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not sing; theresore depend upon htm, who only can make the tongue of the dumb to sing. If there were more dependence on him, the tongue as well as the lise of prosessors would be more employed in singing his praises, and talking of his name, and speaking of his glory. Wnat a sad matter is it, that a dumb devil hath possessed the generality of prosessors as to spiritual converse? O the idle worldly talk upon Sabbath days; yea, on communion days! Some will go away even from this communion, talking more of the com and weather, or any thing else, than upon the word they have heart}, or any soul-edisying diicourse suitable

to the occasion. What said Christ of the possessed

man in the gospel? "Thou dumb and deaf spirit, I charge thee to come out of him." O look to him, that he would charge the dumb devil to coma out of you, that your tongues may sing his praises, and speak of his .glory. How hardening is it to a wicked world, to see prosessors as carnal and worldly as themselves! O then employ the chies Singer to help you to sing, and plead his promise for this end, *{ They shall sing in the ways of the Lord, for great is the glory of the Lord," Psalm exxxviii. 5. yea, he hath promised to give songs in the right of adversity ; that is, a song of mercy in the midst ,©f judgment ami affliction: "I will give her the valley of Achor for a door of hope, and she shalf sing there," Hof. ii. 15. O believer, whatever be your discouragement and complaint, while surrounded with judgments and trials, let not the world see you dampt and discouraged, lest they say, You serve a bad master, that does not •How you to sing. Whatever dead weights you have upon your spirit, which God and you know, ye may tell him of it, and tell some godly person that will sympathize with you in it; but let not the world hear your complaints and discouragements, let them know you serve a good master; and remember how he encourages you to this, faying, "How great is thy loving-kindness thou hast laid up for them that trust in thee, besore the sons of men!" or, as it may be explained, who carry boldly and couragiousty, under whatever dissiculties and dangers, besore the sons of men, and glorisy God besore the world:

and and theresore, tho' you may weep in secret pieces besore the Lord, and get to little more than a sigh or a fob, yet endeavour to sing besore the world at leall, that they may bring up a good report of religion, and that the world may know you believe what you prosess; that yet a little while, and you shall return to Zion with songs, and everlasting joy upon your heads, and sighing and sorrowing shall for ever fly away; and that though your body will be laid in the dust within a little time, yet a little while, ar.d the happy joyful morning of a glorious resurrection is hastening on, when the voice will be heard, "Awake and sing, ye that dwell in the dust," Isa. xxvi. 1.9. O sing, sing, amidst all your sorows and sighing; sing of mercy and judgment, in hope of singing there, where sorrow and sighing shall fly away. O go sway singing, in spite of the devil and corruption; and take Christ the chies Singer along with you, to tune your harp, whensoever the devil puts it out of tune; Go up from the wilderness, leaning upon him, who hath engaged to work in you both to will and to do.

And now, when we are parting, alas! is it not a sore matter, that there are many here, that will never learn to sing on earth, nor ever be admitted to the very sirst note of the spiritual song, which is, to believe on the Son of God; for, "Without f.iith it is impossible to please God," or praise him; and, as they never get to this, so it neves cost them an hour's care, or made them lose an hour's steep, that they could not believe in Christ. wretched man! are you careless and indifferent, whether you 'sing in heaven among angels, or rejar in hell among devils, to all eternity .' Yea, there are some here, that do not believe there is such a person as Christ in heaven; they have had a sancy about him, by their hearing of him in the gospel, but never had the saith of the Son of God, by the Spirit's revealing him in the heart: and yet you are living careless and secure, in the pursuit of ycur sins and idols: you are going straight to hell, with a cart-load of sermons on your back, and making poor ministers spend their breath and labour in vain, and preach you to the devil, when they would gladly preach you to

