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io. Rational Methods of curing Fevers, deduced from the Structure, and Oeconomy of human Bodies, and the different States of the Solids, and Fluids, under the different Classes of them.

I r. Medical Practice in curing Fevers, correspondent to rational Methods, &c. Considered and Exemplified in many Cafes of the most usual Ftvers, with an Account of the Medicines by which they were removed.

12. A Treatise or Diffohents of the Stone, and on curing the Stone, and Gout by Aliment, shewing, bjr Reason supported with Experiments and Cafes, the Probability of dissolving the Stone, and preventing the Returns of the Gout by suitable Diet, with particular Directions of Diet, not only in regard to those Disorders, but likewise for the Benefit of Persons afflicted with Fevers, and various other Diseases.

13. A Treatise on painful Distempers, the Causes of them, and the proper Remedies; illustrated with Histories of Persons afflicted with the different Kinds of Pains incident to human Bodies, with an Account of the Method and Medicines by which they were cured.

14. A Compendium of the Practice of Phyfick: Containing the Heads, or Subjects treated on in a Course of Lectures, intended for communicating those Instructions, which may qualify Persons for a judicious and successful Management of People under the various Diseases to which they are liable. Whereunto is added a Letter, shewing, what is the proper Preparation of Persons for Inoculation, and for having the Small Pox favourably in the natural Way.

15. General Medical Principles and Cautions, for the Considerations of such as undertake to perform the Office of a Physician .to the Sick, •in three Parts, founded on

Facts supported by Reason, and confirmed by ExPerience.

16. Letters on the Sacred Prtdiflims, herewith published.

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jgjBHEN the Inhabitants of any City, or Country, have long revolted from God, when Iniquities have long abounded among them, they then have Reason to fear, and to expect: a Suffering under theDivineVengeance. When they have long enjoyed the Means, and Opportunities of Knowing God, and his Will, and their Duty to him, and yet stubbornly remain regardless of them, and obstinately persist in Disobedience to his Commandments, they then have the strongest Arguments from the Nature of Things, and the Threatening of the Divine Law, to be very apprehensive that Destruction from the Almighty may be sal them.

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It is said in Heb. x. 26—31. If we Jin wilfully as' ter that we have received thi Knowledge of the Truth, there remaineth no more Sacrifice for Sin, but a certain fearful looking for of Judgment, and fiery Indignation, which shall devour the Adversaries [of God.] He that despised Mofe's Law died without Mercy under two, or three Witnesses: Of bow much sorer Punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under Foot the Son of God, and hath counted the Blood of the Covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy Thing, and hath doneDefpite unto the Spirit of Grace: For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, faith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his People. It is a fearful Thing to fall into the Hands of the Living God.

That the Inhabitants of L- .. and W

have long, and most dreadfully provoked the Wrath of the Holy God, and go on still multiplying the Provocations of his destroying Judgments, is undeniably evident from what his Lordship the Bishop of London, in his most seasonable and serious Letter to the Clergy and People of these Cities, has very justly observed.

The Righteous God has not only manifested amazing Patience and Forbearance towards us, and the rest of the People of Great Britain; but he has, through a Course of many Years, and by various Dispensations of his Providence, both merciful and afflicting, been calling us to Repentance, and Reformation, calling us to seek Peace with him: And he has given awful Tokens of his Indignation, on the account of the numberless Sins against him, by which the Land is polluted; Tokens that the Time of his tremendous Visitation for Sin is very near; vF nay, but rather that^is already begun.

I shall only mention Two Particulars out of many*

viz. 1. The Mortality,, which,"for some Years,

. has been destroying the larger Cattle; by which

. - God God plainly admonishes us, that if we will not be reformed by such Judgments, he will destroy our Persons. 2. The Earthquakes, which have lately happened. 1. The Mortality among the Cattle is one fearful Token. For after God had threatened to inflict divers Calamities on his People, if they would not hearken to him, and would not do all his Commandments, if they shall despise his Statutes, or if their Soul should abhor his Judgments, so that they would not do all his Commandments, but break his Covenant; I say, after God had denounced various Judgments to be inflicted on them for their Sins, one of which was, that he would destroy their Cattle. (Lev. xxvi. 22.) He says, If ye will not be reformed by me, by these 7 kings, but will walk contrary unto me, then. I will also walk contrary unto you, and will punish you seven Times for your Sins. And I will bring a Sword upon you, that shall avenge the Quarrel of my Covenant: And when ye are gathered together within your Cities, I will fend the Pestilence among you, and ye shall be delivered into the Hand of the Enemy. Vid. •Z>u.xxvi. 23, 24, 25.

The Holy God, by continuing the mortal Sickness among the Cattle, tells us, that his Wrath is not turned away from us, that we must repent, and amend our Ways, or expect to feel his Vengeance in out Persons; and by the flow Progress of the Mortality among the Cattle, through a Course of several Years, he shews himself a most merciful God, and that he is loth todtstroy us. Therefore,

If People will not hearken to the Almighty, but go on in their Trespasses, their GuHt will be most heinously aggravated, and the Righteousness of God's destroying Judgments will be most conspicuous, when they shall be executed.

The other Token of God's Displeasure and Controversy with us, are the Earthquakes, which

•' . have

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