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who rejoice at my calamity :
may they be covered with shame and disgrace,
who magnify themselves against me.

Let those shout for joy, and be glad,
who favour my righteous cause:
and let them ever say:

May Jehovah be magnified;
“ who hath favoured the cause of his servant.”

So shall my tongue talk of thy justice;
and daily resound thy praise.


Ver. 13.

NOTES But I during their infirmity. He seems to allude to the attention which he was wont to pay to Saul: when he was vexed with an evil spirit.—Ibid. To my bosom my prayer was turned. When the orientalists pray seriously in grief, they hide their face in their bosom : and to this custom the psalmist here alludes. The fifter of St. Benedict is said, by Gregory, to have prayed, in this manner, for a storm to detain her brother.- Ver. 15. Smilers. The present Heb. copy has the smited: but the change of a letter turns the passive participle into an active : which the sense requires.-Ver. 16. While ibey flattered me, &c. I recede here from all interpreters: but I only change a single letter (nor that without authority) in the text: which is thus made intelligible and consistent. Our common English version is, “ with hypocritical mockers in feasts,” &c.---Liturgy : “With the Aatterers were busy mockers, &c."-Ver. Ig. Who wink

It is hard to say, whether this be meant of a deceitful wink; or an ill-natured squint : I should think the former, from the

wiró the eye.





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REBELLION lodgeth in the heart of the wicked: the fear of God is not before his eyes :

nay, in his own eyes he flattereth himself,

3 left he should discover and detest his iniquity. The words of his mouth are iniquity and deceit: 4 he hath ceased to be wise—to do good. On his couch he deviseth mischief:

5 he persisteth in a way not good : of evil he hath no abhorrence.

Thy benignity, JEHOVAH, is felt in the heavens 6 Thy veracity reacheth to the skies : Thy justice is steady as the oldest mountains :

7 thy judgments are a deep abyss : man and beast thou preservest, JEHOVAH ! How admirable, O God! is thy benignity!

8 The sons of man trust under the shade of thy wings; are inebriated with the good things of thine house; 9 and a torrent of delights thou makest them drink. For with thee is the fountain of life: and by thy light we are illuminated. Continue thy goodness to those who own thee : and thy justice to the upright of heart, Let not the foot of the proud approach me,

I% nor the hand of the wicked disturb me. Lo! the workers of iniquity are fallen;

13 are cast down, and are unable to rise.

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NOTES. Ver. 3. appears to me to have been misunderstood by all the translators, except the Syriac : who has admirably well paraphrased his text: “ It is an odious thing to him to leave and hate his sins.” Our common English version is : “ For he flattereth himself in his

eyes until his iniquity be found to be hateful." I shall not here trouble the reader with other conjectural versions.-Ver. 6, 7. These metaphorical expreísions import this simple truth, That the goodness, veracity, and justice of God are felt through the whole universe.


This is the tbird alpbabetic psalm: but bere each of tbe Hebrew letters includes two verses, or four bemisticbs : altbouzh, througb the carelessness f iranscrilers, tbe order has been somewbat deran ed. Yet I cannot think tbat it bas been mutilated to such a degree as Kennicott and otbers bave imagined. The transposition of two sticbs, in my opinion, and the intercbange of two very similar letters, restore the text to its primitive integrity.




FRET not on account of the wicked;
nor envy the workers of iniquity :
for foon shall they be cut down like the grass,
and wither like the green herbage.


2. BETH.


Trust in JEHOVAH; and do what is good : so thalt thou dwell in the land, and feed securely. Place thy delight in JEHOVAHand he will grant thee thy heart's desires.




Refer thy cause to JEHOVAH:
on him rely—and he will act for thee :
will make thy justice appear as the light,
thy righteousness as the noon-day brightness.





Repose thou on Jehovah :
and in him place thy trust:
fret not at him who profpereth-
at the man who planneth deceit.

Forbear from wrath-avoid anger-
be not even angry with the wicked :



9 10

for the wicked shall be utterly cut off :
but they who rest on Jehovah shall inherit the


7. VAU.

Yet, yet awhile--and the wicked shall be no 10 II

more Thou mayst look for his place, but he shall not be

found. But the meek shall inherit the land,

II 12 and rejoice in the plenitude of


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12 13

The wicked man plotteth against the just; and gnasheth at him with his teeth : but he is laughed at by Jehovah: who seeth, that his day is coming on.

13 14

17. HETH.

The wicked draw the sword, and bend the bow, 14 15 to overthrow the meek and needy-to slay the up

right! Their sword shall enter their own heart, and their bow shall be broken in pieces !

15 16

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16 17

Better to the just man is a little, than all the abundance of the wicked : for the arms of the wicked shall be broken : but Jehovah supporteth the righteous.

17 18


Jehovah careth for the days of the innocent, 18 19 and their heritage shall be perpetual: In the evil hour they shall not be confounded: in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.

19 20


21 20

The wicked and the foes of Jehovah shall

perish : like the fire of furnaces they shall be diffolved into

smoke : 22 22 ffor as the blessed by him shall inherit the land; so the cursed by him shall be cut off.

3. LAMED. The wicked man borroweth, but repayeth

not : but the just man is a liberal giver : 24 26 the is daily liberal and lending :

which brings on his feed a blessing l.

23 21


25 23 The steps of the virtuous are directed by JE.

HOVAH, and in his way he placeth his delight: 26 24 He may fall, but he shall not be prostrated :

for Jehovah upholdeth his arm.

3. NUN.

27 25

I once was young
I am now


old28 but I never saw the just man abandoned;

nor his posterity begging bread.


29 27 Depart from evil—and do good:

so shalt thou long inhabit the land. 30 28 For JEHOVAH loveth righteousness; and will never abandon his pious ones.

Y. AIN. 31 They are ever under his protection:

but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.

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