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Let thy love my heart constrain,
And all my restless passions sway:

Keep me, lest I turn again
Out of the narrow way.

2 If I have begun once more

Thy sweet return to feel:

If even mow I find thy power
Present my soul to heal:

Still and quiet may I lie,
Nor struggle out of thine embrace:

Never more resist or fly
From thy pursuing grace.

3 To the cross, thine altar, bind

Me with the chords of love;

Freedom let me mever find • ,-
From thee, my Lord, to move;

That I never, never more
May with my much-lov’d Master part,

To the posts of mercy’s door
O mail my willing heart!

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4 See my utter helplessness,

And leave me not alone;

O preserve in perfect peace,
And seal me for thine own.

More and more thyself reveal,
Thy presence let me always find:

Comfort, and confirm, and heal
My feeble, sim-sick mind.

5 As the apple of thine eye

Thy weakest servant keep;

Help me at thy feet to lie,
And there for ever weep;

Tears of joy mine eyes o'erflow,
That I have any hope of heaven;

Much of love I ought to know,
For I have much forgiven.

West-street.] HYMN 86. P. M.


1 OW happy are they,
Who their Saviour obey,
And have laid up their treasure above .
Tongue cannot express
The sweet comfort and peace
Of a soul in its earliest love .

2 That comfort was mine,
When the favour divine
I first found in the blood of the Lamb;
When my heart it believ’d,
What a joy I receiv'd,
What a heaven in Jesus’s name !
3 *Twas a heaven below
My Redeemer to know,
The angels could do nothing more,
Than fall at his feet,
And the story repeat,
And the Lover of simmers adore.
4 Jesus all the day long
Was my joy and my song:
O that all his salvation might see :
He hath lov’d me, I cried,
He hath suffer'd and died,
To redeem such a rebel as me.

5 On the wings of his love,
I was carried above
All sin, and temptation, and pain;
I could not believe
That I ever should grieve, o,
That I ever should suffer again.

6 I rode on the sky,
Freely justified I,
Nor did envy Elijah his seat:

My soul mounted higher In a chariot of fire, And the moon it was under my feet.

7 O the rapturous height
Of that holy delight
Which I felt in the life-giving blood:
Of my Saviour possest,
I was perfectly blest,
As if fill’d with the fulness of God.


1 AH ! where am I mow !
When was it; or how, -
That I fell from my heaven of grace?
I am brought into thrall;
I am stript of my all;
I am banish’d from Jesus's face :

2 Hardly yet do I know
How I let my Lord go,
So insensibly starting aside;
When the tempter came in
With his own subtle sin,
And infected my spirit with pride.

3 But I felt it too soon,
That my Saviour was gone,
Swiftly vanishing out of my sight;
My triumph and boast
On a sudden were lost,
And my day it was turn’d into might.

4. Only pride could destroy
That innocent joy,
And make my Redeemer depart;
But whate'er was the cause,
I lament the sad loss,
For the veil is come over my heart. S
5 Ah! wretch that I am :
I can only exclaim,
Like a devil tormented within;
My Saviour is gone,
And has left me alone
To the fury of Satan and sin.

6 Nothing now can relieve;
Without comfort I grieve:
I have lost all my peace and my power:
No access do I find
To the Friend of mankind;
I can ask for his mercy no more.

7 Tongue cannot declare
The torment I bear,
(While no end of my troubles I see)
Only Adam could tell
On the day that he fell,
And was turn’d out of Eden like me.

"3 Driven out from my God,

I wander abroad,
Through a desert of sorrows I rove:
How great is my pain
That I cannot regain
‘My Eden of Jesus's love!

9 I never shall rise
To my first paradise,
Or come my Redeemer to see:
But I feel a faint hope,
That at last he will stoop,
And his pity shall bring him to me.

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1 OW shall a lost sinner in pain,
Recover his forfeited peace?
When brought into bondage again,
What hope of a second release;


Will mercy itself be so kind
To spare such a rebel as me?

And O, can I possibly find
Such plenteous redemption in thee?

2 O Jesus, of thee I inquire,

If still thou art able to save,

The brand to pluck out of the fire,
And ransom my soul from the grave;

The help of thy Spirit restore,
And show me the life-giving blood;

And pardon a sinner once more,
And bring me again unto God.

3 O Jesus, in pity draw near,

Come quickly to help a lost soul,

To comfort a mourner appear,
And make a poor Lazarus whole;

The balm of thy mercy apply,
Thou seest the sore anguish I feel;

Save, Lord, or I perish, I die,
O save, or I sink into hell!

4 I sink, if thou longer delay

Thy pardoning mercy to show:

Come quickly, and kindly display
The power of thy passion below:

By all thou hast done for my sake,
One drop of thy blood I implore;

Now, now let it touch me, and make
The sinner a sinner no more.

Rochester.] HYMN 88. C. M.

1 THAT I were as heretofore :

When warm in my first love;
I only liv'd my God to adore,
And seek the things above:

2. Upon my head his candle shone, And lavish of his grace,

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