Christ Christ. O! Hull we part, and not a soul of you be touched and turned to the Lord, or brought to learn any other son/;, but to sing yourselves asleep in the arms of the devil and your-lusts? Some are steeping in the arms of a black devil, in the pursuit of gross and abominable lulls, of drunkenness, whoredom, sabbathbreaking, &.c. Others are sleeping in the arms of a white devil, going ab mt to establish a righteousness of their own, resting on their legal duties and prayers; having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof; expectingJGod will have mercy on them, because they observe several duties of the law, which others neglect; and so singing a false song of mercy, or hope of mercy, while they never knew the judgment of God, nor faw the wonders of God's executing all the judgments threatened in the law upon the glorious Surety Christ Jasus, nor ever came under that covert to escape the judgment of God: but, while you are strangers to Christ, all your worship is but hypocrisy, yo^ir zeal but madness, your saith but sancy, and your work abominable to God. O! will none of you be prevailed with to cry with your heart to the Lord, saying, Lord, pluck me out of the arms of the devil, and as a brand out of the burning? As you would not despise the riches of his mercy, and incur t:.e sury of, his judgment, go to a corner, and cry to him, that he would teach you how to frag of mercy and judgment. It may be, the Lord will pity you for his name's sake. O may the Lard himself shew his glory to you, aud make you see mercy and judgment meeting and embracing each other, and with joint harmony carrying on your salvation work, in spite of all the opposing legions of hell; and bring you to put in practice the psalmist's sweet resolution here,- " I will sing of mercy and judgment; unto thee, O Lord, will I stag."



The Harmony of the Divine Attributes displayed, in the Redemption and Salvation of Sinners by' Jesus Christ.

Psalm lxxxv. 10.

Mercy and Truth are met together, RigLteorJhcsi and Peace have kissed each other.

MY friends, at a solemn marriage - supper, there is usually a friendly company that meets together; and when at such an occasion, all things are managed with sobriety and decency, it is very heartsome and pleasant to the parties concerned, to see the members of the meeting wi;h mutual kindness to one another, harmoniously gracing the solemnity: even so at the marriage-supper of the Lamb; I mean, the sacrament of the Lord's supper, which we have been celebrating, there is a heartsome company, not of men and women, for that would make but a poor earthly meeting; nor yet of saints and angels, for that would make but at best a mean creature-meeting; but it is a glorious heartsome company of divine attributes and persections, in the sweetest concord, meeting together, and embracing one-another. This wondersul conjunction of divine excellencies is the friendly company that meets together, to put honour upon this nuptial solemnity: and to see them thus harmoniously embracing one-another in the salvation of sinners, is the sweet

* This sermon was preached on the Sabbath-evening, immediately after the administration instha saciament os the Lord's supper at DnnscrmJine, September 25th, 1723.

est est sight, that the bride, the Lamb's vylse, stiall eves see at the marriage-supper, whether it be at the lower or upper, table.

There ia a great meeting in;'tiiis siouse^but^an insinitely greater in this text; a meeting of -divine excellencies, to grace ;he assembly-of the marriage-supper of the Lamb: "Mercy .ami jjufct axe Jogs' together^ righteousness and peace have limed each other." Wheta Ood made heaven and €asth-.6"bt,So£ r*tfcfa*g, he mJade them by a word, without any o.t^er ^oeremony ;fvbut when he made man, there was Tome^particular' ItfieEftnity, a grand council, as it were/of the glorious Trinity called; "Come let us make man^fte*-our own image.'*' Bat now, man having unmade himself, is God hath a mind for the praise of his own glorious grace "£o make him up again, by a new creatien in Christ Jesus, there must be a more glorious -solemnity yet; not only a council of the adorable Trinity? but a _grand meeting of all the attributes of God, to consult their own glory that was marred, 3nd reconcile theirWfi interests, and seemingly contradictory claims ;'stx~\he sin of man had brought real consusion amo'ng Tail? the creatures of God on earth; yea, and- a seerriifeg war among all the attributes of God in heaven, concerning the execution of the sentence of the law up<5n mankind, the transgressor thereof. Some os th&fe attributes, such as Mercy, saying, If the sentence of death be execute upon them, how shall I be glorisied? Others, such as Truth, saying, If the sentence be not executed, how shall I be glorisied? Is it to be expected that such opposites can meet together? Or is they meet, that they will agree together cordially? Yea, though it be beyond the expectation of men and angels, yet, behold, it is here celebrated with a song, "Mercy and truth are met together, righteousness and peace have kissed each other."

This psalm consists of a prayer of saith, and an answer of peace. First, The church's prayer, from the beginning to the 8th verse, where they are praying for the removal of many tokens of God's displeasure they were under, notwithstanding of their return out of the


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