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cond year;


HEN I was first desired to add ano

ther to the large number of Magazines which travel through Great Britain, I consented


the supposition that a few months would probably conclude my Labour. . But herein I find myself mistaken: I do not see land yet. I am come now to the end of a se

yet not to the end of


work. 2. In the two last years I have published some i of the best tracts which I ever met with

upon the Arminian Controversy: such as I am fully persuaded, never were and never will be fairly answered. I have given you the Lives of some of the most eminent persons who have lived at or since the Reformation. To these has been added a short account of many of those young men, (such most of them were when they first set out) who have given up their little all, and have not counted their lives dear unto themselves,

so they might testify the gospel of the grace of God. And I have the satisfaction to observe, That the Engravings this year are far better executed than they were the last. Many of the Likenesses are really striking; as all must acknowledge who know the persons.

3. Of the Letters likewise which follow those Accounts, I have no reason to be ashamed. Most of them are closely practical and experimental; and the experience contained in several is both found and deep. Even those which

seem to border

upon Controversy, have a near relation to Christian Practice, and may serve to remove several fcruples, which have disquieted the minds of pious men.

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4 With regard to the Poetry, some have objected to a poem published in the September Magazine.' And it is granted, it is not strictly religious. But it must be granted on the other side, 1. That there is nothing in it contrary to Religion, nothing that can offend the chastest ears. 2. That many truly religious men and women, have both read it and profited thereby : and 3. That it is one of the fineit Poems in the English Tongue, both for Sentiment and Language : and whoever can read

it without tears, must have a stupid unfeeling heart. However I do not know, that of the same kind will appear in any of the following Magazines.

any thing


In the following, some Pages will always be bestowed, (as was originally designed) in proving the grand doctrine of Universal Redemption, and clearing it of all objections. But this will not take

up so large a compass as it has done in some of the preceding numbers. I do not intend that the Controversial part of any

future number shall exceed sixteen pages. By this means there will be more room for what is more to my taste, and I believe more for the profit of the serious Reader: I mean, such Lives as contain the heighth and depth of genuine, scriptural, rational Religion.

6. There will likewise be room for inserting a longer and more particular account of some of the Preachers. Indeed I ftudiously avoid the swelling of these accounts by circumstances that are neither useful nor entertaining. But in several of those that I have by me, there are many striking incidents, which deserve to be related at large : particularly such as respect the difficulties and dangers which they have


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