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His glories project to the eye,
And prove it was not his design,
Those glories concealed should lie,
But there in full majesty shine.
May Jesus more precious become
His word be a lamp to our feet,
While we in this wilderness roam,
Till brought in his presence to meet!
Then, then we will gaze on thy face,
Our prophet, our priest, and our king;
Recount all thy wonders of grace,
Thy praises eternally sing.

212. The Scriptures.

The heav'ns declare thy glory Lord;
In ev'ry star thy wisdom shines ;
But when our eyes behold thy word,
We read thy name in fairer lines.
The rolling sun, the changing light,
And nights and days thy pow'r confess;
But the blest volume thou hast writ,
Reveals thy justice and thy grace.
Sun, moon, and stars, convey thy praise
Round the whole earth, and never stand;
So when thy truth begun its race,
It touch'd and glanc'd on ev'ry land.
Nor shall thiy spreading gospel rest,
Till thro’ the world thy truth has run;
Till Christ hath all the nations blest,
That see the light, or feel the sun.


Great Sun of righteousness arise,
Bless the dark world with heav'nly light,
Thy gospel makes the simple wise,
Thy laws are pure, thy judgments right.
Thy noblest wonders here we view,
In souls renew'd and sins forgiv'n:
Lord, cleanse my sins, my soul renew,
And make thy word my guide to heay'n.


The Gospel. God, in the gospel of his Son, Makes his eternal councils known; 'Tis here his richest mercy shines, And truth is drawn in fairest lines. Here sinners of an humble frame May taste his grace, and learn his name; 'Tis writ in characters of blood Severely just, immensely good. Here Jesus, in ten thousand ways, His soul attracting charms displays, Recounts his poverty and pains, And tells his love in melting strains Wisdom its dictates here imparts, To form our minds, to cheer our hearts; Its influence makes the sinner live, It bids the drooping saint revive, Our raging passions it controls, And comfort yields to contrite souls; It brings a better world in view, And guides us all our journey thro'.

May this blést volume ever lie
Close to my heart and near my eye,
Till life's last hour my soul engage,
And be my chosen heritage!

214. Scriptural Faith. FAITH !_'tis a precious grace,

Where'er it is bestow'd!
Faith boasts of a celestial birth,

And is the gift of God!
Jesus, faith owns a king,

An all atoning priest,
Faith claims no merit of its own,

But looks for all in Christ.
To him faith leads the soul,

When fill'd with deep distress;
Flies to the fountain of his blood,

And trusts his righteousness.
Since 'tis thy work alone,

And that divinely free;
Lord send the spirit of thy Son
To work this faith in me.

215. Faith.

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FAITH adds new charms to earthly bliss,

And saves me from its snares:
Its aid in every duty brings,

And softens all my cares:
Wide, faith unveils celestial worlds,
Where deathless pleasures reign;

And bids me seek my portion there,

Nor bids me seek in vain : Faith shews the precious promise seal'd

With the Redeemer's blood;
And helps my feeble hope to rest

Upon a faithful God.
There, there unshaken would I rest,

Till this vile body dies;
And then on faith's triumphant wings,
At once to glory rise.

216. 'Perseverance. REJOICE, believer in the Lord,

Who makes your cause his own; The hope that's built upon his word

Can ne'er be overthrown, Tho' many foes beset your

And feeble is your arm,
Your life is hid with Christ in God,

Beyond the reach of harm.
Weak as you are, you shall not faint,

Or fainting shall not die:
Jesus, the strength of every saint,

Will aid you from on high.
Tho' sometimes unperceiv'd by senses

Faith sees him always near,
A guide, a glory, a defence,

Then what have you to fear? As surely as he overcame,

And triumph'd once for you;

So surely you that love his name,
Shall triumph in him too.

217. Praise for Salvation.
Now to the power of God supreme
Be everlasting honours given;
He saves from hell, we bless his name,
He calls lost wandering souls to heaven.
Not for our duties or deserts,
But of his own abounding grace,
He works salvation in our hearts,
And forms a people for his praise.
'Twas his own purpose that begun
To rescue rebels doom'd to die;
He gave us grace in Christ his Son,
Before he spread the starry sky.
He dies! and in that dreadful night
Did all the powers of bell destroy ;
Rising, he brought our hear'n to light,
And took possession of our joy.
Jesus the Lord,

appears at last, And makes his Father's counsels known; Declares the great transactions past, And brings immortal blessings down.

218. Salvation. Ye humble souls, rejoice,

And cheerful praises sing; Wake all your harmony of voice, For Jesus is your king.

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