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3 Jesus, to thee we fly
From the devouring sword;
Our city of defence is nigh;
Our help is in the Lord.
Or if the scourge o'erflow,
And laugh at innocence,
Thine everlasting arms, we know
Shall be our souls' defence.




We in thy word believe,

And on thy promise stay;

Our life, which still to thee we give,
Shall be to us a prey:

Our life with thee we hide

Above the furious blast,

And shelter'd in thy wounds abide
Till all the storms are past.

Believing against hope,

We hang upon thy grace,

Through every low'ring cloud look up,
And wait for happy days:

The days when all shall know,
Their sins in Christ forgiven,
And walk awhile with God below,
And then fly up to heaven.

Hanover.] HYMN 18. 10's & 11's.

YE thirsty for God, To Jesus give ear,

And take, through his blood, A power to
draw near;

His kind invitation, Ye sinners, embrace,
Accepting salvation, Salvation by grace.

2 Sent down from above, Who governs the skies, In vehement love, To sinners he cries,

"Drink into my Spirit, Who happy would be, "And all things inherit, By coming to me."

3 O Saviour of all, Thy word we believe,
And come at thy call, Thy grace to receive:
The blessing is given Wherever thou art:
The earnest of heaven Is love in the heart.
4 To us, at thy feet, The Comforter give;
Who gasp to admit Thy Spirit, and live;
The weakest believers Acknowledge for thine,
And fill us with rivers Of water divine!


Luton.] HYMN 19. L. M.

LORD, we are vile, conceiv'd in sin,

And born unholy and unclean;

Sprung from the man whose guilty fall
Corrupts his race, and taints us all.

2 Soon as we draw our infant breath,
The seeds of sin grow up for death;
Thy law demands a perfect heart,
But we're defil'd in every part.

3 Great God, create my heart anew,
And form my spirit pure and true;
O make me wise betimes to see
My danger and my remedy.

4 Behold, I fall before thy face

My only refuge is thy grace:

No outward forms can make me clean;
The leprosy lies deep within.

5 No bleeding bird, nor bleeding beast,
Nor hyssop branch, nor sprinkling priest,
Nor running brook, nor flood, nor sea,
Can wash the dismal stain away.

6 Jesus, my God, thy blood alone
Hath power sufficient to atone ;

Thy blood can make me white as snow;
No Jewish types could cleanse me so.

7 While guilt disturbs and breaks my peace,
Nor flesh, nor soul hath rest or ease;
Lord, let me hear thy pard'ning voice,
And make my broken heart rejoice.


Bethel.] HYMN 20. C. M.


INNERS, the voice of God regard ;
'Tis mercy speaks to-day;

He calls you by his sacred word
From sin's destructive way.

2 Like the rough sea that cannot rest.
You live, devoid of peace;

A thousand stings within your breast
Deprive your souls of ease.

3 Your way is dark, and leads to death;
Why will you persevere?

Can you in endless torments breathe,
Shut up in black despair?

4 Why will you in the naked ways
Of sin and folly go?

In pain you travel all your days,
To reap eternal wo.

5 But he that turns to God shall live,
Through his abounding grace:
His mercy will the guilt forgive,
Of those that seek his face.

6 Bow to the sceptre of his word,
Renouncing every sin,

Submit to him your sovereign Lord, ›
And learn his will divine.

St. Ann's.] HYMN 21. C. M.

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Our inmost thoughts perceive,
HOU Son of God, whose flaming eyes


Accept the evening sacrifice
Which now to thee we give.

2 We bow before thy gracious throne,
And think ourselves sincere
But show us, Lord, is every one
Thy real worshipper?

3 Is here a soul that knows thee not,
Nor feels his want of thee;

A stranger to the blood which bought
His pardon on the tree?

4 Convince him now of unbelief,
His desperate state explain:

And fill his heart with sacred grief,
And penitential pain.

5 Speak with that voice that wakes the dead,
And bid the sleeper rise;
And bid his guilty conscience dread
The death that never dies.

6 Extort the cry, "What must be done
To save a wretch like me?
How shall a trembling sinner shun
That endless misery?

"I must this instant now begin
Out of my sleep to wake,
And turn to God, and every sin
Continually forsake.

8 "I must for faith incessant cry,
And wrestle, Lord, with thee;
I must be born again, or die
To all eternity!"


Bethel.] HYMN 22. C. M.


NOME, O thou all-victorious Lord,
Thy power to us make known:

Strike with the hammer of thy word,
And break these hearts of stone.

20 that we all might now begin
Our foolishness to mourn!
And turn at once from every sin,
And to the Saviour turn.

3 Give us ourselves and thee to know,
In this our gracious day;
Repentance unto life bestow,
And take our sins away.

4 Convince us first of unbelief,
And freely then release;
Fill every soul with sacred grief,
And then with sacred peace.

5 Impov'rish, Lord, and then relieve,
And then enrich the poor;
The knowledge of our sickness give,
The knowledge of our cure.

6 That blessed sense of guilt impart,
And then remove the load;

Trouble, and wash the troubled heart
In the atoning blood.

7 Our desp❜rate state, through sin, declare,
And speak our sins forgiven:
By perfect holiness prepare,

And take us up to heaven.

Old Windsor.] HYMN 23. C. M.



ERRIBLE thought! shall I alone,
Who may be sav'd, shall I,

Of all, alas! whom I have known,
Through sin for ever die?

2 While all my old companions dear,
With whom I once did live,

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