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2 To steer our dang'rous course between
The rocks on either hand;
And fix us in the golden mean,
And bring our charge to land.

3 Made apt by thy sufficient grace * To teach as taught by thee, We come to train in all thy ways Our rising progeny.

4 Their selfish will in time subdue,
And mortify their pride;
And lend their youth a sacred clue
To find the Crucify’d.

5 We would in every step look up,
By thine example taught,
To alarm their fear, excite their hope, .
And rectify their thought.

6 We would persuade their hearts to obey,
With mildest zeal proceed:
And never take the harsher way,
When love will do the deed.

7 For this we ask in faith sincere,
The wisdom from above;
To touch their hearts with filial fear,
And pure ingenuous love!

3 To watch their will, to sense inclin'd,
Withhold the hurtful food:
And gently bend their tender mind,
And draw their souls to God.

JMexico.] HYMN 512. C. M. i ATHER of lights, thy needful aid To us that ask impart; Mistrustful of ourselves, afraid Of our own treach’rous heart.

2 O'erwhelm’d with justest fear, again
To thee for help we call:
Where many mightier have been slain,
By thee unsav'd, we fall.

3 Unless restrain’d by grace we are,
In vain the smare we see :

We see, and rush into the smare
Of blind idolatry.

4. We plunge ourselves in endless woes,
Our helpless infants sell:
Resist the light, and side with those
Who send their babes to hell.

5 Ah! what avails superior light,
Without superior love :
We see the truth, we judge aright,
And wisdom’s ways approve.

6 We mark the idolizing throng; Their cruel fondness blame ;

Their children’s souls we know they wrong,

And we shall do the same.

In spite of our resolves, we fear
Our own infirmity;

And tremble at the trial near,
And cry, O God, to thee!

We soon shall do what we condemn,
And down the current borne, -

With shame confess our mature’s stream.
Too strong for us to turn.

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9 Our only help in danger’s hour,
Our only strength thou art;
Above the world and Satan’s power,
And greater than our heart.

10 Us from ourselves thou canst secure, In nature’s slippery ways;

And make our feeble footsteps sure,
By thy sufficient grace. -

11 If on thy promis'd grace alone
We faithfully depend,
Thou surely wilt preserve thine own,
And keep them to the end.

12 Wilt keep us tenderly discreet,
To guard what thou hast giv'n :
And bring our child with us to meet
At thy right-hand in heaven.

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l OW shall I walk my God to please,
And spread content and happiness
O'er all beneath my care?
A pattern to my household give,
And as a guardian angel live,
As Jesu’s messenger?

2 The opposite extremes I see,
Remissness and severity,
And know not how to shun
The precipice on either hand,
While in the narrow path I stand,
And dread to venture on. -

3 Shall I through indolence supine,
Neglect, betray my charge divine,—
My delegated power?
The souls I from my Lord receive,
Of whom I am account must give,
At that tremendous hour?

4 Lord over all, and God most high :
Jesus, to thee for help I fly,
For constant power and grace;
That by thy Spirit taught and led,
I may with confidence proceed,
And all thy footsteps trace.

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O teach me my first lesson now !
That I to thy sweet yoke may bow,
Thine easy service prove,
Lowly and meek in heart I see,
The art of governing like thee,
Is governing by love.

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OME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, To whom we for our children cry : The good desir'd and wanted most, Out of thy richest grace supply: The sacred discipline be given, To train and bring them up for heaven.

Answer on them the end of all
Our cares, and pains, and studies here ;
On them recover'd from their fall,
Stamp'd with the humble character!
Rais’d by the mature of the Lord,
To all their paradise restor'd.

Error and ignorance remove,
Their blindness both of heart and mind;
Give them the wisdom from above,
Spotless, and peaceable, and kind:
In kmowledge pure their minds renew;
And store with thoughts divinely true.

Learning's redundant part and vain
Be here cut off, and cast aside :
But let them, Lord, the substance gain,
In every solid truth abide;
Swiftly acquire, and ne'er forego
The knowledge fit for man to know.
Unite the pair so long disjoin'd,
Knowledge and vital piety:
Learning and holiness combin’d,
And truth and love let all men see

In those whom up to thee we give,
Thine, wholly thine, to die and live.

6 Father, accept them through thy Som,
And ever by thy Spirit guide :
Thy wisdom in their lives be shown,
Thy name confest and glorify’d;
Thy power and love diffus’d abroad,
Till all the earth is fill'd with God.

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| ASTER supreme, I look to thee
For grace and wisdom from above:
Wested with thy authority,
Endue me with thy patient love:

2 That taught according to thy will,
To rule my family aright,
I may th’ appointed charge fulfil,
With all my heart, and all my might.
3 Inferiors, as a sacred trust,
I from the sov’reign Lord receive,
That what is suitable and just,
Impartial I to all may give :

4 O'erlook them with a guardian eye;
From vice and wickedness restrain;
Mistakes and lesser faults pass by,
And govern with a looser reim.

5 The servant faithfully discreet,
Gentle to him, and good, and mild,
Him I would tenderly entreat,
And scarce distinguish from a child.
6 Yet let me not my place forsake,
Th’ occasion of his stumbling prove,
The servant to my bosom take,
Or mar him by familiar love.

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