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And starting, cry from ruin's brink.
Save, Jesus, or I yield, I sink !

O save me, or I die!
4 If near the pit I rashly stray,
Before I wholly fall away,

The keen conviction dart! Recall me by that pitying look, That kind upbraiding glance, which broke

Unfaithful Peter's heart. 3 In me thine utmost mercy show, And make me like thyself below,

Unblameable in grace; Ready prepar'd and fitted here, By perfect holiness t appear

Before thy glorious face.

New Sabbath.] HYMN 158. L. M.
1 ESUS, my Saviour, brother, friend,

On whom for all things I depend,

Inspire, and then accept my prayer. 2 If I have tasted of thy grace,

The grace that sure salvation brings ; If with me now thy Spirit stays,

And hor'ring, hides me in his wings : 3 Still let him with my weakness stay,

Nor for a moment's space depart;
Evil and danger turn away,

And keep till he renews my heart. 4 When to the right or left I stray,

His voice behind me may I hear,
" Return, and walk in Christ thy way,

Fly back to Christ, for sin is near 5 His sacred unction from above,

Be still my comforter and guide,

Till all the stony he remove,

And in my loving heart reside. 6 Jesus, I fain would walk in thee,

From nature's every path retreat :
Thou art my way, my leader be,

And set upon the rock my feet. 7 Uphold me, Saviour, or I fall;

O reach me out thy gracious hand!
Only on thee for help I call ;

Only by faith in thee I stand.
Kentucky.] HYMN 159. S. M.
1 A I have,

A God to glorify;
A never-dying soul to save,

And fit it for the sky.
To serve the present age,

My calling to fulfil:
O may it all my powers engage,

To do my Master's will.
2 Arm me with jealous care,

As in thy sight to live;
And O thy servant, Lord, prepare,

A strict account to give!
Help me to watch and pray,

And on thyself rely,
Assur’d if I my trust betray,

I shall for ever die.

St. Johns.] HYMN 160. 48's & 2 B's. 1 E it my only wisdom here,


With loving gratitude ;
Superior sense may I display,
By shunning every evil way,

And walking in the good.

20 may I still from sin depart;
A wise and understanding heart,

Jesus, to me be given !
And let me through thy Spirit know,
To glorify my God below,

And find my way to heaven.
Asbury.] HYMN 161. C. M.

TOW vain are all things here below,


Each pleasure hath its poison too,

And every sweet a snare.
2 The brightest things below the sky

Give but a flatt'ring light;
We should suspect some danger nigh,

Where we possess delight.
3 Our dearest joys, and nearest friends,

The partners of our blood,
How they divide our wav'ring minds,

And leave but half for God!
4 The fondness of a creature's love,

How strong it strikes the sense!
Thither the warm affections move,

Nor can we call them thence.
5 Dear Saviour, let thy beauties be

My soul's eternal food;
And grace command my heart away

From all created good.

Staford.] HYMN 162. S. M. 1 GE

OD of almighty love,

By whose sufficient grace,
I lift my heart to things above,

And humbly seek thy face:
Through Jesus Christ the just,
My faint desires receive,


And let me in thy goodness trust,

And to thy glory live.
Whate'er I say or do,
Thy glory be my aim ;
My offerings all be offer'd through

The ever-blessed name.
Jesus, my single eye,
Be fix'd on thee alone:
Thy name be prais'd on earth, on high,

Thy will by all be done! 3 Spirit of faith, inspire

My consecrated heart;
Fill,me with pure celestial fire,

With all thou hast and art.
My feeble mind transform,

And perfectly renew'd,
Into a saint exalt a worm ;

A worm exalt to God!, New Sabbath.] HYMN 163. L. M. 1 IERCE, fill me with a humble fear,

My utter helplessness reveal ; Satan and sin are always near;

Thee may I always nearer feel. 2 0 that to thee my constant mind

Might with an even flame aspire!
Pride in its earliest motions find,

And mark the risings of desire. 3 O that my tender soul might fly

The first abhorr'd approach of ill :
Quick as the apple of an eye,

The slightest touch of sin to feel, 4 Till thou anew my soul create,

Still may I strive, and watch, and pray; Humbly and confidently wait,

And long to see the perfect day:


Broadmead.] HYMN 164. ^ 6 lines 8's.




FT have we pass’d the guilty niglat,

The creature was our sole delight,

Our happiness the things of earth,
But 0, suffice the season past!

We choose the better part at last.
2 We will not close our wakeful eyes,

We will not let our eyelids sleep;
But humbly lift them to the skies,

And all a solemn vigil keep;
So many nights on sin bestow'd,

Can we not watch one hour for God? 3 We can, O Jesus, for thy sake,

Devote our every hour to thee;
Speak but the word, our souls shall wake,

And sing with cheerful melody.
Thy praise shall our glad tongues employ,

And every heart shall dance for joy. 4 Bless'd object of our faith and love,

We listen for thy welcome voice; Our persons and our works approve,

And bid us in thy strength rejoice; Now let us hear the mighty cry,

And shout to find the Bridegroom nigh. 5 Shout in the midst of us, O King

Of saints, and let our joys abound; Let us rejoice, give thanks, and sing,

And triumph in redemption found: We ask in faith for every soul;

O let our glorious joy be full ! 6 O may we all triumphant rise,

With joy upon our heads return,


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