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5 Saviour, to thee my soul looks up,

My present Saviour thou !
In all the confidence of hope

I claim the blessing now!
6 'Tis done; thou dost this moment save,

With full salvation bless; Redemption through thy blood I have, 1

And spotless love and peace.
Nerory.] HYMN 351. L. M.

UICKEN'D with our immortal head,

Who daily, Lord, ascend with thee, Redeem'd from sin, and free indeed,

We taste our glorious liberty.
2 Sav'd from the fear of hell and death,

With joy we seek the things above,
And all thy saints the spirit breathe,

Of pow'r, sobriety, and love.
3 Pure love to God thy members find,

Pure love to ev'ry soul of man;
And in thy sober, spotless mind,

Saviour, our heav'n on earth we gain. 4 Author and sum of heav'nly bliss !

Thee, let our souls and bodies prove,
Implung'd in that unknown abyss,

That ocean of redeeming love !

Cookham.] HYMN 352. 4 lines 7's.

THEN, my Saviour, shall I be

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Poor and vile in my own eyes,

Only in thy wisdom wise ? 2 Only thee content to know,

Ignorant of all below ?

Only guided by thy light?

Only mighty in thy might? 3 So I may thy Spirit know,

Let him as he listeth blow :
Let the manner be unknown,

So I may with thee be one. 4 Fully in

All the heights of holiness ;
Sweetly let my spirit prove,
All the depths of humble bove.
Brewer.] HYMN 353. L. M.

life express


Beam forth with mildest majesty; I see thee full of truth and grace,

And come for all I want to thee. 2 Save me from pride, the plague expel,

Jesus thine humble self impart; O let thy mind within me dwell :

O give me lowliness of heart! 3 Enter thyself, and cast out sin:

Thy spotless purity bestow;
Touch me and make the leper clean,

Wash me and I am white as snow.
4 Sprinkle me, Saviour, with thy blood,

And all thy gentleness is mine; And plunge me in the purple flood,

Till all I am is lost in thine.

St. Peters.] HYMN 354. L. M. 1 ESUS, to thee my heart I bow;

J remove :

Fairest among ten thousand thou,

Be thou my Lord, my life, my love.

2 All heaven thou fill'st with pure desire:

O shine upon my frozen breast ! With sacred love my heart inspire,

Let me thy hidden sweetness taste. 3 I see thy garments roll'd in blood,

Thy streaming head, thy hands, thy side All hail, thou suff’ring, conqu’ring God!

Now man shall live, for Christ hath died. 4 O kill in me this rebel sin,

And triumph o'er my willing breast ! Restore thine image, Lord, therein,

And lead me to thy Father's rest. 5 Let earthly love be far away :

Saviour, be thou my love alone; No more may mine usurp the sway;

In me thy only will be done. 6 And thou true Witness, spotless Lamb,

All things for thee I count but loss ;
My sole desire, my constant aim,

My only glory, be thy cross.
Berlin.] HYMN 355. L. M.
If ,

now I have acceptance found
Still with thy grace and truth surround,

And arm me with thy Spirit's might. 2 O may I hear thy warning voice,

And timely fly from danger near, With rev’rence unto thee rejoice,

And love thee with a filial fear! 3 Still hold my soul in second life,

And suffer not my feet to slide : Support me in the glorious strife,

And comfort me on ev'ry side.


4 O give me faith, and faith's increase,

Finish the work begun in me,
Preserve my soul in perfect peace,

And let me always rest on thee! 5 O let thy gracious Spirit guide

And bring me to the promis'd land : Where righteousness and peace reside,

And all submit to love's command ! 6 A land where milk and honey flow,

And springs of pure delights arise,
Delights which I shall shortly know,

When I regain my paradise.

Sharon.] HYMN 356. S. M. 1

Spirit of pow'r within : And bring the glorious liberty

From sorrow, fear, and sin? 2 This inward, dire disease,

Spirit of health remove,
Spirit of finish'd holiness,

Spirit of perfect love. 3 Hasten the joyful day,

Which shall my sins consume; When old things shall be done away,

And all things new become. 4 I want the witness, Lord,

That all I do is right, According to thy will and word,

Well pleasing in thy sight. 5 I ask no higher state,

Indulge me but in this :
And soon or later then translate

To my eternal bliss.

Triumph.] HYMN 357. L. M. 1

, our

And make thy faithful mercies known; The mind which was in thee impart:

Thy constant mind in us be shown. 2 0 let us by thy cross abide,

Thee, only thee resolv'd to know, The Lamb for sinners crucify'd,

A world to save from endless wo. 3 Take us into thy people's rest,

And we from our own works shall cease, With thy meek spirit arm our breast,

And keep our minds in perfect peace. 4 Jesus, for this we calmly wait,

O let our eyes behold thee near ! Hasten to make our heav'n complete,

Appear, our glorious God, appear!

Alderton.] HYMN 358. 48's & 2 6's. 1

UT can it be that I should prove

For ever faithful to thy love,
From sin for ever cease?
I thank thee for the blessed hope;
It lifts my drooping spirits up,

It gives me back my peace.
2 In thee, O Lord, I put my trust;
Mighty, and merciful, and just,

Thy sacred word is past :
And I who dare thy word believe,
Without committing sin shall live,

Shall live to God at last.
3 I rest in thine almighty pow'r,
The name of Jesus is my tow'r

That hides my life above:

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