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Sinee thou wouldst have the sinner blest,

Now let me in thine image shine; Nor ever from thy footsteps move,

But more than conquer through thy love. 4 Be it according to thy will!

Set my imprison'd spirit free;
(The counsel of thy grace fulfil ;)

Into thy glorious liberty,
My spirit, soul, and flesh restore,
And I shall never grieve thee more.

Luthers.] HYMN 102. 6 lines 8's. 1

from this instant, now, I will

YET. my-offended Father cry:

My base ingratitude I feel,

Vilest of all thy children, 1;
Not worthy to be call'd thy son;

Yet will I thee, my Father, own.
2 Guide of my life, hast thou not been,

And rescu'd me from passion's power
Ten thousand times preserv'd from sin;

Nor let the greedy grave devour:
And wilt thou now thy wrath retain,

Nor ever love thy child again?
3 Ah! canst thou find it iu thy heart,

To give me up, so long pursu'd ?
Ah! canst thou finally depart,

And leave thy creature in his blood:
Leave me,-out of thy presence cast,

To perish in my sins at last?
4 If thou hast call’d me to return;

If weeping at thy feet I fall,
The prodigal thou wilt not spurn,

But pity and forgive me all ;
In answer to my Friend above;
In honour of his bleeding love.


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Kirke.] HYMN 103. L. M. 1

HEPHERD of souls, with pitying eye,

The thousands of our Israel see: To thee in their behalf we cry,

Ourselves but newly found in thee. 2 See where o'er desert wastes they err,

And neither food nor feeder have; Nor fold, nor place of refuge near;

For no man cares their souls to save, 3 Wild as the untaught Indian's brood,

The Christian savages remain; Strangers, yea, enemies to God,

They make thee spill thy blood in vain. 4 Thy people, Lord, are sold for nought;

Nor know they their Redeemer nigh: They perish whom thyself hast bought;

Their souls for lack of knowledge die. 5 The pit its mouth hath open'd wide,

To swallow up its careless prey :
Why should they die, when thou hast died;

Hast died to bear their sins away?
6 Why should the foe thy purchase seize?

Remember, Lord, thy dying groans : The meed of all thy sufferings these;

O claim them for thy ransom'd ones. 7 Extend to these thy pard’ning grace:

To these be thy salvation show'd: O add them to thy chosen race!

O sprinkle all their hearts with blood!

8 Still let the publicans draw near:

Open the door of faith and heaven; And grant their hearts thy word to hear,

And witness all their sins forgiven.

Alfreton.] HYMN 104. L. M.

ESUS, my Advocate above,


one of love :

If now for me prevails lliy prayer,
If now I find thee pleading there;
If thou the secret wish convey,
And sweetly prompt my heart to pray;
Hear, and my weak petitions join,

Almighty Advocate, to thine.
2 Fain would I know my utmost ill,

And groan my nature's weight to feel!
To feel the clouds that round me roll,
The night that hangs upon my soul :
The darkness of my carnal mind,
My will perverse, my passions blind,
Scatter'd o'er all the earth abroad,

Immeasurably far from God.
3 Jesus, my heart's desire obtain;

My earnest suit present, and gain:
My fulness of corruption show,
The knowledge of myself bestow;
A deeper displacence at sin;
A sharper sense of guilt within;
A stronger struggling to get free;

A keener appetite for thee.
4 O Sov’reign Love, to thee I cry!

Give me thyself, or else I die!
Save me from death; from hell set free!
Death, hell, are but the want of thee.
Quicken'd by thy imparted flame;
Sav’d, when possess’d of thee, I am:

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My life, my only heaven thou art;

O might I feel thee in my heart!
Watchman.] HYMN 105. S. M.
1 PIRIT of faith, come down,
And make to us the Godhead known,

And witness with the blood :
'Tis thine the blood t’ apply,

And give us eyes to see;
Who did for every sinner die,

Hath surely died for me.
No man can truly say

That Jesus is the Lord;
Unless thou take the veil away,

And breathe the living word:
Then, only then we feel

Our intrest in his blood ;
And cry unspeakable,

“ Thou art my Lord, my God!" 3 O that the world might know

The all-atoning Lamb!
Spirit of faith, descend and show
The virtue of his name:
The grace which all may find,

The saving power impart;
And testify to all mankind,

And speak in every heart. 4 Inspire the living faith,

Which, whosoe'er receives,
The witness in himself he hath,

And consciously believes :
The faith that conquers all,

And doth the mountain move ;
And saves whoe'er on Jesus call,

And perfects them in love.

Amsterdam.) HYMN 106. 7's & 6's.

CAKER, Saviour of mankind,

Who hast on me bestow' An immortal soul, design'd

To be the house of God:
Come, and now reside in me,

Never, never to remove;
Make me just and good, like thee,

And full of power and love. 2 Bid me in thine image rise,

A saint, a creature new;
True, and merciful, and wise,

And pure and happy too;
This thy primitive design,

That I should in thee be blest :
Should within thine arms divine,

For ever, ever rest.
3 Let thy will in me be done;

Fulfil my heart's desire,
Thee to know, and love alone,

And rise in raptures higher.
Thee descending on a cloud,

Till with ravish'd eyes I see ;
Then shall I be fill'd with God

To ail eternity!

Euphrates.] HYMN 107. 7's, 6's, & 18. 1 OD of my salvation, hear,


Simply do I now draw near,

Thy blessing to receive;
Full of guilt, alas! I am,

But to thy wounds for refuge flee:
Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb,

Thy blood was shed for me.

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