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2 O ! conquer this rebellious will:
Willing thou art, and ready still,
Thy help is always nigh:
The stony from my heart remove,
And give me, Lord, O give me love,
Or at thy feet 1 die.
3 To thee I lift my mournful eye:
Why am I thus? O tell me why
I cannot love my God?
The hind’rance must be all in me:
It cannot in my Saviour be;
Witness that streaming blood!

4 It cost thy blood my heart to win:
To buy me from the power of sin,
And make me love again:
Come, them, my Lord, thy right assert,
Take to thyself my ransom'd heart,
Nor bleed nor die in vain.

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1 OD of my life, what just return
Cam sinful dust and ashes give?
I only live my sin to mourn;
To love my God I only live.

2 To thee, benign and saving Power,
I consecrate my lengthen’d days;
While, mark’d with blessings, every hour
Shall speak thy co-extended praise.

3 Be all my added life employ'd
Thine image in my soul to see:
Fill with thyself the mighty void?
Enlarge my heart to compass thee!
.4 O give me, Saviour, give me more:
Thy mercies to my soul reveal |
Alas! I see their endless store;
But, O, I * cannot feel.

5 The blessing of thy love bestow,

For this my cries shall never fail;
Wrestling, I will not let thee go,
I will not, till my suit prevail.

6 I’ll weary thee with my complaint;
Here at thy feet for ever lie;
With longing, sick; with groaning, faint;
O give me love, or else I die.
7 Come then, my hope, my life, my Lord,
And fix in me thy lasting home !
Be mindful of thy gracious word!
Thou, with thy promis’d Father, come
8 Prepare, and then possess my heart;
O take me, seize me from above :
Thee may l love, for God thou art;
Thee may I feel; for God is love!

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Thy mercies and my wants to tell; To feel my pardon seal’d in blood: Saviour, thy love I wait to feel.

2 Freed from the power of cancell’d sin,

When shall my soul triumphant prove? Why breaks not out the fire within,

In flames of joy, and praise, and love? 3 Jesus, to thee my soul aspires;

Jesus, to thee I plight my vows: Keep me from earthly, base desires,

My God, my Saviour, and my spouse. 4 Fountain of all-sufficient bliss, Thou art the good I seek below; Fulness of joy in thee there is; Without, 'tis misery all, and wo.

Gainsborough.J HYMN 73. c. M.
H Y. God, my God, to thee I cry;
M Thee only would I know; .
Thy purifying blood apply,
And wash me white as snow. -
2 Touch me, and make the leper clean,
Purge my iniquity:
Unless thou wash my soul from sin,
I have no part in thee.

3 But art thou not already mine?
Answer, if mine thou art!
Whisper within, thou Love divine,
And cheer my drooping heart.

4 Behold, for me the victim bleeds,
His wounds are open wide;
For me the blood of sprinkling pleads,
And speaks me justify’d.

Islington.] HYMN 74. L. M.

1 M% soul before thee prostrate lies,
To thee, her source, my spirit flies:
My wants I mourn, my chains I see;
O let thy presence set me free :

2 Jesus, vouchsafe my heart and will
With thy meek lowliness to fill;
No more her power let nature boast,
But in thy will may mine be lost.

3 And well I know thy tender love,
Thou never camst unfaithful prove:
And well I know thou stand'st by me,
Pleas'd, from myself, to set me free.

4 Still will I watch, and labour still To banish every thought of ill;

Till thou, in thy good time, appear,

And sav’st me from the fowler's snare.


5 Already springing hope I feel,
God will destroy the power of hell;
God from a land of wars and pain,
Leads me where peace and safety reign.

6 One only care my soul shall know,
Father, all thy commands to do;
And feel what endless age shall prove,
That thou, my Lord, my God, art love.

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1 EN rising from the bed of death,
O'erwhelm'd with guilt and fear,
I view my Maker face to face,
O how shall I appear !

2 If yet while pardon may be found,
And mercy may be sought,
My soul with inward horror shrinks,
And trembles at the thought,

3 When thou, O Lord, shalt stand disclos'd
In majesty severe,
And sit in judgment on my soul,
O how shall I appear !

4 O may my broken, contrite heart,
Timely my sins lament,
And early, with repentant tears,
Eternal wo prevent.

5 Behold the sorrows of my heart,
Ere yet it be too late;
And hear my Saviour’s dying groan,
To give those sorrows weight!

6 For never shall my soul despair
Her pardon to secure,
* Who knows thine only Son hath died
To make that pardon sure.

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1 O'; for a glance of heavenly day, To take this stubborn heart away; And thaw, with beams of love divine, This heart, this frozen heart of mine : 2 The rocks can rend; the earth can quake; The seas can roar; the mountains shake; Of feeling, all things show some sign, But this unfeeling heart of mine. 3 To hear the sorrows thou hast felt, O Lord, an adamant would melt: But I can read each moving line, And nothing moves this heart of mine. 4 Thy judgments too, unmov’d I hear, Amazing thought!) which devils fear, oodness and wrath in vain combine To stir this stupid heart of mine. 5 But something yet can do the deed; And that blest something much I need: Thy Spirit can from dross refine, And melt and change this heart of mime.

Liberty.] HYMN 77. 6 lines 8's,
Wrestling Jacob.

1 Co. O thou Traveller unknown,
Whom still I hold, but cannot see :
My company before is gone,
And I am left alone with thee.
With thee all night I mean to stay,
And wrestle till the break of day.
2 I need not tell thee who I am;
My misery and sin declare;
Thyself hast call’d me by my name.
Look on thy hands, and read it there:

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