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2 I wait, till he shall touch me clean,

Shall life and power impart,
Give me the faith that casts out sin,

And purifies the heart.
3 This is the dear redeeming grace,

For every sinner free;
Surely it shall on me take place,

The chief of sinners, me.
From all iniquity, from all,

He shall my soul redeem ! In Jesus I believe, and shall

Believe myself to him.
5. When Jesus makes my heart his home,

My sin shall all depart;
And, lo! he saith, “I quickly come,

To fill and rule thy heart!" 6 Be it according to thy word,

Redeem me from all sin : My heart would now receive thee, Lord;

Come in, my Lord, come in!


Josiah.] HYMN 345. 7's & 6's. 1 TONE is like Jeshurun's God,

So great, so strong, so high! Lo! he spreads his wings abroad,

He rides upon the sky!
Israel is his first-born son :

God, th’ Almighty God, is thine ;
See him to thy help come down,

The excellence divine !
2 Thee, the great Jehovah deigns

To succour and defend;
Thee th' eternal God sustains,

Thy Maker and thy Friend:

Israel, what hast thou to dread?

Safe from all impending harms, Round thee and beneath are spread

The everlasting Arms.
3 God is thine ; disdain to fear

The enemy within :
God shall in thy flesh appear,

And make an end of sin;
God the man of sin shall slay,

Fill thee with triumphant joy ;
God shall thrust him out, and say,

“Destroy them all, destroy !" 4 All the struggle then is o'er,

And wars and fightings cease :
Israel then shall sin no more,

But dwell in perfect peace.
All his enemies are gone :

Sin shall have in him no part:
Israel now shall dwell alone,

With Jesus in his heart. 5 In a land of corn and wine

His lot shall be below:
Comforts there, and blessings join,

And milk and honey flow!
Jacob's well is in his soul :

Gracious dews his heavens distil ;
Fill his soul, already full,

And shall for ever fill. 6 Blest, O Israel, art thou !

What people is like thee!
Sav'd from sin, by Jesus, now

Thou art, and still shalt be.
Jesus is thy seven-fold shield,

Jesus is thy flaming sword;
Earth, and hell, and sin shall yield

To God's almighty Word.

Jehudijah.] HYMN 346. L. M.

' ;

That holiness I long to feel;
That full divine conformity

To all my Saviour's righteous will. 2 See, Lord, the travail of thy soul,

Accomplish'd in the change of mine ;
And plunge me, ev'ry whit made whole,

In all the depths of love divine ! 3 On thee, O God, my soul is stay'd,

And waits to prove thine utmost will :
The promise, by thy mercy made,

Thou canst, thou wilt in me fulfil. 4 No more I stagger at thy pow'r,

Or doubt thy truth, which cannot move : Hasten the long-expected hour,

And bless me with thy perfect love.

St. Peters.] HYMN 347. L. M.
1 ESUS, thy loving Spirit alone,

me free;

Burst ev'ry bond through which I groan,

And set my heart at liberty. 2 Now let thy Spirit bring me in,

And give thy servant to possess The land of rest from inbred sin,

The land of perfect holiness. 3 Lord, I believe thy pow'r the same,

The same thy truth and grace endure; And in thy blessed hands I am,

Aud trust thee for a perfect cure. 4 Come, Saviour, come, and make me whole ;

Entirely all my sins remove !
To perfect health restore my soul,
To perfect holiness and love.

Peterborough.] 'HYMN 348. C. M. 1 ESUS, my Lord, I cry to thee,


I want a constant liberty,

A perfect rest from sin.
2 Expel the fiend out of my heart,

By love's almighty power;
Now, now command him to depart,

And never enter more. 3 Thy killing and thy quick’ning power,

Jesus, in me display ;
The life of nature, from this hour,

My pride and passion slay.
4 Then, then, my utmost Saviour, raise

My soul with saints above, To serve thy will, and spread thy praise,

And sing thy perfect love.
5 This moment I thy truth confess;

This moment I receive
The heavenly gift, the dew of grace,

And by thy mercy live.
6 The next, and every moment, Lord,

On me thy Spirit pour :
And bless me, who believe thy word,

With that last glorious shower!
Alfreton.] HYMN 349. L. M.
THOU God that answerest by fire,

On thee in Jesu's name we call, Fulfil our faithful hearts' desire,

And let on us thy Spirit fall. 2 Bound on the altar of thy cross,

Our old offending nature lies ;
Now for the honour of thy cause,

Come, and consume the sacrifice !



3 Consume our lusts as rotten wood,

Consume our stony hearts within ;
Consume the dust the serpent's food,

And dry up all the streams of sin. 4 Its body totally destroy!

Thyself the Lord, the God approve! And fill our hearts with holy joy,

And fervent zeal, and perfect love. 5 O that the fire from heav'n might fall!

Our sins its ready victims find :
Seize on our sins, and burn up all,

Nor leave the least remains behind. 6 Then shall our prostrate souls adore

The Lord! He is the God, confess : He is the God of saving pow'r!

He is the God of hallowing grace. Devises.] HYMN 350. C. M. 1

OME, O my God, the promise seal,

This mountain sin remove!
Now in my waiting soul reveal

The virtue of thy love.
2 I want thy life, thy purity,

Thy righteousness brought in: I ask, desire, and trust in thee

To be redeem'd from sin. 3 For this as taught by thee I pray,

And can no longer doubt! Remove from hence, to sin I say,

Be cast this moment out. 4 Anger and sloth, desire and pride,

This moment be subdu'd! Be cast into the crimson tide

Of my Redeemer's blood.


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