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Therefore, in him our heart rejoiceth;

21 therefore, in his holy name we trust. Upon us, JehovAH ! be thy bounty,

22 according as we trust in thee.


Ver. 7. As in a bottle. The present Heb. has as in a beap. But all the antients, even the Chaldee paraphrast, read as in a bottle. A single letter, or single point, makes all the difference; and the pa. rallelism is more striking from the antient reading. The whole psalm is very beautiful.

PSALM XXXIV. al.—XXXIII. This is the second alphabetical psalm; by its title said to be A PSALM OF DAVID, WHEN, ON CHANGING HIS I BEHAVIOUR BEFORE ABIMELECH,the latter DROVE HIM AWAY,' AND HE ESCAPED..

N. ALEPH. I WILL, at all times, bless JEHOVAH : his praise shall be constantly in my mouth.

3. BETH. In Jehovah my soul shall boast : let the afflicted hear, and rejoice.

d. GHIMEL. Magnify, with me, JEHOVAH : and let us, together, exalt his name,

7. DALETH. I fought JEHOVAH, and he answered me; and delivered me from all my fears.

1. he. Look up to him, and be enlightened; and your faces shall never be ashamed.



VAU. [For the life of his servants JehovAH redeemeth; and none shall be desolate that trust in him.]

. ZAIN. This afflicted one cried, and Jehovah heard : and saved him out of all his troubles.


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The angels of JEHOVAH pitch their camp round those who revere him—and them they save.

8. TETH.
0! taste and see how good is Jehovah!
happy the man who trulteth in him.

. JOD.
Revere ye Jehovah, his devoted servants !
for to those, who revere him, nothing lacks.

Young lions may lack, and suffer hunger :
but they, who seek JEHOVAH, shall lack no good.

Come, fons of man! listen to me!
the fear of JEHOVAH I will teach you.

p. MEM.
What man art thou, who defirest life,
and wishest to see days of prosperity ?

3. NUN.
Guard well thy tongue from evil,
and thy lips from speaking guile.

Decline from evil, and do good;
seek peace, and pursue it.




9. AIN. The eyes of Jehovah are on the righteous; and his ears are attentive to their cry.


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The face of JEHOVAH is against evil-doers; to cut off their remembrance from the earth.

3. TSADE. + The righteous cry, and JEHOVAH heareth; and rescueth them from all their troubles.

B. KOPH. JEHOVAH is nigh to the contrite of heart; and the broken-spirited he saveth.

7. RESH. Though many the afflictions of the righteous; yet from all of them Jehovah delivereth him.

W. SCHIN. JEHOVAH guardeth all his bones : not one of them shall be broken ! .

| b. THAU. The wicked shall die a bad death : and those, who hate the just, JEHOVAH will destroy.





Ver. 6. This verse at present concludes the psalm : but its proper place is here. Ver. 7. This afflicted one. He meaneth hiinself: as if he said: “See here in me an example of God's goodness.”—Ver. 18. The first two words are supplied from the antient versions.—Ver. 21. The last comma of this verse is applied in the Gospel of John 19. 36. to Jesus Christ.






PLEAD thou my cause, JEHOVAH ! against mine

opponents :
war thou with them, who war with me.

Lay hold on the shield and buckler;
and stand up in my defence.

Nay, draw thy spear, and secure me
from the assault of my persecutors,
Say to me: “I am thy falvation.”

May those who seek my life
be confounded and put to shame:
repulsed and confounded be they,
who devise mine hurt!

Be they like chaff before the wind;
dispersed by the angel of Jehovah !
May their way be dark and Nippery;
and may the angel of JEHOVAH pursue them !

For, without cause, have they laid for me a snare.
A pit, without cause, have they digged for me.
May unforeseen ruin overtake them;
may the snare which they laid, lay hold on themselves;
and may they tumble into destruction.
Then my soul shall be joyful in JEHOVAH:
and rejoice in being saved by him :
all my bones shall fay: “JEHOVAH! who like thee?
“ Who rescuest the afflicted from the stronger;
- the afflicted and destitute from the spoiler.”

False witnesses stand up against me;
crimes to me unknown they lay to my charge.
For good they would repay me with evil,


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by bereaving me of my life.

Although I, during their infirmity, clothed myself in fackcloth: . with fasting I afflicted myself: and to my bosom my prayer was turned : although I acted the part of a friend, of a brother! 14 like one mourning his mother, I was heavily fad ! Yet in mine adversity they rejoiced, and associated 15 smiters associated against me without my knowledge; and, unceasingly, tore my reputation : While they flattered me, they sneered obliquely: they gnashed at me with their teeth.

Jehovah! how long wilt thou look on ? Rescue my life from their pernicious designs : my dearest life from those young lions.

I will thank thee in the great assembly: before a numerous people I will sound thy praise.

Let not my false foes rejoice over me, my causeless enemies who wink with the eye. Who speak not the words of peace; but, against the peaceable of the land, they devise the words of deceit ! Against me they open wide their mouth, and say: “ Ha! ha! our eye beholdeth what we wished.

See thou this, Jehovah! and be not filent: Jehovah! from me be not far. Exert thyself, and be awake to my cause: my God, and my Lord, be awake to my plea. Judge me, according to my righteousness, JEHOVAH, my God! and let not those rejoice over me: left they fay in their heart: “We have had our wish.” 25 left they say: “We have swallowed him up.". May all be confounded and brought to shame,


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