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The just Mall inherit the land, .

29 32 and inhabit it in perpetuity.

B. pe.
The mouth of the just talketh wisely:

30 33 and his tongue speaketh judiciously. The law of Jehovah is in his heart:

31 34 his foot-steps never stagger.

5. TSADE. The wicked man watcheth the just man, 32 35 and seeketh occasion to say him. Jehovah will not leave him in his power, 33 36 nor condemn according to his sentence.


34 37 and keep his way: and he will raise thee to the possession of the land: 38 whilst thou shalt see the destruction of the wicked.

7. RESCH. I have seen the wicked man formidable; 35 39 and expanding himself like a green cedar : but he passed away, and was no more:

36 40 I fought for him, but he was not found.

W. SCHIN. Observe the innocent, and behold the 37 41

righteous: how his last end is always prosperous ! while transgressors are utterly destroyed, and the last end of the wicked is excision. 38 42

1. THAU. The salvation of the just is from JEHOVAH: - 39 43 he is their strength in the time of distress.

44 40 Jehovah will help and deliver them from the

will save them, because in him they trusted.

NOTES. Ver. 7. The verses here and henceforth have been badly divided ; and this has given rise to the notion that some of the stanzas are defective. I have risked a new division, ty which the supposed deficiencies are made up; and the whole number of verses, by that mean, amount, as they ought to do, to forty-four; being just double the number of the letters of the Heb. alphabet.-My verses are numbered in the inmost column. The other is the present order. Ver. 20. with me 21. like the fire of furnaces. I have here made a small conjectural emendation, because without that I could not make sense of the comma : which in our common version is rendered - as the fat of lambs.” The antient interpreters vary.–Ver. 22. Our division of verses here coincides : but this happens from the transposition of two lines; which are at present most awkwardly placed after ver. 21. -Ver. 26, with me 24. I have transposed these two lines for the same reason afligned for the above transposition : and I believe every reader will perceive that they are here more suitably placed.--Ver. 35. with me 39. like a green cedar. I follow the reading of Sep. Vulg. Arab.

The present text has a word that has been variously rendered. Our English translators: “like a green bay-tree.” Others, like an indi. genous tree: that hath never been transplanted, and therefore (say they) grows and spreads the more vigoroully.--I much prefer the other reading.- Ver. 36. with me 40. But be passed away. So the present text, and so the Chaldee paraphraft: but Sep. Syr. Vulg. Arab. seem to have read in the first person: I passed by. I see no reason for altering the present reading : although the other is not at all improbable.

PSALM XXXVIII.—al. XXXVII. This is called the third Penitential psalm. It is certainly a most plaintive one, and must bave been composed in some grievous affli&tion. Its title is: I A PSALM OF DAVID: TO BRING HIM TO

JEHOVAH! in thine ire reprove me not
nor in thy warm wrath chastise me.

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In me thinę arrows have stuck fast; and thine hand hath been heavy upon me. No foundness in my flesh, because of thy wrath ! : 4 nor rest in my bones, because of my fin. For my afflictions hang over mine head; like an heavy load, they are too much for me to bear. My bruises stink-are putrefied the consequence of mine own folly. With my body bent down exceedingly, I go mourning all the day long : for my bowels are full of burning heat, and there is no soundness in my flesh. I am weakened, and greatly wasted : I roar out from the agitation of my heart,

JEHOVAH! thou knowest my whole desire : from thee my fighs are not hidden. My heart panteth-my strength faileth me : the very light of mine eyes is not with me.

They, who were my familiar friends, keep now at a distance, from my fores : and my next neighbours stand far aloof! While they, who feek my life, lay snares; in they, who seek my hurt, speak malicious things, ' and meditate deceits all the day long. But I am like a deaf man, who heareth not: like a dumb man, who openeth not his mouth : I am like one, who heareth nothing, and in whose mouth there are no retorts. For in thee, Jehovah ! I place my trust : thou wilt hear, for me-JEHOVAH! my God! “-Left (said I) they rejoice over me, “and exult at the slipping of my foot : “for I am just ready to totter !"



Yet my sorrow is constantly before me-
mine iniquity I have fairly confessed;
and am solicitous about my sin.
Mean-while, mine enemies live and thrive;
and they who causelessly hate me, multiply:
they, who repay good with evil, traduce me,
for following that which is good!

Forsake me not, JehovAH! my God!
from me be never at a distance :
hasten to mine aid, JEHOVAH! my Saviour !

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Ver. 18. I am just ready to totter. Others, with Sep. and Vulg. render I am prepared for stripes. The former rendering appears the better: only the comma should be separated from ver. 18. and joined to ver. 17.–Ver. 20. mine enemies live and thrive. The Septuagint seem to have read differently; and render mine enemies without cause : which some modern interpreters think preferable. I see no reason for disturbing the present Heb. text.

This psalm turns partly on the same subject with psalm 37.
The musician mentioned in the title is doubtless the same who is classed
with Hemar. i Chron. 16. 41.

I SAID: “I will take heed to my ways, ,
" that I may not sin with my tongue :
“a muzzle I will keep on my mouth,

6 while the wicked prosper, before me.” · 3 So I remained in dumb filence,

I was filent at their prosperity.

But when mine own sorrow increased, 4 and mine heart was hot within me;



the fire at last was so excessive,
that I spoke with my tongue and said:
“ Make known to me, JEHOVAH! mine end,
" and how short the number of my days,
“ that I may know how perishable I am.” *

Lo! my days thou hast made but a span !
and mine age is as nothing before thee !
Surely, nought but vanity
is every existing man !
Man, surely, pursueth a shadow !
he accumulateth, but knoweth not for whom !

What then, JEHOVAH! can I expect?
Mine whole expectation is in thee.
Oh, from all my transgressions acquit me!

Madest thou me a reproach to fools ?
I was filent, and opened not my mouth :
because thou so ordained'st it.
But remove from me thine own scourges .
by a stroke of thine hand I am undone !
When thou chastifest a man for iniquity,
thou makest his delights consume like a cancer !
Surely, the whole of human life is vanity.
Hear my supplication, JEHOVAH !
incline thine ear to my cry :
be not deaf to my tears.
For with thee I am as a stranger,
a fojourner-like all my forefathers.
Spare me, that I may recover strength,
before I go hence and be no more.


Ver. 3. I was filent at their prosperity. Our commor version is : " I held my peace even from good :” to me unintelligible. The Heb. might perhaps be rendered: “I abstained from good :" i. e, from

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