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And high the storms of trouble rise,

And half-o'erwhelm my sinking soul ;
My soul a sudden calm shall feel,

And hear a whisper, “ Peace; be still !" 7 Though in affliction's furnace try'd,

Unhurt, on snares and death ř'll tread; Though sin assail, and hell thrown wide,

Pour all its flames upon my head ; Like Moses' bush l’ll mount the higher, And flourish, unconsum’d, in fire.

O rest,

Eutau.] HYMN 407. 6 lines 8's. 1

My all of happiness below, Grant my importunate request,

To me, to me thy goodness show; Thy beatific face display,

The brightness of eternal day. 2 Before my faith's enlighten'd eyes,

Make all thy gracious goodness pass;
Thy goodness is the sight I prize:

O might I see thy smiling face !
Thy nature in my soul proclaim,

Reveal thy love, thy glorious name! 3 There, in the place beside thy throne,

Where all that find acceptance stand, Receive me up into thy Son;

Cover me with thy mighty hand : Set me upon the Rock, and hide

My soul in Jesu's wounded side. 4 O put me in the cleft; empow'r

My soul the glorious sight to bear!
Descend in this accepted hour;

Pass by me, and thy name declare;
Thy wrath withdraw, thy hand remove,
And show thyself the God of Love,

Eutaw.] HYMN 408. 6 lines 8's. 1 TO thee, great God of love, I bow !


By faith I see thee passing now;

I have, but still I ask for more;
A glimpse of love cannot suffice,
My soul for all thy presence cries.
2 I cannot see thy face and live!

Then let me see thy face and die !
Now, Lord, my gasping spirit receive,

Give me on eagles' wings to fly; With eagles' eyes on thee to gaze,

And plunge into the glorious blaze. 3 The fulness of my vast reward,

A blest eternity shall be :-
But hast thou not on earth prepar'd

Some better thing than this for me?
What,—but one drop ?--one transient sight?

I want a sun, a sea of light. 4 Moses thy backward parts might view,

But not a perfect sight obtain:
The Gospel doth thy fulness show

To us, by the commandment slain :
The dead to sin shall find the grace;

The pure in heart shall see thy face. 5 More favour'd than the saints of old,

Who now by faith approach to thee, Shall all with open face behold

In Christ the glorious Deity; Shall see and put salvation on,

The nature of thy sinless Son. 6 This, this is our high-calling's prize!

Thine image in thy Son I claim : And still to higher glories rise,

Till all transform'd I know thy name:

And glide to all my heaven above,
My highest heaven of Jesu's love.

*O ,

Rochdale.] HYMN 409. 48's & 2 6's. 1 GOD, thy faithfulness I plead;

My great Deliverer thou !
Haste to my aid ! thine car incline,
And rescue this poor soul of mine!

I claim the promise now! 2 Where is the way? Ah, show me where, That I thy mercy may declare,

The pow'r that sets me free :
How can I my destruction shun?
How can I from my nature run?'

Answer, O Lord, for me!
3 One only way the erring mind
Of man, short-sighted man, can find,

From inbred sin to fly :
Stronger than love, I fondly thought,
Death, only death, can cut the knot,

Which love cannot untie.
4 But thou, O Lord, art full of grace ;
Thy love can find a thousand ways

To foolish man unknown;
My soul upon thy love I cast;
I rest me till the storm be past,

Upon thy love alone.
5 Thy faithful, wise, almighty love,
Shall every stumbling-block remove,

And make an open way:
Thy love shall burst the shades of death,
And bear me from the gulf beneath,

To everlasting day.

F of bliss,

Wells.] HYMN 410. L. M.

TONDLY my foolish heart essays
Love's all-sufficient sea to raise,

With drops of creature-happiness. 2 O Love, thy sovereign aid impart;

And guard the gift thyself hast given:
My portion, Thou, my treasure art,

My life, and happiness, and heaven.
3 Would aught on earth my wishes share ;

Though dear as life the idol be,
The idol from my breast I'll tear,

Resolv'd to seek my all in thee. ya 4 Whate'er I fondly counted mine,

To thee, my Lord, I here restore;
Gladly I all to thee resign;

Give me thyself, I ask no more.



Rippon.) HYMN 411. S. M.
A face?

ND are we get alive,
Glory and praise to Jesus give

For his redeeming grace!
Preserv'd by power divine

To full salvation here,
Again in Jesu's praise we join,
And in his sight appear.
What troubles have we seen !
What conflicts have we past!

Fightings without, and fears within,

Since we assembled last;
But out of all the Lord

Hath brought us by his love ;
And still he doth his help afford,

And hides our life above. 3 Then let us make our boast

Of his redeeming pow'r,
Which saves us to the uttermost,

Till we can sin no more:
Let us take up the cross,

Till we the crown obtain ;
And gladly reckon all things loss,

So we may Jesus gain.

West Street.] HYMN 412. 2 12's & 2 9’s. 1

YOME away to the skies, My beloved arise, On this festival day, Come exulting away,

And with singing to Sion return. 2 We have laid up our love, And our treasure

above, Though our bodies continue below: The redeem'd of our Lord, We remember his

word, And with singing to Paradise go. 3 With singing we praise, The original grace,

By our heavenly Father bestow'd;
Our being receive From his bounty, and live

To the honour and glory of God.
4 For thy glory we are, Created to share

Both the nature and kingdom divine: Created again, That our souls may remain

In time and eternity thine. 5 With thanks we approve The design of thy love

Which hath join'd us in Jesus's name;

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