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She did disdain my child, and stood between
Her and her fortunes : None would look on her,
But cast their gazes on Marina's face ;
Whilst ours was blurted at, and held a malkin,
Not worth the time of day. It pierc'd me thorough ;
And though you call my course unnatural,
You not your child well loving, yet I find,
It greets me, as an enterprize of kindness,
Perform’d to your fole daughter.

Heavens forgive it!
Dion. And as for Pericles,
What should he say? We wept after her hearse,
And even yet we mourn: her monument
Is almost finish'd, and her epitaplis
In glittering golden characters express
A general praise to her, and care in us
At whose expence 'tis done.

Thou art like the harpy,
Which, to betray, doth wear an angel's face,
Seize with an eagle's talons.

Dion. You are like one, that superstitiously
Doth swear to the gods, that winter kills the flies;
But yet I know you'll do as I advise.



Enter Gower, before the Monument of MARINA at


Gow. Thus time we waste, and longest leagues

make short;
Sail seas in cockles, have, and wish but for't;
Making, (to take your imagination)
From bourn to bourn, region to region.
By you being pardon'd, we commit no crime
To use one language, in each several clime,


Where our scenes seem to live. I do beseech you,
To learn of me, who itand i'the gaps to teach you
The stages of our story. Pericles
Is now again thwarting the wayward feas,
(Attended on by many a lord and knight,)
To see his daughter, all his life's delight.
Old Escanes, whom Helicanus late
Advanc'd in time to great and high estate,
Is left to govern. Bear you it in mind,
Old Helicanus goes along behind.
Well-failing Ships, and bounteous winds, have

This king to Tharsus, (think his pilot thought;
So with his steerage shall your thoughts grow on,)
To fetch his daughter home, who first is gone.
Like motes and Madows see them move awhile ;
Your ears unto your eyes I'll reconcile.

Dumb fhow.

Enter, at one door, Pericles with bis train ; Cleon and DIONYZA at the other. CLEON fhows Pericles the tomb of MARINA ; whereat PERICLES makes lamentation, puts on fackcloth, and in a mighty passion departs. Then Cleon and DIONYZA retire.

Gow. See how belief may suffer by foul show!
This borrow'd passion stands for true old woe;
And Pericles, in forrow a!l devour'd,
With fighs shot through, and biggest tears o'er-

Leaves Tharsus, and again embarks. He swears
Never to wash his face, nor cut his hairs;


He puts on fackcloth, and to sea. He bears
A tempeft, which his mortal vessel tears,
And yet he rides it out. Now please you wit
The epitaph is for Marina writ
By wicked Dionyza.

[Reads the inscription on MARINA'S monument,
The faireli, sweets, and beft, lies bere,
Who wither'd in her spring of year.
She was of Tirus, the king's daughter,
On whom foul death hath made this fioughter ;
Marina was jhe cell d; and at her birth,
Thetis, being proud, swallow'd jome part oʻthe earth :
Therefore the earth, fearing to be o’erflow'd,
Hath Thetis' birth-chill on the beavens besiow'd:
Wherefore she does, (and swears she'll never fiint,)
Make raging battery upon fbores of flint.
No visor does become black villainy,
So well as soft and tender flattery.
Let Pericles believe his daughter's dead,
And bear his courses to be ordered
By lady fortune; while our scenes display
His daughter's woe and heavy well-a-day,
In her unholy service. Patience, then,
And think you now are all in Mitylen. [Exit.


Mitylene. A Street before the Brothel.

Enter, from the Brothel, two Gentlemen.

I Gent. Did you ever hear the like?

2 Gent. No, nor never thall do in such a place as this, the being once gone.

1 Gint.

1 Gent. But to have divinity preach'd there! did you ever dream of such a thing?

2 Gent. No, no. Come, I am for no more bawdyhouses : Shall we go hear the vestals Gng?

i Gent. I'll do any thing now that is virtuous; but I am out of the road of rutting, for ever.



The same. A Room in the Brothel.

Enter PANDER, Bawd, and BOULT.

Pand. Well, I had rather than twice the worth of her, she had ne'er come here.

Bawd. Fie, fie upon her! she is able to freeze the god Priapus, and undo a whole generation. We must either get her ravilh'd, or be rid of her. When she should do for clients her fitment, and do me the kindness of our profession, she has me her quirks, her reasons, her masterreasons, her prayers, her knees ; that she would make a puritan of the devil, if he should cheapen a kiss of her.

Boult. 'Faith, I must ravish her, or she'll disfurnish us of all our cavaliers, and make all our swearers priests.

Pand. Now, the pox upon her green-sickness for me!

Bawd. 'Faith, there's no way to be rid on't, but by the way to the pox. Here comes the lord Lysimachus, disguis'd.

Boult. We should have both lord and lown, if the peevilh baggage would but give way to customers.


Lyf. How now? How a dozen of virginities?



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Bawd. Now, the gods to bless your honour!
Boult. I am glad to see your honour in good health.

Lyf. You may lo; 'tis the better for you that your reforters stand upon found legs. How now, wholesome iniquity? Have you that a man may deal withal, and deiy the surgeon ?

Bawd. We have here one, sir, if she would--but there never came her like in Mitylene.

Lys. If she'd do the deeds of darkness, thou would'st say.

Bawd. Your honour knows what 'tis to say, well enough.

Lyf. Well; call forth, call forth.

Boult. For flesh and blood, sir, white and red, you shall fee a rofe ; and she were a rose indeed, if she had but

Lyf. What, pr’ythee?
Boult. O, sir, I can be modest.

1.ys. That dignifies the renown of a bawd, no less than it gives a good report to a number to be chaste.


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Bawd. Here comes that which grows to the stalk; never pluck'd yet, I can assure you. Is she not a fair creature ?

Lyf. 'Faith, she would serve after a long voyage at sea. Well, there's for you;-leave us.

Bawd. I beseech your honour, give me leave: a word, and I'll have done presently.

Lyf. I beseech you, do.

Bard. First, I would have you note, this is an honourable man.

[T0 MARINA, whom she takes afide. Mar. I desire to find him so, that I may worthily note him.


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