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3 Spotless, sincere, without offence,

O may we to his day remain !
Who trust the blood of Christ to cleanse

Our souls from every sinful stain. 4 Lord, we believe the promise sure !

The purchas'd Comforter impart! Apply thy blood to make us pure:

To keep us pure in life and heart ! 5 Then let us see that day supreme,

When none thy Godhead shall deny ! Thy sovereign Majesty blaspheme,

Or count thee less than the Most High. 6 When all who on their God believe,

Who here thy last appearing love, Shall thy consummate joy receive,

And see thy glorious face above. Pasloral Hymn.] HYMN 285. 6 lines 8's. 1

O! God is here! let us adore,

And own how dreadful is this place! Let all within us feel his pow'r,

And silent bow before his face ! Who know his power, his grace who prove,

Serve him with awe, with reverence love. 2 Lo! God is here ! him day and night

Th’ united choirs of angels sing: To him enthron'd above all height,

Heav'n's host their noblest praises bring : Disdain not, Lord, our meaner song,

Who praise thee with a stamm’ring tongue. 3 Gladly the toys of earth we leave,

Wealth, pleasure, fame, for thee alone; To thee our will, soul, flesh, we give,

O take! O seal them for thine own! Thou art the God, thou art the Lord : Be thou by all thy works ador'd!


4 Being of beings! may our praise

Thy courts with grateful fragrance fill :
Still may we stand before thy face,

Still hear and do thy sovereign will:
To thee may all our thoughts arise,

Ceaseless, accepted sacrifice.
5 In thee we move :-all things of thee

Are full, thou Source and Life of all: Thou vast unfathomable Sea!

(Fall prostrate, lost in wonder fall, Ye sons of men ! for God is Man!)

All may we lose, so thee we gain! 6 As flow'rs their op’ning leaves display,

And glad drink in the solar fire, So may we catch thy ev'ry ray,

So may thy influence us inspire ; Thou beam of the eternal beam! Thou purging fire; thou quick’ning flame!

Burnham.] HYMN 286. 46's & 2 8's. 1

TOUNG men and maidens raise,

Old men and children praise

The Lord of earth and sky ;
Him Three in One, and One in Three,

Extol to all eternity. 2 The universal King

Let all the world proclaina !
Let ev'ry creature sing,

His attributes and name!
Him Three in One, and One in Three,

Extol to all eternity.
3 In his great name alone

All excellencies meet: Who sits upon the throne, And shall for ever sit:

Him Three in One, and One in Three,

Extol to all eternity.
4 Glory to God belongs,

Glory to God be giv'n,
Above the noblest songs

Of all in earth and heav'n:
Him Three in One, and One in Three,
Extol to all eternity.


T'unbridge.] HYMN 287. 6 lines 8's.
A ?

ND can it be that I should gain
Died he for me, who caus’d his pain?

For me, who him to death pursu'd?
Amazing love ! how can it be,

That thou, my Lord, shouldst die for me! 2 'Tis mystery all! The Immortal dies !

Who can explore his strange design!
In vain the first-lorn seraph tries

To sound the depths of love divine !
?Tis mercy all! let earth adore :

Let angel-minds inquire no more. 3 He left his Father's throne above;

(So free, so infinite his grace !) Emptied himself of all but love,

And bled for Adam's helpless race; 'Tis mercy all, immense and free,

For, O my God, it found out me! 4 Long my imprison'd spirit lay,

Fast bound in sin and nature's night: Thine eye diffus'd a quick’ning ray;

I woke; the dungeon fiam'd with light! My chains fell off, my heart was free, I rose, went forth, and follow'd thee.

5 No condemnation now I dread,

Jesus, and all in him is mine! Alive in him, my living Head,

And cloth'd in righteousness divine, Bold I approach the eternal throne, And claim the crown, through Christ, my own. Triumph.] HYMN 288. P. M.

Thy meritorious passion
The pardon bought, thy mercy brought

To us the great salvation.
Thee gladly we acknowledge,

Our only Lord and Saviour,
Thy name confess, thy goodness bless,

And triumph in thy favour. 2 With angels and archangels,

We prostrate fall before thee:
Again we raise, our souls in praise,

And thankfully adore thee.
Honour, and power, and blessing,

To thee be ever given,
By all who know, thy love below,

And all our friends in heaven.

Brewer.], HYMN 289. L. M. 1

ESUS, thy blood and righteousness

My beauty are, my glorious dress :
'Midst flaming worlds, in these array’d,

With joy shall I lift up my head.
2 Bold shall I stand in thy great day;

For who aught to my charge shall lay?
Fully absolv'd through these I am,

From sin and fear, from guilt and shame. 3 The holy, meek, unspotted Lamb,

Who from the Father's bosom came;

Who died for me, ev'n me tatone,

Now for my Lord and God I own. 4 Lord, I believe thy precious blood,

Which at the mercy-seat of God
For ever doth for sinners plead,
For me, ev'n for my soul was shed.
5 Lord, I believe, were sinners more

Than sands upon the ocean shore,
Thou hast for ALL a ransom paid,
For ALL á full atonement made.


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Light-Street.] HYMN 290.8 lines 8's.

In Christ, our Redeemer, we see:
For us, who his offers embrace;

For all, it is open and free: Jehovah himself doth invite

To drink of his pleasures unknown; The streams of immortal delight,

That flow from his heavenly throne. 9 As soon as in him we believe,

By faith of his Spirit we take : And, freely forgiven, receive

The mercy for Jesus's sake! We gain a pure drop of his love ;

The life of eternity know; Angelical happiness prove,

And witness a heaven below.


Liberly.) HYMN 291. 6 lines 8's. 1

am I, thou !

WHAT annat my Father's house to thee ?

That thou such mercies hast bestow'd

On me, the vilest reptile, me!
I take the blessing from above,
And wonder at thy boundless love.

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