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Eph. IV. 15.




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I HE BAPTIST MAGAZINE being the medium of supplying religious instruction, and missionary intelligence, for the use of thousands of pious persons, there is abundant cause for devout gratitude, that for fifteen years it has proved a stream from the fountain of Divine Goodness of refreshment and comfort to a considerable portion of the church of God.

Those who have composed the Committee of Editors since the commencement of the “New Series" in 1815, have conducted the work to the best of their ability, first by keeping in view their responsibility to God, and then by aiming to be acceptable to their brethren. It has happened to them, however, as others have experienced in all cases of a similar kind, that they have had to pass through " evil report,” as well as “ good report." They refer to some instances of unkindness and asperity in a few from whom they might have expected better things, as the persons alluded to should have been found in the circle of the friends of the Magazine rather than the ranks of its opponents. With the views of the Editors as to what they owed to the claims of truth and conscience, they could not, by indulging in personal invective, become caterers for diseased appetites. Besides they knew there was plenty of that article in the market, and they had no objection that those who traded in it should possess the exclusive monopoly.

- When it is considered how many new works of a similar description have been lately published, the Editors feel exceedingly gratified that this Magazine has maintained a sale so considerable, That from its profits the Proprietors have been able to grant the usual aid to the necessitous Widow's of their deceased brethren. "They take this to be a substantial proof that it has gained a firm footing among the churches of the denomination; and also as the friendly pledge, that while it continues to be conducted with pious and honourable feelings, “without partiality, and without hypocrisy," it will still have their countenance and support.

Notwithstanding the Editors have other and paramount engagements which occupy their time and consume their strength, yet they are willing still to engage in what on soine accounts is a self-denying service. With a single eye to the glory of God, seeking nothing but to promote the Redeemer's kingdom; with a humble dependence on the Holy Spirit, and desiring most ardently the increased spirituality and prosperity of the Baptist churches; they rest assured that the blessing of God will he granted, and that this “ work of faith and labour of love" will not be “ in vain in the Lord.”

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