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2 He bids us build each other up,

And gather'd into one,
To our high calling's glorious hope,

We hand in hand go on.
3 The gift which he on one bestows,

We all delight to prove,

The grace through ev'ry vessel flows, ? In purest streams of love. 4 Ev'n now we think and speak the same,

And cordially agree,
United all through Jesu's name

In perfect harmony.
5 We all partake the joy of one,

The common peace we feel ;
A peace to sensual minds unknown,

A joy unspeakable.
6 And if our fellowship below

In Jesus be so sweet,
What height of rapture shall we know,

When round his throne we meet !

Jehudijah.] HYMN 438.

L. M.



Our souls upon thy truth we stay ; Accomplish now thy faithful word,

And give, O give us all one way! 2 O let us all join hand in hand,

Who seek redemption in thy blood;
Fast in one mind and spirit stand,

And build the temple of our God. 3 Thou only canst our wills control,

Our wild unruly passions bind;
Tame the old Adam in our soul,

And make us of one heart and mind.

4 Speak but the reconciling word,

The winds shall cease, the waves subside ; We all shall praise our common Lord,

Our Jesus, and him crucified.
5 Giver of peace and unity,

Send down thy mild, pacific Dove;
We all shall then in one agree,

And breathe the spirit of thy love.
6 We all shall think and speak the same

Delightful lesson of thy grace:
One undivided Christ proclaim,

And jointly glory in thy praise. ny O let us take a softer mould ;

Blended and gather'd into thee;
Under one Shepherd make one fold,

Where all is love and harmony.
8 Regard thine own eternal pray’r,

And send a peaceful answer down;
To us thy Father's name declare ;

Unite and perfect us in one!
9 So shall the world believe and know,

That God hath sent thee from above,
When thou art seen in us below,

And every soul displays thy love. Redeeming Love.] HYMN 439. 4 lines 7's.

OD of Love, that hear'st the pray’r,

Kindly for thy people care:
Who on thee alone depend :

Love us, save us to the end.
2 Save us in the prosperous hour,

From the flattering tempter's pow'r;
From his unsuspected wiles,
From the world's pernicious smiles.

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3 Cut off our dependence vain,

On the help of feeble man ;
Every arm of flesh remove;

Stay us on thy only love!
4 Men of worldly, low design,

Let not these thy people join,
Poison our simplicity,

Drag us from our trust in thee.
5 Save us from the great and wise,

Till they sink in their own eyes,
Tamely to thy yoke submit,

Lay their honour at thy feet. 8 Never let the world break in,

Fix a mighty gulf between;
Keep us little and unknown,

Priz'd and lov’d by God alone. 7 Let us still to thee look up,

Thee, thy Israel's Strength and Hope ;
Nothing know, or seek beside

Jesus, and him crucified.
8 Far above all earthly things,

Look we down on earthly kings!
Taste our glorious liberty ;
Find our happy all in thee!
New Sabbath.] HYMN 440. L. M.

AVIOUR of all, to thee we bow,

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We hear thy voice, and open now

Our hearts to entertain our Lord. 2 Come in, come in, thou heavenly Guest,

Delight in what thyself hast gir'n; On thy own gifts and graces feast, And make the contrite heart thy heav'n.


3 Smell the sweet odour of our prayers,

Our sacrifice of praise approve;
And treasure up our gracious tears,

Who rest in thy redeeming love. 4 Beneath thy shadow let us sit,

Call us thy friends, and love, and bride ; And bid us freely drink and eat,

Thy dainties, and be satisfied. 5 O let us on thy fulness feed !

And eat thy flesh, and drink thy blood! Jesus, thy blood is drink indeed,

Jesus, thy flesh is angels' food.
8 The heavenly manna faith imparts :

Faith makes thy fulness all our own;
We feed upon thee in our hearts,
And find that heaven and thou art one.

Rest.] HYMN 441. 6 lines 7's. 1 ENTRE of our hopes thou art,

Stamp thine image on our heart ;

Fill us now with heavenly fires ;
Cemented by love divine,

Seal our souls for ever thine!
2 All our works in thee be wrought,

Levell’d at one common aim :
Every word, and every thought,

Purge in the refining fame :
Lead us through the paths of peace,

On to perfect holiness. 3 Let us altogether rise,

To thy glorious life restor’d; Here regain our Paradise,

Here prepare to meet our Lord: Here enjoy the earnest giv'n: Travel hand in hand to heav'n!

Broadmead.] HYMN 442. 6 lines 8's. 1

J in thee!

CESUS, with kindest pity see,
If now accepted in thy sight,
Thou dost our upright hearts unite,
Allow us even on earth to prove

The noblest joys of heavenly love! 2 Before thy glorious eyes we spread

The wish which doth from thee proceed ;
Our love from earthly dross refine ;
Holy, angelical, divine,
Thee, its great Author, let it show,

And back to the pure fountain flow. 3 A drop of that unbounded sea,

O Lord, resorb it into thee!
While all our souls, with restless strife,
Spring up into eternal life :
And lost in endless raptures prove

Thy whole immensity of love. 4 A spark of that ethereal fire,

Still let it to its source aspire :
To thee in every wish return,
Intensely for thy glory burn:
While all our souls fly up to thee,

And blaze through all eternity.
Heavenly Joy.] HYMN 443. C. M.
1 0! what an entertaining sight
Whose cheerful hearts in bands unite,

Of harmony and love! 2 Where streams of bliss from Christ the spring,

Descend on ev'ry soul ;
And heav'nly peace with balmy wing

Shades and revives the whole.

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