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The bread thy mystic body be,

And cheer each languid heart.
The grace which sure salvation bringe,

Let us herewith receive;
Satiate the hungry with good things,

The hidden manna give. 4 The living bread sent down from heaven,

In us vouchsafe to be;
Thy flesh for all the world is given,

And all may live by thee.
Now, Lord, on us thy flesh bestow,

And let us drink thy blood,
Till all our souls are fill'd below,

With all the life of God. Watchman.] HYMN 222. S. M. 1 ESUS, we thus obey


Here in thine own appointed way,

We come to meet our Lord. 2 The way thou hast enjoin'd,

Thou wilt therein appear;
We come with confidence to find

Thy special presence here. 3 Whate'er th’ Almighty can

To pardon'd sinners give,
The fulness of our God made man,

We here with Christ receive.

Amsterdam.) HYMN 223. 7's & b's.
* R

OCK of Israel, cleft for me,
See, thy feeblest foll'wers see,

Who call thy death to mind :
Still the fountain of thy blood
Stands for sinners open'd wide,

Now, e'en now, my Lord, my God,

I wash me in thy side. 2 Now, e'en now, we all plunge in,

And drink the purple wave; This the antidote for sin,

'Tis this our souls shall save : With the life of Jesus fed,

Lo! from strength to strength we rise, Follow'd by our Rock, and led

To meet thee in the skies.

Wells.] HYMN 224. L. M.



With lowly thankful hearts we praise, Author of this great mystery,

Figure and means of saving grace. 2 The sacred, true, effectual sign,

Thy body and thy blood it shows; The glorious instrument divine,

Thy mercy and thy strength bestows. 3 We see the blood that seals our peace;

Thy pard’ning mercy we receive; The bread doth visibly express

The strength thro' which our spirits live. 4 Our spirits drink a fresh supply,

And eat the bread so freely given, Till borne on eagles' wings we fly,

And banquet with our Lord in heaven.
Condolence.] HYMN 225. 4 lines 7's.
1 ,

Magnify thy dying word,
In thine ordinance appear,
Come, and meet thy foll’wers here.

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2 In the rite thou hast enjoin'd,

Let us now our Saviour find;
Drink thy blood for sinners shed,

Taste thee in the broken bread.
3 Thou our faithful hearts prepare ;

Thou thy pard’ning grace declare:
Thou that hast for sinners died,

Show thyself the Crucify’d!
4 All the powers of sin remove;

Fill us with thy perfect love;
Stamp us with the stamp divine;
Seal our souls for ever thine.

Millicent.] HYMN 226. 8's & 7's. 1 YOME, thou everlasting Spirit,

Bring to ev'ry thankful mind,
All the Saviour's dying merit,

All his suff'rings for mankind :
True recorder of his passion,

Now the living fire impart,
Now reveal his great salvation,

Preach his Gospel to our heart. 2 Come, thou witness of his dying,

Come, remembrancer divine,
Let us feel thy pow'r applying

Christ to ev'ry soul and mine :
Let us groan thine inward groaning,

Look on him we pierc'd and grieve,
All receive the grace atoning,

All the sprinkled blood receive. Plymouth Dock.] HYMN 227. 6 lines 8's. O ,

A sacrifice for guilty man,
By the eternal Spirit made
An offering in the sinner's stead;

Our everlasting Priest art thou,

And plead'st thy death for sinners now! 2 Thy offering still continues new,

Thy vesture keeps its bloody hue;
Thou stand'st the ever-slaughter'd Lamb,
Thy priesthood still remains the same ;
Thy years, O God, can never fail,

Thy goodness is unchangeable.
3 O that our faith may never move,

But stand unshaken as thy love :
Sure evidence of things unseen,
Now let it pass the years between,
And view thee bleeding on the tree,
My God, who dies for me, for me!

Clarks.] HYMN 228. 7's, 6's, & 18. 1

We now recall to mind,
Send the answer from above,

And let us mercy find;
Think on us, who think on thee,

And ev'ry struggling soul release!
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace! 2 By thine agonizing pain,

And bloody sweat we pray, By thy dying love to man,

Take all our sins away: Burst our bonds and set us free,

From all iniquity release : O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace! 3 Let thy blood by faith apply'd,

The sinner's pardon seal, Speak us freely justify'd, And all our sickness heal:



By thy passion on the tree,

Let all our griefs and troubles cease; O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace! 4 Never will we hence depart,

Till thou our wants relieve: Write forgiveness on our heart,

And all thine image give : Still our souls shall cry to thee,

Till perfected in holiness, O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace! Pickering.] HYMN 229. C. M. 1 NOME, Saviour, let thy tokens prove,

Fitted by heav'nly art,
As channels to convey thy love,

To ev'ry faithful heart. 2 The living bread sent down from heav'n,

In us vouchsafe to be;
Thy flesh for all the world is giv'n,

And all may live by thee.
3 Now, Lord, on us thy flesh bestow,

And let us drink thy blood,
Till all our souls are fill'd below,

With all the life of God.
4 Determin'd nothing else to know

But Jesus crucify'd,
I will not from my Jesus go,
Or leave his wounded side.

Salem.] HYMN 230. C. M.':

THAT doleful night before his death,
Did, almost with his dying breath,

This solemn féast ordain.

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