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7 O happy, happy place,

Where saints and angels meet! There we shall see each other's face,

And all our brethren greet.
8 The church of the first-born,

We shall with them be blest,
And crown'd with endless joy, return

To our eternal rest.
9 With joy we shall behold

In yonder blest abode,
The patriarchs and prophets old,

And all the saints of God. 10 Abrah’m and Isaac, there,

And Jacob shall receive
The foll’wers of their faith and prayer,

Who now in bodies live.
11. We shall our time beneath

Live out in cheerful hope,
And fearless pass the vale of death,

And gain the mountain-top. 12 To gather home his own,

God shall his angels send,
And bid our bliss, on earth begun,

In deathless triumphs end.

Paradise.] HYMN 432. C. M.

IFT up your hearts to things above,


And join with us to praise his love,

And glorify his name.
2 To Jesu's name give thanks and sing,

Whose mercies never end :
Rejoice ! rejoice! the Lord is King!

The King is now our Friend!

3 We for his sake count all things loss,

On earthly good look down: And joyfully sustain the cross,

Till we receive the crown. 4 O let us stir each other up,

Our faith by works t'approve, By holy, purifying hope,

And the sweet task of love.
5 Let all who for the promise wait,

The Holy Ghost receive ;
And rais'd to our unsinning state,

With God in Eden live!
6 Live, till the Lord in glory come,

And wait his heav'n to share !
He now is fitting up your home:

Go on, we'll meet you there!
Bath Abbey.] HYMN 433. 8 lines 7 'S.

LORY be to God


Good from whom all blessings flow,

Make we mention of his love,

Publish we his praise below:
Call’d together by his grace,

We are met in Jesu's name;
See with joy each other's face,

Foll’wers of the bleeding Lamb. 2 Let us then sweet counsel take,

How to make our calling sure ;
Our election how to make,

Past the reach of hell secure :
Build we each the other up,

Pray we for our faith's increase ;
Solid comfort, settled hope,

Constant joy, and lasting peace. 3 More and more let love abound :

Let us never, never rest,

Till we are in Jesus found,

Of our Paradise possest:
He removes the flaming sword,

Calls us back from Eden driv'n:
To his image here restor’d,

Soon he takes us up to heav'n!


Falcon Street.] HYMN 434. S. M. 1 LAVIOUR of sinful men,

Thy goodness we proclaim,
Which brings us here to meet again,

And triumph in thy name :
Thy mighty name hath been

Our safeguard and our tow'r:
Hath sav'd us from the world and sin,

And all th' accuser's pow'r. 2 Jesus, take all the praise,

That still on earth we live;
Unspotted in so foul a place,

And innocently grieve:
We shall from Sodom flee,

When perfected in love;
And haste to better company,

Who wait for us above.
3 Awhile in flesh disjoin'd,

Our friends that went before,
We soon in Paradise shall find,

And meet to part no more ;
In yon thrice happy seat,

Waiting for us they are :
And thou shalt there a husband meet;

And I a parent there !
O what a mighty change

Shall Jesu's suff'rers know !
While o'er the happy plains they range,

Incapable of wo!

No ill-requited love

Shall there our spirits wound : No base ingratitude above;

No sin in heaven is found. 5 There all our griefs are spent!

There all our sorrows end:
We cannot there the fall lament

Of a departed friend !
A brother dead to God,

By sin, alas! undone!
No father there, in passion loud,

Cries, “O my son, my son!”
No slightest touch of pain,

Nor sorrow's least alloy,
Can violate our rest, or stain

Our purity of joy:
In that eternal day

No clouds or tempests rise :
There gushing tears are wip'd away

For ever from our eyes.

Plymouth Dock.] HYMN 435. 6 lines 8's. 1

May all our hearts with love o'erflow! With thanks for thy continued gift,

That still thy gracious name we know ; Retain our sense of sin forgiv’n,

And wait for all our inward heav'n. 2 What mighty troubles hast thou shown

Thy feeble, tempted foll'wers here !
We have through fire and water gone ;

But saw thee on the floods appear ;
But felt thee present in the flame,
And shouted our Deliv’rer's name.
3 Thou who hast kept us to this hour,

O keep us faithful to the end !


When rob'd in majesty and pow'r,

Our Jesus shall from heav’n descend, His friends and confessors to own,

And seat us on his glorious throne.
Camberwell.] HYMN 436. S. M.
JESUS, we look to thee,

Thy promis'd presence claim;
Thou in the midst of us shalt be,

Assembled in thy name :
Thy name salvation is,

Which here we come to prove ;
Thy name is life, and health, and peace,

And everlasting love.
Not in the name of pride,

Or selfishness we meet;
From nature's paths we turn aside ;

And worldly thoughts forget.
We meet the grace to take,

Which thou hast freely giv'n;,
We meet on earth for thy dear sake,

That we may meet in heav'n. 3 Present we know thou art;

But, O, thyself reveal !
Now, Lord, let every bounding heart

The mighty comfort feel!
O may thy quick’ning voice

The death of sin remove;
And bid our inmost souls rejoice,

In hope of perfect love! Broomsgrove.] HYMN 437. C. M. 1

Who joins us by
And bids us each to each restorid,

Together seek his face.

A praises to our redeeming Lord,

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