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4 Forgive, and make my nature whole;

My inbred malady remove;
To perfect health restore my soul,

To perfect holiness and love.
St. Peters.] HYMN 339. L. M.

Pierce to the bottom of my heart; Its evils cure, its wants supply,

And bid my unbelief depart!
2 Slay the dire root and seed of sin;

Prepare for thee the holiest place!
Then, O essential Love, come in!

And fill thy house with endless praise, 3 Let me, according to thy word,

A tender, contrite heart receive, Which grieves at having griev'd its Lord,

And never can itself forgive.
4 A heart, thy joys and griefs to feel,

A heart that cannot faithless prove;
A heart where Christ alone may dwell,

All praise, all mcekness, and all love.

Swanwick.) HYMN 340. C. M. 1 OD of eternal truth and grace,

Thy word, thy oath, to Abraham's race,

In us, ev'n us fulfil.
2 Let us to perfect love restor’d,

Thy image here retrieve :
And in the presence of our Lord,

The life of angels live.
3 That mighty faith on me bestow,

Which cannot ask in vain;
Which holds, and will not let thee go

Till I my suit obtain:

4 Till thou into my soul inspire

The perfect love unknown:
And tell my infinite desire,

“ Whate'er thou wilt be done." 5 But is it possible that I

Should live, and sin no more? Lord, if on thee I dare rely,

The faith shall bring the power. 6 On me the faith divine bestow,

Which doth the mountain move; And all my spotless life shall show,

Th’ omnipotence of love. Triumph.] HYMN 341. L. M.


Which shall from age to age endure; Whose word, when heav'n and earth shall pass,

Remains and stands for ever sure: 2 That I thy mercy may proclaim,

That all mankind thy truth may see: Hallow thy great and glorious name,

And perfect holiness in me. 3 Thy sanctifying Spirit pour,

To quench my thirst, and make me clean ; Now, Father, let the gracious show'r

Descend, and make me pure from sin. 4 Purge me from every sinful blot,

My idols all be cast aside,
Cleanse me from every sinful thought,

From all the filth of self and pride. 5 Give me a new, a perfect heart,

From doubt, and fear, and sorrow free; The mind which was in Christ impart,

And let my spirit cleave to thee.

6 O take this heart of stone away!

Thy sway it doth not, cannot own : Io me no longer let it stay;

O take away this heart of stone ! 7 O that I now, from sin releas’d,

Thy word may to the utmost prove! Enter into the promis'd rest,

The Canaan of thy perfect love.


1 FATHER, supply my every need ;

Sustain the life thyself hast giv'n; Oh! grant the never-failing bread,

The manna that comes down from heav'n! 2 The gracious fruits of righteousness,

Thy blessings' unexhausted store, In me abundantly increase,

Nor ever let me hunger more! 3 Let me no more in deep complaint,

“My leanness, O my leanness !” cry; Alone consum'd with pining want,

Of all my Father's children I.
4 The painful thirst, the fond desire,

Thy joyous presence shall remove!
But my full soul shall still require

A whole eternity of love.


1 HOLY, and true, and righteous Lord,

I want to prove thy perfect will:
Be mindful of thy gracious word,

And stamp me with thy Spirit's seal 2 Open my faith's interior eye;

Display thy glory from above;

And all I am shall sink and die,

Lost in astonishment and love! 3 Confound, o'erpower me by thy grace ;

I would be by myself abhorr’d;
All might, all majesty, all praise,

All glory be to Christ my Lord! 4 Now let me gain perfection's height;

Now let me into nothing fall;
As less than nothing in thy sight,

And feel that Christ is all in all !

Turin.] HYMN 342. 6 lines 7's.

INCE the Son hath made me free,
Thee behold with open face,
Triumph in thy saving grace !
Thy great will delight to prove,

Glory in thy perfect love.
2 Abba, Father, hear thy child,

Late in Jesus reconcil'd;
Hear, and all the graces show'r,
All the joy, and peace, and pow'r;
All my Saviour asks above,

All the life and heaven of love. 3 Lord, I will not let thee go,

Till the blessing thou bestow :
Ilear my Advocate divine !
Lo! to his my suit I join :
Join'd to his, it cannot fail :

Bless me; for I will prevail.
4 Heav'nly Father, Life divine,

Change my nature into thine!
Move, and spread throughout my soul,
Actuate, and fill the whole!
Be it I no longer now
Living in the flesh, but thou.

5 Holy Ghost, no more delay!

Come, and in thy temples stay!
Now thine inward witness bear,
Strong, and permanent, and clear :
Spring of Life, thyself impart;
Rise eternal in my heart!

Paradise.] HYMN 343. C. M.

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Till thou shalt bid us rise; Restor’d to our unsinning state,

To love's sweet paradise.
2 Saviour from sin, we thee receive,

From all indwelling sin
Thy blood we steadfastly believe

Shall make us throughly clean. 3 Since thou would'st have us free froin sin,

And pure as those above;
Make haste to bring thy nature in,

And perfect us in love!
4 The counsel of thy love fulfil :

Come quickly, gracious Lord,
Be it according to thy will,

According to thy word.
5 O that the perfect grace were giv'n,

Thy love diffus'd abroad!
O that our hearts were all a heav'n,

For ever fill’d with God!

Clarendon.] HYMN 344. C. M.

CHAT is our calling's glorious hope,

But inward holiness?
For this to Jesus I look up,
I calmly wait for this.

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