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2 I right early shall awake

And see the perfect day;

Soon the Lamb of God shall take
My inbred sin away;

When to me my Lord shall come,
Sin for ever shall depart;
Jesus takes up all the room
In a believing heart.

3 Son of God, arise, arise,

And to thy temple come!
Look, and with thy flaming eyes,
The man of sin consume;
Slay him with thy Spirit, Lord,
Reign thou in my heart alone;
Speak the sanctifying word,

And seal me all thine own.

Liberty.] HYMN 370. 6 lines 8's.


RIS'NERS of hope, lift up your heads,
The day of liberty draws near!
Jesus, who on the Serpent treads,

Shall soon in your behalf appear:
The Lord will to his temple come ;
Prepare your hearts to make him room.
2 Ye all shall find whom in his word
Himself hath caus'd to put your trust,
The Father of our dying Lord
Is ever to his promise just;
Faithful, if we our sins confess,
To cleanse from all unrighteousness.

3 Yes, Lord, we must believe thee kind,
Thou never canst unfaithful prove:
Surely we shall thy mercy find;
Who ask, shall all receive thy love :
Nor canst thou it to me deny ;
I ask, the chief of sinners, I!

4 O ye of fearful hearts, be strong!
Your downcast eyes and hands lift up!
Ye shall not be forgotten long:

Hope to the end, in Jesus hope!
Tell him, ye wait his grace to prove;
And cannot fail if God is love!

5 Pris'ners of hope, be strong, be bold;
Cast off your doubts, disdain to fear!
Dare to believe! on Christ lay hold!
Wrestle with Christ in mighty prayer;
Tell him, "We will not let thee go,
Till we thy name, thy nature know."
6 Hast thou not died to purge our sin,
And rose, thy death for us to plead?
To write thy law of love within

Our hearts, and make us free indeed?
That we our Eden might regain,

Thou diedst, and could'st not die in vain.

7 Lord, we believe, and wait the hour,
Which all thy great salvation brings;
The Spirit of love, and health, and pow'r,
Shall come, and make us priests and kings;
Thou wilt perform thy faithful word,
"The servant shall be as his Lord."

8 The promise stands for ever sure,
And we shall in thine image shine,
Partakers of a nature pure,
Holy, angelical, divine;

In spirit join'd to thee, the Son,
As thou art with thy Father one.

Triumph.] HYMN 371. L. M.

ET not the wise their wisdom boast;
The mighty glory in his might:

The rich in flatt'ring riches trust,
Which take their everlasting flight.

The rush of numerous years bears down
The most gigantic strength of man;
And where is all his wisdom gone,
When dust he turns to dust again?
2 One only gift can justify

The boasting soul that knows his God; When Jesus doth his blood apply,

I glory in his sprinkled blood.
The Lord my Righteousness I praise,
I triumph in the love divine,

The wisdom, wealth, and strength of grace,
In Christ to endless ages mine.

Farnworth.] HYMN 372. S. M.



LORD, in the strength of grace,

With a glad heart and free,

Myself, my residue of days,
I consecrate to thee.

Thy ransom'd servant I,
Restore to thee thy own;
And from this moment live or die,
To serve my God alone.

Tunbridge.] HYMN 373. 6 lines 8's.

GOD, what offering shall I give

To thee, the Lord of earth and skies? My spirit, soul, and flesh receive, A holy, living sacrifice, Small as it is, 'tis all my store;

More should'st thou have, if I had more. 2 Now then, my God, thou hast my soul: No longer mine, but thine I am: Guard thou thine own, possess it whole! Cheer it with hope, with love inflame! Thou hast my spirit; there display Thy glory to the perfect day.

3 Thou hast my flesh, thy hallow'd shrine, Devoted solely to thy will: Here let thy light for ever shine:

This house still let thy presence fill: O Source of Life-live, dwell, and move In me, till all my life be love!

4 O never in these veils of shame,

(Sad fruits of sin,) my glorying be! Clothe with salvation, through thy name, My soul, and let me put on thee! Be living faith my costly dress, And my best robe thy righteousness. 5 Send down thy likeness from above, And let this my adorning be:

Clothe me with wisdom, patience, love, With lowliness and purity,

Than gold and pearls more precious far, And brighter than the morning-star. 6 Lord, arm me with thy Spirit's might, Since I am call'd by thy great name, In thee let all my thoughts unite, Of all my works be thou the aim: Thy love attend me all my days, And my sole business be thy praise!

Gainsborough.] HYMN 374. C. M.


NATHER, into thy hands alone


My all, thy property I own:
The steward of the Lord.

2 Hereafter none can take away
My life, or goods, or fame;
Ready at thy demand to lay
Them down, I always am.

3 Confiding in thy only love,
Through Jesus strengthening meş

I wait thy faithfulness to prove,
And give back all to thee.

4 Take when thou wilt into thy hands,
And as thou wilt require;
Resume, by the Chaldean bands,
Or the devouring fire.

5 Determin'd all thy will t' obey,
Thy blessings I restore;


Give, Lord, or take thy gifts away,
I praise thee evermore."

Rochester.] HYMN 375. C. M.

NATHER, to thee my soul I lift;
My soul on thee depends;

Convinc'd that every perfect gift
From thee alone descends.

2 Mercy and grace are thine alone,
And power, and wisdom too:
Without the Spirit of thy Son,
We nothing good can do.

3 We cannot speak one useful word,
One holy thought conceive;
Unless, in answer to our Lord,
Thyself the blessing give.

4 His blood demands the purchas'd grace
His blood's availing plea,
Obtain'd the help for all our race,
And sends it down to me.

5 Thou all our works in us hast wrought, Our good is all divine:

The praise of every virtuous thought,
And righteous word, is thine.

6 From thee, through Jesus, we receive. The power on thee to call;

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