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The Saving Sight; or, a View of God in Christ, 420

Jo H N xiv. 6. —He that batb seen me, bath seen the Father

The words being viewed in their connexion, analized, explained, and summed up in a doctrinal proposition, the following general heads of method are handled, viz.

1. The oneness betwixt the Father and the Son, opened up, 426

2. Some remarks offered concerning a saving sight of Christ, 43 1

3. In what respects they who see Christ see the Father, 443

4. In what manner the Father is seen in Christ, 455

5. The reasons why these who see Christ, see the Father, 46a The application of the whole, in an use of information, examination,

- conviction, consolation, and exhortation, 465 I,*************************************


Preventing Love: or, God's Love to us the Cause of our Love to him.

i John iv. 19.

We love him, because be first loved ut.

THE great design as the gospel, gospel ordinances, and sacraments, is to commend the love of God in Christ. The sacrament of the supper is a love-seast; and they that have their senses spiritually exercised therein, will sind readily all their senses silled with love. What do they hear, but love! What do they see, but love! What do they taste, but love! What do they seel, but love! What do they smell, but love !— It is a sweet account we have of God, ver. 16. " Hereby "perceive we the love of God, because he laid down "his lise for us." O happy they that have so learned the gospel catechism, from their experience, as to be able to answer to that question, What is God? and to say, " God is love!" He is essential, boundless, bottomless, insinite love. It is true, is we look to him in the glass of the law, we will see him to be all wrath; a consuming sire out of Christ; but look, to him in the glass of the gospel, and you will see him all love;


* This Sermon was preached after the administration of the Sacramerit of the Lord's Supper at Portmoak, June 3d, 1723.

a God in Christ reconciling the world to himself: and the sight thereof produces love: for, " We love him, ♦♦ because he sirst loved us."

The text gives us a short account of the whole business betwixt God and a believer: they Icve one ano. ther. Here is love descending, God in Christ loving his saints; and here is love ascending, the saints in Christ loving God; and the former begetting the latter. Wh§n love hath descended from heaven to earth, it hath sinimed the half of its course; but when it ascends from eartli to heaven again, then the circle is completed,

Here is, I. A description of God's love; he love<i us sirst, 2. A description of our love to God; we love him for this cause. And,

i. We have God's love described; " He First loved ,! us." If we were to make a critical division, we might notice how it is described, 1, In the act, loved.

0 wonder that ever the heart of God should have acted that way towards any sinner of Adam's race.

The subjedl loving; " He loved:" Ola glorious He, . the insinitely holy and just God, 3. The object loved; "He loved Us;" poor wretched apostate Us, 4. The quality of this love; He loved us, and sirst loved us; intimating, both that it is an ancient love, for it is in the preterite time, He loved; yea, loved from eternity; and also that it is antecedent love; "He First t' loved us," besore we had a being, before we were capable to love him; yea, while we were yet ene^ niies.

2. We have the saints love described; "We love "him, because he loved us;" which is also described in these four: 1. The act, Love; and indeed this love of ours is but a drop of the ocean of his love. 2. The fubject loving, We; we believers, we that got a taste of his love. 3. The object beloved. Him; we love Him, who deserves our love above all things in heaven and earth. 4. The rise and source of this love of ours,

We love him, because he First loved us;" his love is the incentive and productive cause of our love. But

1 reser the surther explication of the text to the pro


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