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Times of trial and of grief;

Times of triumph and relief;
Times the tempter's pow'r to prove;
Times to taste a Saviour's love;
All must come, and last, and end,
As shall please my heav'nly Friend.
Plagues and deaths around me fly;
'Till he bids, I cannot die:
Not a single shaft can hit
'Till the God of love sees fit.

O thou gracious, wise, and just,
In thy hands my life I trust:
Have I somewhat dearer still?
I resign it to thy will.

May I always own thy hand;
Still to the surrender stand;
Know that thou art God alone,
I and mine are all thy own.
Thee at all times will I bless;
Having thee, I all possess:
How can I bereaved be,

Since I cannot part with thee?

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WHAT hath God wrought? might Israel say,
When Jordan roll'd its tide away,

And gave a passage to their bands,
Safely to march across its sands.

What hath God wrought? might well be said,
When Jesus, rising from the dead,

Scatter'd the shades of Pagan night,
And bless'd the nations with his light.
What hath God wrought? let Britain see,
Freed from the plagues of popery,
Its ten-fold night, its iron chains,
Its galling yoke, its cruel pains.

What hath God wrought? in glad surprise,
Shall sound thro' all the earth and skies,
When, like a mill-stone in the main,
Proud Rome shall sink, nor rise again,
What hath God wrought? O blissful theme!
Are we redeem'd, and call'd by him?
Shall we be led the desert thro';
And safe arrive at glory too?

The news shall ev'ry harp employ,
Fill ev'ry tongue with rapturous joy?
When shall we join the heav'nly throng,
To swell the triumph and the song?


THE Lord my pasture shall prepare,
And feed me with a shepherd's care;
His presence shall my wants supply,
And guard me with a watchful eye;
My noon-day walks he shall attend,
And all my midnight hours defend.
When in the sultry glebe I faint,
Or on the thirsty mountain pant,
To fertile vales and dewy meads
My weary, wandering steps he leads,
Where peaceful rivers, soft and slow,
Amid the verdant landscape flow.

Though in the paths of death I tread,
With gloomy horrors overspread,
My stedfast heart shall fear no ill,
For thou, O Lord, art with me still:
Thy friendly crook shall give me aid,
And guide me thro' the dreadful shade.
Tho' in a bare and rugged way,
Thro' devious lonely wilds I stray,
Thy bounty shall my pains beguile;
The barren wilderness shall smile,
With sudden greens and herbage crown'd,
And streams shall murmur all around.



197. The Bible.

PRECIOUS Bible! what a treasure
Does the word of God afford?
All I want for life or pleasure,
Food and med'cine, shield and sword.
Let the world account me poor,
Having this I need no more.

Food to which the world's a stranger,
Here my hungry soul enjoys;
Of excess there is no danger,
Tho' it fills, it never cloys:

On a dying Christ I feed,

He is meat and drink indeed!
When my faith is faint and sickly,
Or when Satan wounds my mind,
Cordials to revive me quickly,
Healing med'cines here I find:
To the promises I flee,
Each affords a remedy.

In the hour of dark temptation
Satan cannot make me yield;
For the word of consolation
Is to me a mighty shield:

While the scripture-truths are sure,
From his malice I'm secure.

Vain his threats to overcome me,
When I take the Spirit's sword;
Then with ease I drive him from me,
Satan trembles at the word:

'Tis a sword for conquest made,
Keen the edge, and strong the blade.

Shall I envy then the miser,
Doating on his golden store?
Sure I am, or should be, wiser,
I am rich, 'tis he is poor:
Jesus gives me in his word,

Food and med'cine, shield and sword.

198. The Law and Gospel.

THE law commands, and makes us know What duties to our God we owe;

But 'tis the gospel must reveal
Where lies our strength to do his will
The law discovers guilt and sin,

And shews how vile our hearts have been ;
Only the gospel can express

Forgiving love and cleansing grace.

What curses doth the law denounce
Against the man that fails but once;
But in the gospel Christ appears
Pard'ning the guilt of num'rous years.
My soul, no more attempt to draw
Thy life and comfort from the law;
Fly to the hope the gospel gives :
The man that trusts the promise lives.


The Jubilee.

BLOW ye the trumpet, blow,

The gladly solemn sound, Let all the nations know,

To earth's remotest bound:

The year of jubilee is come,
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home.
Exalt the Son of God,

The all-atoning Lamb,
Redemption thro' his blood
To all the world proclaim.
year of jubilee is come,


Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home.

Ye, who have sold for nought

Your heritage above,

Come, take it back unbought,
The gift of Jesu's love.

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