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2 Shine to his praise, ye crystal skies, The floor of his abode:

Or veil in shades your thousand eyes
Before your brighter God.

3 Thou restless globe of golden light, Whose beams create our days, Join with the silver queen of might, - To own your borrow’d rays.

4 Winds, ye shall bear his name aloud
Through the ethereal blue;
For when his chariot is a cloud,
He makes his wheels of you.

5 Thunder and hail, and fire and storms,
The troops of his command,
Appear in all your dreadful forms,
And speak his awful hand.

6 Shout to the Lord, ye surging seas,
In your etermal roar:
Let wave to wave resound his praise;
And shore reply to shore.

~ 7 While monsters sporting on the flood,
In scaly silver shine,
Speak terribly their Maker God,
And lash the foaming brine.

3 But gentler things shall tune his name, To softer motes than these : Young zephyrs breathing o'er the stream, Or whispering through the trees. 9 Wave your tall heads, ye lofty pines, To Him that bids you grow; Sweet clusters bend the fruitful vines, On every thankful bough. 10 Let the shrill birds his honours raise, And climb the morning sky;

While grov'ling beasts attempt his praise,
In hoarser narmony.

11 Thus while the meaner creatures sing,
Ye mortals, take the sound;
Echo the glories of your King,
Through all the nations round.

Confidence.] HYMN 205. 6 lines 8's,

1 GOD, of good th’ unfathom’d sea!
Who would not give his heart to thee?
Who would not love thee with his might?
O Jesu, lover of mankind'
Who would not his whole soul and mind,
With all his strength to thee unite?

2 Thou shin'st with everlasting rays;
Before the insufferable blaze
Angels with both wings veil their eyes;
Yet free as air thy bounty streams
On all thy works, thy mercy’s beams
Diffusive as thy sun's, arise.

3 Astonish’d at thy frowning brow,
Earth, hell, and heaven’s strong pillars bow;
Terrible majesty is thine !
Who then can that vast love express,
Which bows thee down to me, who less
Than mothing am, till thou art mime !

4 High thron’d on heaven's eternal hill,
In number, weight, and measure, still
Thou sweetly orderest all that is:
And yet thou deign'st to come to me,
And guide my steps, that I with thee
Enthron'd, may reign in endless bliss.

5 Fountain of good! all blessing flows From thee; no want thy fulness knows: What but thyself canst thou desire?

Yes; self-sufficient as thou art,
Thou dost desire my worthless heart:
This, only this dost thou require.

6 Primeval Beauty: in thy sight,
The first-born fairest sons of light
See all their brightest glories fade:
What them to me thine eyes could turn ?
In sim conceiv'd, of woman born,
A worm, a leaf, a blast, a shade 1

7. Hell’s armies tremble at thy nod,
And, trembling, own the Almighty God!
Sovereign of earth, hell, air, and sky?
But who is this that comes from far,
Whose garments roll’d in blood appear?
*Tis God made man, for man to die :

3 O God, of good th’ unfathom'd sea!
Who would not give his heart to thee?
Who would not love thee with his might?
O Jesus, lover of mankind,
Who would not his whole soul and mind,
With all his strength to thee unite?

Bethel.] HYMN 206. C. M.

1 AIL, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!
One God, in persons three;
Of thee we make our joyful boast,
And homage pay to thee.

2 Present alike in every place,
Thy Godhead we adore:
Beyond the bounds of time and space
Thou dwell'st for evermore.

3 In wisdom infinite thou art,
Thine eye doth all things see;
And every thought of every heart,
Is fully known to thee.

4 Whate'er thou wilt, in earth below,
Thou dost, in heaven above;
But chiefly we rejoice to know
Th' Almighty God of love.

5 Thou lov'st whate'er thy hands have made,
Thy goodness we rehearse,
In shiming characters display’d
Throughout our universe.

6 Mercy, with love, and endless grace, O'er all thy works doth reign;

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Thy favourite creature man.

7 Wherefore let every creature give
Te thee the praise design'd;
But chiefly, Lord, the thanks receive,
The hearts of all mankind.

Mazareth.] HYMN 207. L. M.

1. GOD, thou bottomless abyss!
Thee to perfection who can know?
O height immense what words suffice,
Thy countless attributes to show 2
Unfathomable depths thou art!
O plunge me in thy mercy’s sea!
Void of true wisdom is my heart;
With love embrace and cover me!
While thee, all infinite, I set
By faith, before my ravish'd eye;
My weakness bends beneath the weight,
O'erpower'd I sink, I faint, I die.
2 Etermity thy fountain was,
Which, like thee, no beginning knew;
Thou wast, ere time began its race,
Ere glow’d with stars th' ethereal blue.

Greatness unspeakable is thine, Greatness, whose undiminish’d ray, When short-liv'd worlds are lost shall shine, When earth and heaven are fled away. Unchangeable, all-perfect Lord, Essential life’s unbounded sea; What lives, and moves, lives by thy word; It lives, and moves, and is from thee! 3 Thy parent hand, thy forming skill, Firm fix’d this universal chain: Else empty, barren darkness still, Had held his unmolested reign. Whate'er in earth, or sea, or sky, Or shuns, or meets the wand'ring thought, Escapes or strikes the searching eye, By thee was to perfection brought! High is thy power above all height, Whate'er thy will decrees is done; Thy wisdom, equal to thy might, Only to thee, O God, is known! 4 Heaven's glory is thy awful throne, Yet earth partakes thy gracious sway; Vain man! thy wisdom folly own, Lost is thy reason’s feeble ray. What our dim eye could never see, Is plain and naked to thy sight; What thickest darkness veils, to thee Shines clearly as the morning light. In light thou dwell'st; light, that no shade, No variation ever knew ; Heaven, earth, and hell, stand all display’d, And open to thy piercing view.


1 THOU, true and only God, lead'st forth Th’ immortal armies of the sky:

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