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HERE was an urgent necessity for this work. It is hoped it may be of use to our Indian brethren. They, like most others, when converted, delight in singing the songs of Zion. The attempt has been made to represent, in the selection and translation of hymns, the different phases of Christian experience, as well as the doctrines of Christianity.

There are imperfections in the translation. It is difficult to compress this sweetly-flowing tongue into the measure of English verse. This they know who have made the attempt. Yet the endeavour has been made to preserve somewhat of the rhythm and metre, but not the rhyme, of the original. It has been the translator's aim to preserve the best

thought of the hymn, and of each stanza, where it was impossible to retain all.

Thanks are due to those whose translations have been embodied in this book ; especially to Mrs. Hunter, whose beautiful renderings into Cree must delight everyone who understands the language.

It is sufficient to say to those beginning the study of Cree, and who wish to read these hymns, to read as written. a is ah; a like ay; e is long; i is short, except when final; o and oo have their natural sounds; u is always like u, in sum.

With the prayer that this hymnal may be a blessing to our Cree brethren, it is presented to them by the



JASPICH ke nutowayechikatão oma

toowe utooskāwin. Upātus kitta ke meyoo apuchetatchik uneke ka nuheyuwatchik ke chewamenowuk. Westawow, tapiskoch kotukuk, a ayumehatchik, naspich meywayetumwuk kiche ayumehawe


A nawusoonuman, mena a meskooche itusinuhuman nikumoowina, ne ke kukwā nookootan misewā ka ise aputuk, apo ka ise moosichikatak ayumehawin.

Kāchinach askow ne putuhan, apo nuspach ne wetan nantow itāyetumoowin. Mechatwow nummoweya misewā kitta ke wechekatão nikumoowin, apo pisketusinuhikun. Maka ne kukwā mana mawuch

ke'chayewuk itayetumoowin kiche wetu


Ne nunaskoomowuk uneke ate't oo nikumoowina ka ke meskooche itusinuhukik nuheyuwāwinik ise ota ka itusinuhumowukik, oosam maka Mrs. Hunter, naspich ā meywasineyike oo nikumoowina oche.

A pukoosayimuk Kisa-Muneto mechat, mena mechātwow kiche we suwāyimikooyāk, net otāmetik, oohoo nikumoowina oche, ket oche pukitinumatinawow.


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