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I Wish I could have compressed my answer to Mr. Whitaker in less room, but bis pamphlet

contains so many minute objections that I found it to be impossible. It will frequently happen, that an objection, wbich may be made in half a

dozen lines, will require at least as many pages to answer it. This must be my apology for the length of my reply.



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A full reply to the objections and misrepresentations

of the Rev. E. W. Whitaker.

WHEN first I saw Mr. Whitaker's pamphlet advertised, as containing certain strictures on my Dissertation on the 1260 years, I felt the highest degree of satisfaction; because I am persuaded, that nothing is more favourable to the cause of truth than fair and liberal controversy. I accordingly prepared myself either to defend my positions, if I had reason still to think them tenable; or openly to give them up, if I found, in consequence of perusing the pamphlet, that they were untenable. Provided only the truth can be attained, it is a matter of the very least.consequence whether the person who is the instrument of attaining it be Mr. Whitaker, myself, or any other person.

I. have never yet thought it a disgrace either to be mistaken, or to acknowledge myself mistaken. An obstinate perseverance in error alone deserves reprehension: a candid confession of it will always be accounted praise-worthy by the thinking part of mankind. With a hearty desire to discover the


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