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V:rtiie thereof, sllill be sure to enjoy the benesit of it to eternity; "Yea, surely goodness and mercy shall follow you, all the days of your lise, and you shall d .vell in the house of tiie Lord for ever."

10. Toe last Iivserence is, Hence see the duty of all that hear and know this joysul found: Never was there a sweeter found in heaven, or in earth. And what is the duty of all you that hear it? Surely the news of such a glorious and harmonious meeting of the divine persections, about the salvation of sinners, in and by Chriil Jesus, should be joysully received. Here is the good tidings of great joy unto all people, Luke ii. 10. When Elizibeth, the mother of John, a;id Mary, the mother of Jesus our Lord, met together and saluted each other, the babe leapt in Elizabeth's womb for joy. Behold, here is yet a more wondersul meeting, and salutation among the jarring-like attributes and persections of God; and surely is the babe of grace be in your heart, it will leap for joy, when you perceive such a bleff.-d meeting aud salutation. O! may it not bring our heart to our mouth, and make it flutter within us, when we hear of such a salutation as this, "M^rcy and Truth are met together, Righteousness and Peace have embraced each other."—And aa;a;n. What is your duty, believer, who not only bears, but knows this joysul found? Your duty is, not only to rejoice, in this matchless harmonious conjunction of divine attributes in Christ; but to examplity the same, by an harmonious conjunction of graces and holy virtues in you. Let Mercy and Truth meeting together, as divine attributes, in Christ, be examplined by Mercy and Truth meeting together, as divine virtues in you: Let Righteousness and Peace killing each other in him, be examplisied by Righteousness and Peace killing each other in you. Let the meeting of Mercy and Truth engage you to be mercisul and true; " Mercisul, because your heavenly Father is mercisul; and true, because he desires truth in the inward parts." Let the embraces of Righteousness and Peace engage you, to be righteous and peaceable; that is, to be students of Purity and

M 2 . Peace;

... ,

Peace; "For the wisdom that is from above, is sirst . pure, and then peaceable," James iii. 17. It is declared in the verse following our text, that it is the design os' these persections of God, looking down harmoniously from heaven, to make suitable graces spring up from the earth: "Truth shall spring out of the earth, andRighteousness shall look down from heaven." When the Sun of righteousness, in whom all the excellencies of God do shine, looks down; then as the natural sun shedding its influences, makes fruit to spring up from. , the earth: so the Sun of righteousness looking down and ,' shedding abroad his influences, makes Truth, and all the' rest of the fruits of the Spirit, to spring out of the earth, out of the heart, the soil where they are sown, in regeneration. O! does Mercy look down from heaven to you, in friendship with Truth? Shall not this Mercy make you mercisul to the bodies and fouls of others, iby doing them all the temporal and spiritual good that you can,' And shall God manisest his Truth, in conjunction with Mercy towards you; and will you not be ,a friend to Truth, even to all the precious truths of his gospel? Shall not Truth, in opposition to hypocrisy, be your study; and Truth, in opposition to error, be your concern? And this Truth, in conjunction with Mercy: For, when Truth is in any hazard, should not Mercy to your own foul, and the fouls of others, make you zealous for it; and mercy to your children, and the generation that is to come after you, on whom we shew no mercy, is truth be not transmitted purely to them, as it was by our foresathers to us, at the expence of their blood; however, now, the waters of the sanctuary are puddled ?—Again, does Righteousness and Peace look down from heaven, kindly embracing each other in your' behalf, believer? And mail not you be astudent of Righteousness, in opposition to all unrighteous and unholy ways; and of Peace, in opposition to contention and discord: ** As much as possible, follow peace with all men; and , holiness, without which, no man shall see the Lord." Does God glorisy his righteousness towards you? And ^ will you study no righteousness in your conversation towards God and man? Does God speak peace to you, and

.will you be at war with him; ard love to live in war ,with. any of bis? Shall that be the disposition of any, -with whom God is at peace? "O tell it not in Gath!" Surely there is none here, that have tailed of this sweet peace os God; but they would desire to live at peace

.with all men; and particularly with , all the saints

They would desire to. see all the henest ministers of Sc^.land, meeting together more . kindly than they do, and embracing each other. Some, indeed, are at this time reproached, as ' enemies to peace in the church*;' but the matter is, Peace mull not be studied separately from Righteousness, or Mercy separately from,-Truth.; but all as meeting,. and embracing one another: for ,Mercy and Peace, without Truth and Righteousness, is a cruel conspiracy against God and man.

