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From hell's oppressive power

My struggling soul release;
And to thy Father's grace restore;

And to thy perfect peace.
Thy blood and righteousness

I make my only plea;
My present and eternal peace

Are both deriv'd from thee.
Rivers of life divine

From thee, their fountain, flow;
And all who know that love of thine,

The joy of angels know.
3 Come then, impute, impart,

To me thy righteousness ;
And let me taste how good thou art,

How full of truth and grace:
That thou canst here forgive

Grant me to testify:
And justify'd hy faith to live,

And in that faith to die.

Irish.] HYMN 120. C. M. 1 O

SUN of Righteousness, arise

With healing in thy wing;
To my diseas'd, my fainting soul,

Life and salvation bring.
2 These clouds of pride and sin dispel,

By thy all-piercing beam; Lighten mine eyes with faith, my heart

With holy hope inflame. 3 My mind, by thy all-quick’ning power,

From low desires set free;
Unite my scatter'd thoughts, and fix

My love entire on thee.
4 Father, thy long-lost son receive;

Saviour, thy purchase own;

Blest Comforter, with peace and joy,

Thy new-made creature crown. 5 Eternal, undivided Lord,

Co-equal One in Three,
On thee all faith, all hope be plac'd,

All love be paid to thee.

Cookham.] HYMN 121. 4 lines 7's. 1


ON of God, thy blessing grant,
Tree of Life, thy influence shed,

With thy sap my spirit feed.
2 Tend'rest branch, alas! am I,

Wither without thee and die;
Weak as helpless infancy;

O confirm my soul in thee ! 3 Unsustain'd by thee I fall;

Send the help for which I call :
Weaker than a bruised reed,

Help I every moment need.
4 All my hopes on thee depend;

Love me, save me to the end;
Give me the continuing grace,
Take the everlasting praise.

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Redeeming Love.] HYMN 122. 4 lines 7's. 1

At thy feet we humbly bow;
O! do not our suit disdain;

Shall we seek thee, Lord, in vain? 2 Lord, on thee our souls depend;

In compassion now descend;
Fill our hearts with thy rich grace,
Tune our lips to sing thy praise.

3 In thine own appointed way,

Now we seek thee, here we stay ;
Lord, we know not how to go,

Till a blessing thou bestow.
4 Send some message from thy word,

That may joy and peace afford; Let thy Spirit now impart

Full salvation to each heart.
5 Comfort those who weep and mourn,

Let the time of joy return;
Those that are cast down lift up;

Make them strong in faith and hope. 6 Grant that all may seek and find,

Thee a gracious God, and kind;
Heal the sick, the captive free;
Let us all rejoice in thee.

Eaton.] HYMN 123. L. M.

ESUS, from whom all blessings flow,



If now thy Spirit move my breast,

Hear, and fulfil thine own request. 2 The few that truly call thee Lord,

And wait thy sanctifying word;
And thee their utmost Saviour own,

Unite and perfect them in one.
3 O let them all thy mind express,

Stand forth thy chosen witnesses :
Thy power unto salvation show,

And perfect holiness below.
4 In them let all mankind behold,

How Christians liv'd in days of old;
Mighty their envious foes to move,
A proverb of reproach-and love.

5 Call them into thy wond'rous light,

Worthy to walk with thee in white !
Make up thy jewels, Lord, and show

Thy glorious, spotless church, below. 6 From every sinful wrinkle free,

Redeem'd from all iniquity,
The fellowship of saints make known,

And O, my God, may I be one !
7 O might my lot be cast with these;

The least of Jesu's witnesses ;
O that my Lord would count me meet,

To wash his dear disciples' feet! 8 This only thing do I require:

Thou know'st 'tis all my heart's desire,
Freely what I receive to give,

The servant of thy church to live. 9 After my lowly Lord to go,

And wait upon thy saints below;
Enjoy the grace to angels given,

And serve the royal heirs of heaven. 10 Lord, if I now thy drawings feel,

And ask according to thy will,
Confirm the prayer, the seal impart,

And speak the answer to my heart, 11 Tell me, or thou shalt never go,

" Thy prayer is heard; it shall be 80;" The words hath pass’d thy lips, and I Shall with thy people live and die.

Mourner.) HYMN 124. L. M. 1 Y hope, my all, my Saviour thou,

I feel the bliss thy wounds impart,
I find thee, Saviour, in my heart.


2 Be thou my strength, be thou my way,

Protect me through my life's short day: In all my acts may wisdom guide,

And keep me, Saviour, near thy side. 3 Correct, reprove, and comfort me;

As I have need, my Saviour be:
And if I would from thee depart,

Then clasp me, Saviour, to thy heart. 4 In fierce temptation's darkest hour,

Save me from sin and Satan's power;
Tear every idol from thy throne,

And reign, my Saviour, reign alone. 5 My suff'ring time shall soon be o'er,

Then shall I sigh and weep no more;
My ransom'd soul shall soar away,
To sing thy praise in endless day.

Devizes.] HYMN 125. C. M. 1 ESUS, the all-restoring Word, After thy lovely likeness, Lord,

Ah, when shall I wake up! 2 Thou, O my God, thou only art

The Life, the Truth, the Way; Quicken my soul, instruct my heart,

My sinking footsteps stay,
3 Of all thou hast in earth below,

In heaven above to give,
Give me thine only love to know,

In thee to walk and live.
4 Filme with all the life of love;

Ia mystic union join
Me to thyself, and let me prove

The fellowship divine.


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