of waters, i. e. the greatest calarnities; a very common Hebrew metaphor.-Ver. 9. The common rendering of this verse is to me unintelligible; yet the meaning is obvious; nor is there any need for correcting the text as it now stands. The bridles of that age were not like our bridles: they had neither bit nor chain. They were sorts of halters, or head-stalls, which are still used as bridles in some parts of this island. The metaphor is natural and expressive..Ver. 11. This verse is by some thought to belong to the next pfalme, and is there placed by Green and Street.

PSALM XXXIII.-al. XXXII. In the Hebrew copy tbis psalm bas no title, but in Sep. Syr. and Vulg. it is called

A PSALM OF DAVID. REJOICE, ye just, in JEHOVAH : praise becometh the righteous. Praise JEHOVAH on the harp; sing to him with the ten-stringed psaltery. Sing to him a new song : strike up a tuneful melody. For upright is the word of JEHOVAH ; and faithful are all his works.

the per

5 He loveth justice and cquity :

of the goodness of JEHOVAH the earth is full.
6 By the word of Jehovah the heavens were made;

and all their hosts by the breath of his mouth.
The waters of the sea he collected, as in a bottle:

in store-houses he deposited the depths. 8 Let the whole earth revere JEHOVAH !

fear him, all the inhabitants of the globe! 9 For he spoke—and it was made !

he commanded—and it arose into existence.

JEHOVAH frustrateth the purposes of nations ;

disappointeth the designs of peoples. 11 The purpose of JEHOVAH standeth for ever:

the designs of his heart from generation to generation, 12 Happy the nation whose God is JEHOVAH;

the people, he hath chosen for his heritage.

From the heavens JEHOVAH looketh down;

beholdeth all the children of man: 14 from the place of his own residence,

vieweth all the inhabitants of the globe : 15 directing the bent of every heart;

and attending to all their operations. 16 No king is saved by a numerous host,

nor hero by greatness of might: 17 impotent is the steed to save his rider;

and, with all his strength, unable to rescue. 18 Lo! the eye of Jehovah is on those who fear

him; on those who trust to his benevolence; 19 to secure their lives from death,

and preserve them even in a famine. 20 Our soul's hope is in JEHOVAH: our help and our shield is hE.

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