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4 Appear, as when of old confest,"
The suffering Son of God;
And let them see thee in thy vest,
But newly dipt in blood.

5 The hardness from their hearts remove,
Thou who for all hast died:
Show them the tokens of thy love,
Thy feet, thy hands, thy side.

6 Thy feet were mail'd to yonder tree
To trample down their sin;
Thy hands stretch'd out they all may see,
To take thy murderers in.

7 Thy side an open fountain is,
Where all may freely go,
And drink the living streams of bliss,
And wash them white as snow.

8 Ready thou art the blood to apply, *
And prove the record true:
And all thy wounds to simmers cry,
“I suffer'd this for you!”

Bethel.] HYMN 112. C. M.

1 OME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
One God in persons three,
Bring back the heavenly blessing lost
By all mankind and me.

2 Thy favour and thy mature too,
To me, to all restore;
Forgive, and after God renew,
And keep me evermore.

3 Eternal Sun of Righteousness,
Display thy beams divine,
And cause the glories of thy face
Upon my heart to shine.

4 Light, in thy light, O may I see,
Thy grace and mercy prove:
Reviv'd, and cheer'd, and bless'd by thee,
The God of pard’ming love.

5 Lift up thy countenance serene,
And let thy happy child -
Behold, without a cloud between,
The Godhead reconcil’d.

6 That all-comprising peace bestow
On me, through grace forgiv'n;
The joys of holiness below,
And then the joys of heaven!

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1 ALMIGHTY God of Love,
Thy holy arm display;

Send me succour from above,
In this my evil day:

Arm my weakness with thy power,
Woman’s Seed, appear within'

Be my safeguard and my tower,
Against the face of sin.

2 Could I of thy strength take hold,

And always feel thee near,

Confident, divinely bold,
My soul would scorn to fear:

. Nothing should my firmness shock;

Though the gates of hell assail,

Were I built upon the Rock,
They never could prevail.

3 Rock of my salvation, haste,
Extend thy ample shade,
Let it over me be cast,
And screen my naked head;
Save me in the trying hour; .
Thou my sure protection be;

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4 Set upon thyself my feet,

And make me surely stand;

From temptation’s rage and heat
Cover me with thy hand;

Let me in the cleft be plac’d;
Never from my fence remove;

In thine arms of love embrac'd,
Of everlasting love.

Shirland.] HYMN 114. S. M.

1 O, in thy hand I lay,
And wait thy will to prove;

My Potter, stamp on me, thy clay,
Thine only stamp of love:
Be this my whole desire,
I know that it is thime:

Then kindle in my soul a fire
Which shall for ever shime.

2 Thy gracious readiness
To save mankind assert;
Thine image, love, thy name impress,
Thy nature on my heart:
Father of mercies, hear !
Into my soul come down;
Let it throughout my life appear,
That I have Christ put on.
3 O plant in me thy mind!
O fix in me thy home!
So shall I cry to all mankind,
Come to the waters, come!
Jesus is full of grace,
To all his bowels move;
Behold in me, ye fallen race,
That God is only love.

Parvus.] HYMN 115. L. M.

1 ( i REAT God, indulge my humble claim,
Be thou my hope, my joy, my rest;
The glories that compose thy name
Stand all engag’d to make me blest.

2 Thou great and good, thou just and wise,
Thou art my Father and my God!
And I am thine by sacred ties,
Thy son, thy servant bought with blood.

3 With heart, and eyes, and lifted hands,
For thee I long, to thee I look,
As travellers in thirsty lands
Pant for the cooling water-brook.

4 E’en life itself, without thy love,
No lasting pleasure can afford;
Yea, 'twould a tiresome burden prove,
If I were banish’d from thee, Lord!
5 I’ll lift my hands, I’ll raise my voice,
While I have breath to pray or praise:
This work shall make my heart rejoice,
And spend the remnant of my days.

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1 THOU, to whose all-searching sight,
The darkness shineth as the light,

Search, prove my heart, it pants for thee,
O burst these bonds, and set it free :

2 Wash out its stains, refine its dross,
Nail my affections to the cross;
Hallow each thought, let all within
Be clean, as thou, my Lord, art clean.

3 If in this darksome wild I stray,
Be thou my light, be thou my way;
No foes, no violence I fear,
No fraud, while thou, my God, art near.

4. When rising floods my soul o'erflow,
When sinks my heart in waves of wo,
Jesus, thy timely aid impart,
And raise my head, and cheer my heart.

5 Saviour, where’er thy steps I see,
Dauntless, untir’d, I follow thee;
O let thy hand support me still,
And lead me to thy holy hill!

6 If rough and thorny be the way,
My strength proportion to my day;
Till toil, and grief, and pain shall cease,
Where all is calm, and joy, and peace.

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1 OME, Lord, from above, the mountains remove, O'erturm all that hinders the course of thy love; My bosom inspire, enkindle the fire, And wrap my whole soul in the flames of desire.

2 I languish and pine for the comfort divine,
O when shall I say, my Beloved is mine?
I’ve chose the good part, my portion thou art:
O Love, let me find thee, O God, in my heart!

3 For this my heart sighs, nothing else can suffice; How, Lord, can I purchase the pearl of great price? It cannot be bought; thou know'st I havenought, Not an action, a word, or a truly good thought.

4 But I hear a voice say, without money you may Receive it, whoever hath nothing to pay: Who on Jesus relies, without money or price, The pearl of forgiveness and holiness buys.

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