Now, certain things have past concerning the Truths of God, and the Righteousness of Christ in our day, i-which some think will stand insamous till the judgment of the great day; and this Truth and\ Righteousness, being the great ministerial trust, some chused rather to -be reproached by the world, than be challenged by God and their own conscience, as betrayers of the trust. However, O believer, study you through grace, to get a match made up between Mercy and Truth, Righteousness and Peace in you, seeing there can be no mercisul Peace to the prejudice of righteous Truth: and study to get all these attributes of God, examplisiexi in your heart and lise; and the leal and impress thereof upon your soul; you being united to Christ, in whom all these glorious excellencies of God do meet together, with harmonious embracements. "Out of Christ's sulness, do you receive, and grace for grace:" as the child receives member for member from the sather, and

* See the reason of this assigned. Sermon IV. intitled, Christ the •People's Covenant, in a foot note.—The hearty friends to the doctrine of grace, in those day.'?, were very unjustly accused with Antinomlanisni; and the strenuous supporters of the doctrine of free justisication, through the imputed righteousness of Christ, without the works of the law, were injuriously calumniated as enemies- to holiness, and as disturbers os' the peace of the church.—This matter is further clea'ed up, in a note, about the middle, of these Sermons, intitled, Lav deaths and Gospel-life,

M 3 the the paper letter for letter from the press: so beholding his glory, be 3 ou changed into the lame image, by receiving mercy for mercy, truth for truth, righteousness for righteousness, and peace for peace; out of his sulness, do you receive grace for grace, holiness lor holiness, and an holy virtue suitable to every holy persection, that is in him; and all these harmoniously meeting together, and kissing each pther in you. Let no heavenly grace, or holy duty be excluded out of the meetings: Let saith and repentance meet together; Jet love and new obedience kiss each other; let knowledge and practice meet together, and prayer and praises embrace each other; yea, let opposite like graces meet harmoniously in you; let humility and boldness meet together; let godly sorrow and holy joy embrace each other. Here is the gospel-holiness we call you to, in a suitableness to these harmonious attributes of God in Christ, If the world call you Antinomians, know it is the will of God, that by well doing, you put to silence the ignorance of foolish men, 1 Pet. ii. 15. Let the mouth that reproaches the gospel, be stopt by the power of it, in your walk*—The world will surely reckon you the greatest stars that give the greatest light; '* Therefore let your light so shine besore men, that others seeing your good works, may glorisy God;" even the works of Mercy and Truth, Righteousness and Peace, hand and hand together; and thus, for the sake of the glory of God, the honour of Christ, and the credit of the gospel, let the world know, that you have seen the glory, and selt the virtue of these persections of God, harmoniously meeting and embracing each other in Christ. Here is your duty and work, believer, in the wilderness; and now in all your stiort-comings therein, still look again to God's holy temple, to Christ, the meeting-place of these divine persections. This is the mercy-seat, of which God lays, Exod, xxv. 22. " There will I meet with thee, and commune with thee, from between the cherubims:" And every new meeting with God there, will bring in new strength, for all your work , pnd warsare in time, till God and you meet together, f|nd embrace one-another, in glory, through eternity.


And now, believer, I know you would desire, that ethers should share of the same happiness with you; and theresore, pray, that a short concluding word may be blessed with power, to thousands that hear me.— O ye that are by-standers and hearers only, in whatever corner of this house, round about me, whether you be in my view or not, you are in God's view; and I have a word from him to you all: And as I have told you, what a terrible thing it is, to live and die in unbelies, with respect: to this glorious device; so now I would tell you your duty, in this matter; and how you may share of the blelliiigs and benesits in time, and for ever, tiiat flow from this glorious meeting and embracement; and it is by kissing the Son of God, in whom all the attributes of God do kiss, and embrace each other; "Kiss the Son, left he be angry, and ye perish from the way; when his wrath is kindled but a little: blessed are all they that truss in him," Psal. ii. 12. Blessed are all they that kiss and embrace him. Would you then share of the grace and glory, that issue from this wondersul meeting, and ineffable embracement among the divine persections, in Christ the Son of God? O then! come and kiss the Son: O down, down with carnal thoughts! carnal kissing, carousing, and cajolling; here, here is an object worthy of the most endeared embraces of the immortal foul. — O come! and kiss the Son, by believing in him, and applying the benesits; of this glorious transaction, to yourself; and be. who you will, is you kiss and embrace the Son, you shall sind these glorious attributes of God, kissing and embracing you, and hugging you in their arms, as a darling of heaven, and a savourite in the house of God: Are the attributes of God, embracing one-another. in Christ? O flee in to their embraces,, by tleeing in to Christ: "Say not, Christ is in heaven, how shall 1 embrace him? For the word is nigh, even in your mouth, and in your heart," Rom. x. 8. q. n. So near is he in this word, that you may kiss him with' your mouth, as it were, and embrace him in your heart: and to take in this word of grace, and Christ in it^ is to embrace him. 'What do you say against Christ,

M 4 inaiij,

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