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Love mov'd him to die;

This therefore we cry,
Our Jesus has loy'd us, we cannot say why.

He ransom'd our race;

O how shall we praise,
Or worthily sing, his unspeakable grace!

When time is no more,

We still shall adore
That ocean of love without bottom or shore.

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59. Christ our Ransom.

O God of all grace,

Thy mercy we praise, Thy son thou hast given to die in our place!

He came from above

Our curse to remove, He loving did love us, because he would love.

What tho' we withstood,

And fled from our God, Yet still there is mercy thro' Jesus's blood :

O let us embrace

The ransoming grace,
Of him who hath suffer'd, and dy'd in our

When me is no more,

We still shall adore
The mercy of Christ, without bottom or


Our Saviour and Friend

His love shall extend ; It knows no beginning, nor ever shall end.

For sinners alone

Did Jesus atone,
Our debt he hath paid, and our penalty

And shall he not have

The lives that he gave,
An infinite ransom for ever to save.

Yes Lord, we are thine ;

O may we resign Our souls to be filli'd with fulness divine!

We yield thee thine own,

To serve thee alone; Thy will upon earth, as in heaven, be done.

60. Christ our Sacrifice.

AWAKE, O sword,' the Father cries.
The sword awakes ; and Jesus dies ;
He bows his head beneath the stroke,
To free our souls from Satan's yoke.

What mingled dignity and grace
Appear'd in our Redeemer's face,
When he forsook the courts above,
And swiftly flew on wings of love!


Dur nature with his own he joins,
And thus fulfils his grand designs ;
The Son of man, the Son of God,
Redeems the church with his own blood.

How great the price Messiah paid,
When he his soul an offering made !
Behold redemption all complete!
Behold the Saviour's love how great!
See grace and justice both combine !
United now, how bright they shine!
God's glory in the cross appears ;
Sinners behold and dry your tears.

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61. The Crucifixion.

God of unexampled grace,

Redeemer of mankind,
Matter of eternal praise

We in thy passion find :
Still our choicest strains we bring,

Still our joyful theme pursue ;
Thee the friend of sinners sing,

Whose love is ever new.

Endless scenes of wonder rise

With that mysterious tree, Crucify'd before our eyes

Where we our Maker see:

Jesus, Lord, what hast thou done!

Publish we the death divine, Sing, and gaze, and fall, and own

Never was love like thine !

Never love, nor sorrow, was

Like that my Jesus show'd: See him bleed on yonder cross,

And bow beneath our load! Now discern the deity,

Now his heav'nly birth declare ! Faith cries out, “'Tis He'Tis He !

My God that suffers there,'


The Crucifixion. Jesus drinks the bitter

cup, The wine-press treads alone; Tears the graves and mountains up

By his expiring groan:
Lo, the pow'rs of heav'n he shakes :

Nature in convulsions lies:
Earth's profoundest centre quakes:

The great Jehovah dies.

Well may heav'n be cloth'd with black,

And solem sackcloth wear, Jesus' agonies partake,

The hour of darkáess share,

E ?

Lo, the sun-beams veil their light,

With their Maker sympathise,
Leave the world in sudden night!

The God of angels dies.,

Lift your heads with joyful hope,

Ye objects of his love !
Sing, for Jesus is gone up,

And reigns enthron'd above:
Lives our Head, to die no more,

Pow'r is all to Jesus giv'n,
Worship'd as he was before,

Th' immortal King of heav'n.

Lord, we bless thee for chy grace

And truth, which cannot fail;
Trusting to behold'thy face,

Without a dimming veil :
We shall see our heay'nly King,

We shall sound thy glorious name,
Help the angel choirs to sing

Our dear triumphant Lamb.

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The Efficacy of Christ's Blood.

Is there a thing that moves and breaks

A heart as hard as stone,
Or warms a heart as cold as ice,

'Tis Jesu's blood alone.

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