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4 Light, in thy light, О may I see,

Thy grace and mercy prove! Reviv'd, and cheer'd, and bless'd by thee,

The God of pard’ning love.
5 Lift up thy countenance serene,

And let thy happy child
Behold, without a cloud between,

The Godhead reconcil'd.
6 That all-comprising peace bestow

On me, through grace forgiv'n;
The joys of holiness below,

And then the joys of heaven!

Josiah.] HYMN 113. 7's & 6's. 1 O Love,

Thy holy arm display ;
Send me succour from above,

In this my evil day:
Arm my weakness with thy power,

Woman's Seed, appear within !
Be my safeguard and my tower,

Against the face of sin.
2 Could I of thy strength take hold,

And always feel thee near,
Confident, divinely bold,

My soul would scorn to fear:
Nothing should my firmness shock;

Though the gates of hell assail,
Were I built upon the Rock,

They never could prevail. 3 Rock of my salvation, haste,

Extend thy ample shade,
Let it over me be cast,

And screen my naked head;
Save me in the trying hour;

Thou my sure protection be;

Shelter me from Satan's power,

Till I am fix'd on thee. 4 Set upon thyself my feet,

And make me surely stand;
From temptation's rage and heat

Cover me with thy hand;
Let me in the cleft be plac'd;

Never from my fence remove;
In thine arms of love embrac'd,

Of everlasting love.

Shirland.] HYMN 114. S. M. 1

in thy hand I lay

LA na twait

thy wili to prove;

My Potter, stamp on me, thy clay,

Thine only stamp of love:
Be this my whole desire,

I know that it is thine:
Then kindle in my soul a fire

Which shall for ever shine.
Thy gracious readiness

To save mankind assert;
Thine image, love, thy name impress,

Thy nature on my heart:
Father of mercies, hear !

Into my soul come down;
Let it throughout my life appear,

That I have Christ put on. 3 O plant in me thy mind!

O fix in me thy home!
So shall I cry to all mankind,

Come to the waters, come!
Jesus is full of grace,

To all his bowels move;
Behold in me, ye fallen race,

That God is only love.

G , ,

Parvus.] HYMN 115. L. M. 1

Be thou my hope, my joy, my rest; The glories that compose thy name

Stand all engag'd to make me blest. 2 Thou great and good, thou just and wise,

Thou art my Father and my God! And I am thine by sacred ties,

Thy son, thy servant bought with blood, 3 With heart, and eyes, and lifted hands,

For thee I long, to thee I look, As travellers in thirsty lands

Pant for the cooling water-brook. 4 E'en life itself, without thy love,

No lasting pleasure can afford;
Yea, 'twould a tiresome burden prove,

If I were banish'd from thee, Lord ! 5 I'll lift my hands, I'll raise my voice,

While I have breath to pray or praise :
This work shall make my heart rejoice,

And spend the remnant of my days.
Alfreton.] HYMN 116. L. M.

10 ,

The darkness shineth as the light, Search, prove my heart, it pants for thee,

O burst these bonds, and set it free! 2 Wash out its stains, refine its dross,

Nail my affections to the cross ;
Hallow each thought, let all within

Be clean, as thou, my Lord, art clean. 3 If in this darksome wild I stray,

Be thou my light, be thou my way;
No foes, no violence I fear,
No fraud, while thou, my God, art near.

4 When rising floods my soul o'erflow,

When sinks my heart in waves of wo,
Jesus, thy timely aid impart,

And raise my head, and cheer my heart. 5 Saviour, where'er thy steps I see,

I Dauntless, untir’d, I follow thee; O let thy hand support me still,

And lead me to thy holy hill!
6 If rough and thorny be the way,

My strength proportion to my day;
Till toil, and grief, and pain shall cease,
Where all is calm, and joy, and peace.

Bowrton.] HYMN 117. 10's & 11's. 1 COME TOME, Lord, from above, the mountains

remove, O’erturn all that hinders the course of thy love; My bosom inspire, enkindle the fire, And wrap my whole soul in the flames of desire. 2 I languish and pine for the comfort divine, O when shall I say, my Beloved is mine? I've chose the good part, my portion thou art: O Love, let me find thee, O God, in my heart! 3 For this my heart sighs, nothing else can

suffice; How, Lord, can I purchase the pearl of great

price? It cannot be bought; thou know'st I have nought, Not an action, a word, or a truly good thought. 4 But I hear a voice say, without money you

may Receive it, whoever hath nothing to pay: Who on Jesus relies, without money or price, The pearl of forgiveness and holiness buys.


5 The blessing is free, so, Lord, let it be: 1 yield that thy love should be given to me; I freely receive what thou freely dost give, And consent to thy love, in thine Eden to live. 6 The gift I embrace, the Giver I praise, And ascribe my salvation to Jesus's grace; It came from above, the foretaste I prove, And I soon shall receive all thy fulness of love.

Ebor.] HYMN 118. C. M. 1

EING of beings, God of love,

To thee our hearts we raise;
Thy all-sustaining power we prove,

And gladly sing thy praise.
2 Thine, wholly thine, we pant to be,

Our sacrifice receive;
Made, and preserv’d, and sav'd by thee,

To thee ourselves we give.
3 Heavenward our ev'ry wish aspires,

For all thy mercy's store;
The sole return thy love requires,

Is that we ask for more.
4 For more we ask, we open then

Our hearts to embrace thy will;
Turn, and beget us, Lord, again;

With all thy fulness fill.
5 Come, Holy Ghost, the Saviour's love

Shed in our hearts abroad;
So shall we ever live and move,

And be with Christ in God.
St. Thomas.] HYMN 119. S. M.

Thy feeble creature's cry;
And show thyself the sinner's friend,

And set me up on high,

JESUS my Lord attend

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