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Oiley.] HYMN 596. 4 lines 7's. 1. ESU, shall I never be Firmly grounded upon thee; Never by thy work abide, Never in thy wounds reside?

2 O how wavering is my mind!
Toss'd about with every wind :
O how quickly doth my heart
From the living God depart!

3 Jesus, let my nature feel,
Thou art God unchangeable:
JAH, JEHovah, great I AM,
Speak into my soul thy Name.

4 Grant that every moment I
May believe, and feel thee migh,
Steadfastly behold thy face,
'Stablish’d with abiding grace.

5 Plant, and root, and fix in me
All the mind that was in thee;
Settled peace I then shall find;
Jesu's is a quiet mind.

6 Anger I no more shall feel,
Always even, always still ;
Meekly on my God reclin’d;
Jesu's is a gentle mind.

7 I shall suffer, and fulfil
All my Father's gracious will;
Be in all alike resign'd;
Jesu's is a patient mind.

3 When 'tis deeply rooted here,
Perfect love shall cast out fear;
Fear doth servile spirits bind;
Jesu's is a noble mind.

9 When I feel it fixt within,
I shall have no power to sin;

How shall sin an entrance find?
Jesu's is a spotless mind.

10 I shall nothing know beside
Jesus, and him crucified:
Perfectly to him be join'd :
Jesu's is a loving mind.

11 I shall triumph evermore,
Gratefully my God adore;
God so good, so true, so kind;
Jesu's is a thankful mind.

12 Lowly, loving, meek, and pure,
I shall to the end endure;
Be no more to sin inclin’d;
Jesu's is a constant mind.

13 I shall fully be restor'd
To the image of my Lord;
Witnessing to all mankind,
Jesu's is a perfect mind.

Broadmead.] HYMN 597. 6 lines 8's.
1 Jo; the gift divine I know,
The gift divine I ask of thee:
That living water now bestow,
Thy Spirit and thyself on me:
Thou, Lord, of life the fountain art,
Now let me find thee in my heart!

2 Thee let me drink, and thirst no more
For drops of finite happiness:
Spring up, O Well, in heavenly power,
In streams of pure, perennial peace;
Injoy that none can take away,
In life, which shall for ever stay.

3 Father, on me the grace bestow, Unblameable before thy sight,

Whence all the streams of mercy flow; Mercy thy own supreme delight,

To me, for Jesu's sake impart,

And plant thy nature in my heart.

4 Thy mind throughout my life be shown,
While list’ming to the wretches' cry,
The widows’ and the orphans’ groan,
On mercy’s wings I swiftly fly
The poor and helpless to relieve,
My life, my all for them to give.

5 Thus may I show the Spirit within,
Which purges me from every stain,
Unspotted from the world and sin,
My faith's integrity maintain;
The truth of my religion prove,
By perfect purity and love.

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1 ATHER, see this living clod,
This spark of heavenly fire :
See roy soul, the breath of God,
Doth after God aspire;
Let it still to heaven ascend,
Till I my principle rejoin;
Blended with my glorious end,
And lost in love divine !

2 Lord, if thou from me hast broke

The power of outward sin;

Burst this Babylonish yoke,
And make me free within;

Bid my inbred sin depart,
And I thy utmost word shall prove,

Upright both in life and heart,
And perfected in love.

3 God of all-sufficient grace,
My God in Christ thou art:

Bid me walk before thy face,
Till I am pure in heart:
Till transform’d by faith divine,
I gain that perfect love unknown,
Bright in all thine image shine,
By putting on thy Son.
4 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
In council join again,
To restore thine image, lost
By frail, apostate man;
O might I thy form express,
Through faith begotten from above,
Stampt with real holiness,
And fill’d with perfect love :

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I HE voice that speaks Jehovah near,

The still small voice I long to hear; O might it now my Lord proclaim, And fill my soul with holy shame!

2 Asham'd I must for ever be,
Asham'd the God of love to see,
łf saints and prophets hide their face,
And angels tremble while they gaze :

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1 AY to thy hand, O God of Grace :
O God, the work is worthy thee;
See at thy feet, of all the race
The chief, the vilest sinner see;
And let me all thy mercy prove,
Thine utmost miracle of love.

2 Speak, and a holy thing and clean
Shall strangely be brought out of me;
My Ethiop soul shall change her skin,
Redeem'd from all iniquity;

I, even I, shall then proclaim
The wonders wrought by Jesu’s name.

3 Thee I shall then for ever praise,
In spirit and in truth adore:
While all I am declares thy grace,
And born of God, I sin no more :
Thy pure and heavenly nature share,
And fruit unto perfection bear.

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1 IVE glory to Jesus our Head,
With all that encompass his throne;

A widow, a widow indeed,
A mother in Israel is gone !

The winter of trouble is past;
The storms of affliction are o’er;

Her struggle is ended at last,
And sorrow and death are no more.

2 The soul has o'ertaken her mate,

And caught him again in the sky:

Advanc'd to her holy estate,
And pleasure that never shall die :

Where glorified spirits, by sight,
Converse in their happy abode :

As stars in the firmament bright,
And pure as the angels of God.

3 Behold ! what a triumph is there, t

Where all in his praises agree;

His beautiful character bear,
And shine with the glory they see :

The glory of God and the Lamb,
(While all in the ecstasy join,)

Darts into their spiritual frame,
And gives the enjoyment divine.

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