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Naked, sick, and poor, and blind, Fast bound in sin and misery, Friend of sinners, let me find My help, my all in thee! 2 I am all unclean, unclean, Thy purity I want; My whole heart is sick of sin, And my whole head is faint: Full of putrefying sores, Of bruises, and of wounds, my soul Looks to Jesus, help implores, And gasps to be made whole.

3 In the wilderness I stray,

My foolish heart is blind;

Nothing do I know; the way
Of peace I cannot find:

Jesus, Lord, restore my sight,
And take, O take the veil away,

Turn my darkness into light;
My midnight into day.

4 Naked of thine image, Lord,

Forsaken, and alone:

Unrenew’d, and unrestor'd,
I have not thee put on :

Over me thy mantle spread,
Send down thy likeness from above:

Let thy goodness be display’d,
And wrap me in thy love :

5 Poor, alas! thou know'st I am,

And would be poorer still:

See my wretchedness and shame,
And all my vileness feel.

No good thing in me resides,
My soul is all an aching void,

Till thy Spirit here abides,

And I am fill'd with God.

6 Jesus, full of truth and grace,

In thee is all I want:

Be the wanderer's resting place,
A cordial to the faint;

Make me rich, for I am poor:
In thee may I my Eden find:

To the dying, health restore;
And eye-sight to the blind.

7 Clothe me with thy holiness,
Thy meek humility;
Put on me thy glorious dress,
Endue my soul with thee :
Let thine image be restor’d,
Thy Name and Nature let me prove;
With thy fulness fill me, Lord,
And perfect me in love. -

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2 Entering into my closet, I
The busy world exclude;
In secret prayer for mercy cry,
And groan to be renew’d.
3 Far from the paths of men, to thee
I solemnly retire;
See thou, who dost in secret see,
And grant my heart’s desire.
4 Thy grace I languish to receive,
The Spirit of love and power;
Blameless before thy face to live,
To live and sin mo more.

5 Fain would I all thy goodness feel, And know my sins forgiven!

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And do on earth thy perfect will
As angels do in heaven. s

6 O Father, glorify thy Son,
And grant what I require;
For Jesu's sake the gift send down y
And answer me by fire.

7 Kindle the flame of love within,
Which may to heaven ascend;
And now the work of grace begin,
Which shall in glory end.

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I WHEN my relief will most display
Thy glory in thy creature's good,
Then, Jesus, take the veil away,
Sprinkle me with th’ atoming blood;
The power of living faith impart,
And breathe thy love into my heart.
2 Jesus, the promis'd help supply;
Support, the feeble, fainting mind;
Nor let me from thy presence fly,
But seek till I acceptance find:
But ask till I am sav'd from sin,
And knock till mercy takes me in.

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1. Jo; in whom the weary find
Their late, but permanent repose;
Physician of the sin-sick mind,
Relieve my wants, assuage my woes;
And let my soul on thee be cast,
Till life's fierce tyranny be past.

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PENITEntrar, S1

- Back to my God at last I fly; For, O, the waters still are high.

3 Selfish pursuits, and nature’s maze,
The things of earth for thee I leave;
Put forth thy hand, thy hand of grace;
Into the ark of love receive :
Take this poor fluttering soul to rest,
And lodge it, Saviour, in thy breast.
4 Fill with inviolable peace;
*Stablish and keep my settled heart;
In thee may all my wanderings cease,
From thee no more may I depart:
Thy utmost goodness call'd to prove,
Lov’d with an everlasting love!

Hinton.] HYMN 61. 48's &'26's.
1. UTHOR of faith, to thee I cry,
To thee, who would'st not have me die,
But know the truth and live:
Open mine eyes to see thy face;
Work in my heart the saving grace,
The life eternal give.
2 Shut up in unbelief I groan,
And blindly serve a God unknown,
Till thou the veil remove;
The gift unspeakable impart,
And write thy name upon my heart,
And manifest thy love.
3 I know the grace is only thine,
The gift of faith is all divine;
But if on thee we call,
Thou wilt the benefit bestow,
And give us hearts to feel and know
That thou hast died for ALL.
4 Thou bid'st us knock and enter in,
Come unto thee, and rest from sin,
The blessing seek and find t

Thou bid'st us ask thy grace, and have:
Thou canst, thou wouldst this moment save
Both me and all mankind.

5 Be it according to thy word;
Now let me find my pard’ning Lord;
Let what I ask be given:
The bar of unbelief remove,
Open the door of faith and love,
And take me into heaven!

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1 ND wilt thou yet be found,
And may I still draw near 2
Then listen to the plaintive sound
Of a poor sinner's prayer.
2 Jesus, thine aid afford,
If still the same thou art,
To thee I look, to thee, my Lord!
Lift up a helpless heart.

3 Thou seest my troubled breast,
The strugglings of my will,
The foes that interrupt my rest,
The agonies I feel.

4 The daily death I prove,
Saviour, to thee is known; -
'Tis worse than death my God to love,
And not my God alone.

5 O my offended Lord,
Restore my inward peace,
I know thou camst; pronounce the word,
And bid the tempest cease :

6 I long to see thy face,
Thy Spirit I implore,
The living water of thy grace,
That I may thirst no more.

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