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Thou canst, thou wilt my helper be;
My confidence is all in thee

The faithful God of love.
4 While still to thee for help I call,
Thou wilt not suffer me to fall,

Thou wilt not let me sin ;
And thou shalt give me pow'r to pray,
Till all my sins are purg'd away,

And all thy mind brought in.
5 Wherefore in never-ceasing pray'r,
My soul to thy continual care

I faithfully commend : Assur'd that thou through life wilt save, And show thyself beyond the grave

My everlasting Friend.

Winter.] HYMN 359. C. M.
THEN shall I see the welcome hour,


Spirit of health, and life, and pow'r,

And perfect liberty. 2 Love only can the conquest win,

The strength of sin subdue, Come, O my Saviour, cast out sin,

And form my soul anew! 3 No longer then my heart shall mourn,

While sanctify'd by grace, I only for his glory burn,

And always see his face. Broadmead.] HYMN 360. 6 lines 8’s. 1 VOUNTAIN of life and all my joy, The breath thou giv'st, for thee employ,

And wait to taste thy perfect grace :


No more forsaken and forlorn,

I bless the day that I was born! 2 Preserv'd through faith, by power divine,

A miracle of grace I stand !
prove the strength of Jesus mine!

Jesus, upheld by thy right-hand,
Though in my flesh I feel the thorn,

I bless the day that I was born.
3 Weary of life, through inbred sin

I was, but now defy its power:
When as a flood the foe comes in,

My soul is more than conqueror :
I tread him down with holy scorn,

And bless the day that I was born.
4 Come, Lord, and make me pure within,

And let me now be fill'd with God! Live to declare I'm say'd from sin :

And if I seal the truth with blood, My soul from out the body torn, Shall bless the day that I was born!

Monmouth.) HYMN 361. 6 lines 8's. 1 COME, Holy Ghost, all-quick’ning fire!

Sprinkled with th' atoning blood ;
Now to my soul thyself reveal,
Thy mighty working let me feel,

And know that I am born of God. 2 Thy witness with my spirit bear, That God, my God, inhabits there :

Thou, with the Father, and the Son,
Eternal life's co-eval beam,
Be Christ in me, and I in him,

Til perfect we are made in one,

3 When wilt thou my whole heart subdue? Come, Lord, and form my soul anew,

Emptied of pride, and wrath, and hell: Less than the least of all thy store Of mercies, I myself abhor :

All, all my vileness may I feel. 4 Humble, and teachable, and mild, O may I, as a little child,

My lowly Master's steps pursue ! Be anger to my soul unknown; Hate, envy, jealousy, be gone;

In love create thou all things new, 5 Let earth no more my heart divide ; With Christ may I be crucify'd;

To thee with my whole heart aspire ;
Dead to the world and all its toys,
Its idle pomp, and fading joys,

Be thou alone my one desire!
6 Be thou my joy, be thou my dread;
In battle cover thou my head,

Nor earth, nor hell I then shall fear;
I then shall turn my steady face:
Want, pain defy-enjoy disgrace-

Glory in dissolution near.
in My will be swallow'd up in thee!
Light in thy light still may I see,

Beholding thee with open face; Call’d the full power of faith to prove, Let all my hallow'd heart be love,

And all my spotless life be praise. 8 Come, Holy Ghost, all-quick’ning fire, My consecrated heart inspire,

Sprinkled with th' atoning blood :
Still to my soul thyself reveal :
Thy ghty working may I feel,

And know that I am one with God.

Swanwick.] HYMN 362. C. M.
VATHER of Jesus Christ, my Lord,

My Saviour, and my Head,
I trust in thee, whose powerful word

Hath rais'd him from the dead.
2 Thou know'st for my offence he died,

And rose again for me ; Fully and freely justified,

That I might live to thee. 3 Eternal life to all mankind

Thou hast in Jesus given :
And all who seek, in him shall find

The happiness of heaven.
4 O God! thy record I believe,

In Abraham's footsteps tread; And wait, expecting to receive

The Christ, the promis’d Seed. 5 Faith in thy power, thou seest I have,

For thou this faith hast wrought; Dead souls thou callest from their grave,

And speakest worlds from nought. 6 Things that are not, as though they were,

Thou callest by their name; Present with thee the future are,

With thee, the great I AM.
7 In hope, against all human hope,

Self-desperate I believe;
Thy quick’ning word shall raise me up,

Thou shalt thy Spirit give.
8 The thing surpasses all my thought;

But faithful is my Lord;
Through unbelief I stagger not,

For God hath spoke the word.

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9 Faith, mighty faith, the promise sees,

And looks to that alone;
Laughs at impossibilities,

And cries, “ It shall be done!" 10 To thee the glory of thy power

And faithfulness I give!
I shall in Christ, at that glad hour,

And Christ in me shall live.
11 Obedient faith that waits on thee,

Thou never wilt reprove;
But thou wilt form thy Son in me,

And perfect me in love. Clarendon.) HYMN 363. C. M. 1 EEPEN the wound thy hands have made

In this weak, helpless soul; Till mercy with its balmy aid,

Descend to make me whole.
2 The sharpness of thy two-edg'd sword

Enable me t' endure;
Till bold to say, My hallowing Lord

Hath wrought a perfect cure.
3 I see th' exceeding broad command,

Which all contains in one; Enlarge my heart to understand

The mystery unknown. 4 O that with all thy saints I might

By sweet experience prove,
What is the length, and breadth, and height,

And depth of perfect lovė!
Mystery.] HYMN 364. 8 lines 77's & 6's.


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And open, Lord, my soul, Thy own fulness to require,

And comprehend the whole:

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