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MYA drowsy powers, why

sleep ye se ?

2 Dost thou not dwell in all thy saints,

And seal the heirs of heaven?
When wilt thou banish my complaints,

And show my sins forgiven?
3 Assure my conscience of her part

In the Redeemer's blood :
And bear thy witness with my heart,

That I am born of God.
4 Thou art the earnest of his love,

The pledge of joys to come;
May thy bless'd wings, celestial Dove,

Safely convey me home!

Bethel.] HYMN 45. C. M. 1

Awake, my sluggish Nothing hath half thy work to do,

Yet nothing's half so dull.
2 Go to the ants; for one poor grain

See how they toil and strive!
Yet we, who have a heaven t' obtain,

How negligent we live !
3 We, for whose sake all nature stands,

And stars their courses move;
We, for whose guard the angel-bands

Come flying from above. 4 We, for whom God the Son came down,

And labour'd for our good,
How careless to secure that crown

He purchas'd with his blood.
Lord, shall we live so sluggish still,

And never act our parts ? Come, holy Dove, from th' heav'nly hill,

And warm our frozen hearts.

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6 Give us with active warmth to move,

With vig'rous souls to rise ;
With hands of faith and wings of love,
To fly and take the prize.
Mear.] HYMN 46. C. M.
OD is in this and every place!

But, O! how dark and void;
To me 'tis one great wilderness,

This earth without my God.
2 Empty of Him who all things fills,

Till he his light impart:
Till he his glorious self reveals,

The veil is on my heart.
30 thou who seest and know'st my grief,

Thyself unseen, unknown;
Pity my helpless unbelief,

And break my heart of stone. 4 Regard me with a gracious eye,

The long-sought blessing give;
And bid me, at the point to die,

Behold thy face and live. 5 A darker soul did never yet

Thy promis'd help implore:
O that I now my Lord might meet,

And never lose him more!
6 Now, Jesus, now the Father's love

Shed in my heart abroad;
The middle wall of sin remove,

And let me into God.
Peterborough.) HYMN 47. C. M.
1 THOU hidden God, for whom I groan,
Gou, inaccessible, unknown,

Regard a sinner's prayer!

A sinner welt'ring in his blood,

Unpurg'd and unforgiven; Far distant from the living God,

As far as hell from heaven.
2 An unregenerate child of man,

To thee for faith I call;
Pity thy fallen creature's pain,

And raise me from my fall.
The darkness which through thee I feel,

Thou only canst remove;
Thy own eternal power reveal,

Thy everlasting love.
3 Thou hast in unbelief shut up,

That grace may let me go;
In hope, believing against hope,

I wait the truth to know.
Thou wilt in me reveal thy name,

Thou wilt thy light afford;
Bound and opprest, yet thine I am,

The prisoner of the Lord.
4 I would not to thy foe submit;

I hate the tyrant's chain;
Send forth the pris'ner from the pit,

Nor let me cry in vain.
Show me the blood that bought my peace,

The covenant blood apply,
And all my griefs at once shall cease,

And all my sins shall die. 5 Now, Lord, if thou art power, descend!

The mountain-sin remove;
My unbelief and troubles end,

If thou art Truth and Love.
Speak, Jesus, speak into my heart,

What thou for me hast done!
A ray of living faith impart,

And God is all my own.

Angels' Hymn.] HYMN 48. L. M. 1 HOU man of griefs, remember me, Thy last mysterious agony,

Thy fainting pangs and bloody sweat! 2 When wrestling in the strength of prayer,

Thy spirit sunk beneath its load; Thy feeble flesh abhorr’d to bear

The wrath of an Almighty God. 3 Father, if I may call thee so,

Regard my fearful heart's desire. Remove this load of guilty wo,

Nor let me in my sins expire! 4 I tremble, lest the wrath divine,

Which bruises now my wretched soul, Should bruise this wretched soul of mine,

Long as eternal ages roll. 5 To thee my last distress I bring ;

The heighten'd fear of death I find; The tyrant, brandishing his sting,

Appears, and hell is close behind. 6 I deprecate that death alone,

That endless banishment from thee; save, and give me to thy Son,

Who trembled, wept, and bled for me! Mourner.] HYMN 49. L. M. 1 ORD Jesus, when, when shall it be,

When will this war of passions cease,

And my free soul enjoy thy peace? 2 Here I repent, and sin again;

Now I revive, and now am slain;
Slain with the same unhappy dart,
Which O, too often wounds my heart!


30 Saviour, when, when shall I be

A garden seal'd to all but thee?
No more expos’d, no more undone;

But live and grow to thee alone? 4 Guide thou, O Lord, guide thou my course,

And draw me on with thy sweet force; Still make me walk, still make me tend, By thee, my way, to thee, my end !

Mourner.] HYMN 50. L. M. 1

The helpless all for succour came; The sick to be reliev'd and heal'd,

And found salvation in thy name. 2 With publicans and harlots I,

In these thy Spirit's Gospel days,
To thee, the sinner's friend, draw nigh,

And humbly sue for saving grace.
3 Thou seest me helpless and distress'd,

Feeble, and faint, and blind, and poor ; Weary, I come to thee for rest,

And, sick of sin, implore a cure. 4 My sin's incurable disease,

Thou, Jesus, thou alone canst heal;
Inspire me with thy power and peace,

And pardon on my conscience seal. 5. A touch, a word, a look from thee,

Can turn my heart, and make it clean; Purge the foul inbred leprosy,

And save me from my bosom sin. 6 Lord, if thou wilt, I do believe

Thou canst the saving grace impart;
Thou canst this instant now forgive,

And stamp thine image on my heart.

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