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Mixt with those beyond the sky,
Chanters to the Lord most high,
We our hearts and voices raise,
Echoing thy eternal praise.
2 One, inexplicably Three,
One, in simplest unity:
God, incline thy gracious ear,
Us thy lisping creatures hear!
Thee, while dust and ashes sings,
Angels shrink within their wings;
*Prostrate seraphim above
Breathe unutterable love.

3 Happy they who never rest,
With thy heavenly presence blest:
They the heights of glory see,
Sound the depths of Deity:
Faim with them our souls would vie;
Sink as low, and mount as high;
Fall, o’erwhelm'd with love, or soar;
Shout, or silently adore:

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1. AIL! holy, holy, holy Lord!
Whom One in Three we know;
By all thy heavenly host ador'd,
By all thy church below.

2 One undivided Trinity, With triumph we proclaim; Thy universe is full of thee, And speaks thy glorious name. 3 Thee, holy Father, we confess; Thee, holy Son, adore: Thee, Spirit of Truth and Holiness, We worship evermore. 4 The incommunicable right, Almighty God, receive!


Which angel-choirs, and saints in light,
And saints embodied give.

5 Three Persons equally divine
We magnify and love:
And both the choirs ere long shall join,
To sing thy praise above.

6 Hail! holy, holy, holy Lord,
(Our heavenly song shall be,)
Supreme, essential One, ador’d
In co-eternal Three :

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1 THOUSAND oracles divine
Their common beams unite;
That simmers may with angels join.
To worship God aright:

2 To praise a Trinity ador'd
By all the hosts above;
And one thrice holy God and Lord
Through endless ages love.

3 Triumphant host they never cease
To laud and magnify
The Triune God of Holiness,
Whose glory fills the sky.

4 Whose glory to this earth extends,
When God himself imparts,
And the whole Trinity descends
Into our faithful hearts.

5 By faith the upper choir we meet,
And challenge them to sing
Jehovah, on his shining seat,
Our Maker and our King.

5 But God made flesh, is wholly ours, And asks our noblest strain;

The Father of celestial powers,
The Friend of earth-born man!

7 Ye seraphs, nearest to the throme,
With rapturous amaze
On us, poor ransom'd worms, look down, *.
For heaven's superior praise!

8. The King, whose glorious face ye see,
For us his crown resign'd; -
That fulness of the Deity,
- He died for all mankind'

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1. OME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Whom one all-perfect God we own,
Restorer of thy image lost, -
Thy various offices make known:
Display, our fallen souls to raise,
Thy whole economy of grace.

2 Jehovah in three Persons, come,
And draw, and sprinkle us, and seal,
Poor, guilty, dying worms, in whom
Thou dost etermal life reveal;
The knowledge of thyself bestow,
And all thy glorious goodness show.

Soon as our pardon'd hearts believe,
That thou art pure, essential love;
The proof we in ourselves receive
Of the Three Witnesses above;
Sure, as the saints around thy throne,
That Father, Word, and Spirit are One,

4 O that we now, in love renew’d .
Might blameless in thy sight appear;
Wake we in thy similitude,
Stamp'd with the Triune character;
Flesh, spirit, soul, to thee resign;
And live and die entirely thine :

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Shirland.] HYMN 217. S. M.


At whose supreme decree

Our body rose, a breathing clod, our souls sprang forth from thee;

2 For this thou hast design'd,
And form'd us man for this;
To know, and love thyself, and find
In thee our endless bliss.

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1 Y soul, through my Redeemer's care,
Sav'd from the second death, I feel;
My eyes from tears of dark despair,
My feet from falling into hell.

2. Wherefore to him my feet shall run;
My eyes on his perfections gaze;
My soul shall live for God alone,
And all within me shout his praise.

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1 TN that sad memorable might, when Jesus was for us betray’d, He left his death-recording rite, He took, and bless'd, and brake the bread; And gave his own their last bequest, And thus his love's intent exprest.

2 “Take, eat, this is my body given,
To purchase life and peace for you,
Pardon, and holiness, and heaven;
Do this my dying love to show:
Accept your precious legacy,
And thus, my friends, remember me.”

3 He took into his hands the cup,
To crown the sacramental feast,
And full of kind concern look’d up,
And gave to them what he had blest:
“And drink ye all of this, (he said)
In solemn mem'ry of the dead.

4 “This is my blood, which seals the new
Eternal cov’nant of my grace;
My blood so freely shed for you,
For you and all the sinful race;
My blood that speaks your sins forgiven,
And justifies your claim to heaven.”

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1 ET all who truly bear
The bleeding Saviour's name,
Their faithful hearts with us prepare,
And eat the Paschal Lamb :
Our passover was slain,
At Salem's hallow’d place,
Yet we who in our tents remain,
Shall gain his largest grace.

2 This eucharistic feast,
Our ev’ry want supplies,
And still we by his death are blest,
And share his sacrifice; -
By faith his flesh we eat,
Who here his passion show,
And God out of his holy seat
Shall all his gifts łow.

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