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The hidden manna, and the tree
Of life, and the white stone.

8 Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart,
Come quickly from above;

Write thy new name upon my heart, Thy new, best name of love. Broadmead.] HYMN 304. 6 lines 8's.

HOU hidden love of God, whose height,
Whose depth unfathom' d, no man knows.

I see from far thy beauteous light,
Inly I sigh for thy repose:
My heart is pain'd, nor can it be
At rest, till it finds rest in thee.
2 Thy secret voice invites me still

The sweetness of thy yoke to prove;
And fain I would; but though my will
Seem fixt, yet wide my passions rove;
Yet hind'rances strew all the way;
I aim at thee, yet from thee stray.
3 'Tis mercy all, that thou hast brought
My mind to seek her peace in thee!
Yet while I seek, but find thee not,

No peace my wand'ring soul shall see ;
O when shall all my wand'rings end,
And all my steps to thee-ward tend!
4 Is there a thing beneath the sun,

That strives with thee my heart to share?
Ah, tear it thence, and reign alone,
The Lord of every motion there!
Then shall my heart from earth be free,
When it hath found repose in thee.

5 0 hide this self from me, that I

No more, but Christ in me may live!

My vile affections crucify,

Nor let one darling lust survive!

In all things nothing may I see,
Nothing desire, or seek but thee!

6 O Love, thy sov'reign aid impart,

To save me from low-thoughted care; Chase this self-will through all my heart, Through all its latent mazes there: Make me thy duteous child, that I Ceaseless may Abba, Father, cry.

7 Ah no; ne'er will I backward turn:
Thine wholly, thine alone I am :
Thrice happy he who views with scorn
Earth's toys, for thee his constant flame:
O help that I may never move,
From the blest footsteps of thy love!

8 Each moment draw from earth away
My heart, that lowly waits thy call;
Speak to my inmost soul, and say,


"I am thy Love, thy God, thy All!"" To feel thy power, to hear thy voice, To taste thy love, be all my choice.

Axbridge.] HYMN 305. C. M.

FClose to thy bleeding side;

NOR ever here my rest shall be,

This all my hope, and all my plea,
For me the Saviour dy'd.

2 My dying Saviour, and my God,
Fountain for guilt and sin,
Sprinkle me ever with thy blood,

And cleanse and keep me clean.

3 Wash me, and make me thus thine own; Wash me, and mine thou art:

Wash me, but not my feet alone,
My hands, my head, my heart.


Th' atonement of thy blood apply,
Till faith to sight improve;
Till hope in full fruition die,
And all my soul be love.

Clarendon. HYMN 306. C. M.

JESUS, my life, thyself apply,

Thy Holy Spirit breathe:

My vile affections crucify,
Conform me to thy death.

2 Conqu❜ror of hell, and earth, and sin,
Still with the rebel strive:
Enter my soul and work within,
And kill and make alive.

3 More of thy life, and more I have,
As the old Adam dies:
Bury me, Saviour, in thy grave,
That I with thee may rise.

4 Reign in me, Lord, thy foes control,
Who would not own thy sway;
Diffuse thine image through my soul,
Shine to the perfect day.

5 Scatter the last remains of sin,
And seal me thine abode;
O make me glorious all within,
A temple built by God.


Townhead.] HYMN 307. 4 lines 7's.

H who in thee begin to live,

TOLY Lamb, who thee receive,

Day and night they cry to thee,
As thou art, so let us be!

2 Jesus, see my panting breast.
See I pant in thee to rest!


Gladly would I now be clean;
Cleanse me now from every sin.

3 Fix, O fix my wavering mind!
To thy cross my spirit bind:
Earthly passions far remove;
Swallow up my soul in love.

4 Dust and ashes though we be,
Full of sin and misery,

Thine we are, thou Son of God;
Take the purchase of thy blood!
5 Who in heart on thee believes;
He th' atonement now receives:
He with joy beholds thy face,
Triumphs in thy pard'ning grace.
6 See, ye sinners, see the flame,
Rising from the slaughter'd Lamb,
Marks the new, the living way,
Leading to eternal day.

7 Jesus, when this light we see,
All our soul's athirst for thee;
When thy quick'ning power we prove,
All our heart dissolves in love.

8 Boundless wisdom, power divine,
Love unspeakable are thine;
Praise by all to thee be given,
Sons of earth, and hosts of heaven.

Irene.] HYMN 308. 2 6's & 4 7's.

ESUS, thou art our King!

Christ, the mighty One art thou,
Help for all on thee is laid:
This the word; I claim it now;
Send me now the promis'd aid.

5 Joyful in hope, my spirit soars
To meet thee from above:
Thy goodness thankfully adores:
And sure I taste thy love.

6 Thy love I soon expect to find,
In all its depth and height:
To comprehend th' Eternal Mind,
And grasp the Infinite.

7 When God is mine, and I am his,
Of paradise possest,

I taste unutterable bliss,

And everlasting rest.

8 The bliss of those that fully dwell, Fully in thee believe,

'Tis more than angel-tongues can tell,
Or angel-minds conceive.

9 Thou only know'st who didst obtain,
And die to make it known; .
The great salvation now explain,
And perfect us in one.


Dudley.] HYMN 333. 8 lines 7's.


EAVENLY Father, sov'reign Lord,
Ever faithful to thy word,

Hun ly we our seal set to,
Testify that thou art true.
Lo! for us the wilds are glad,
All in cheerful green array'd,
Opening sweets they all disclose,
Bud and blossom as the rose.

Hark! the wastes have found a voice!
Lonely deserts now rejoice!

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