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Lamentations of Jeremiah.



gates are desolate; her priests 1 Jerusalem's Misery for her Sins : sigh, her virgins are afflicted, 12 Her Compluini, 18 and Con- and she is in.bitterness. fession of God's righteous Judy- 5 Her adversaries are the

chiet, her enemies prosper; How W doth the city sit for the LORD hath afflicted

solitary that was full of her for the multitude of her people! how is she become transgressions: her children as a widow! she that was are gone into captivity before great among the nations, and the enemy. princess among the provinces, O And from the daughter how is she become tributary! of Zion all her beauty is

2 She weepeth sore in the departed: her princes are benight, and her tears are on come like harts that find no her cheeks; among all her pasture; and they are gone lovers she hath none to com- without strength before the fort her: all her friends have pursuer. dealt treacherously with her; 7 Jerusalem remembered they are become her enemies. in the days of her affliction,

3 Judah is gone into capti- and of her miseries, all her vity, because of affliction, and pleasant things that she had because of great servitude; she in the days of old, when her dwelleth among the heathen, people fell into the hand of she findeth no rest: all her the enemy, and none did help persecutors overtook her be- her: the adversaries saw her, tween the straits.

and did mock at her sabbaths. 4 The ways of Zion do 8 Jerusalem hath grievously mourn, because none come sinned; therefore she is reto the solemn feasts: all her moved: * all that honoured her

* Heb. Is become a removing, or wandering.

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א יָשְׁבָה בָדָד הָעִיר רַבָּתִי עָם הָיְתָה כְּאַלְמָנָה רַבָּתִיו

בגוֹיִם שָׂרָתִי בַּמָּדִינוֹת הָיְתָה לָמַס : בָּכוֹ תִבְכֶּה 2 בַּלַיְלָה וְדִמְעָתָהּ עֶל לחיה אֵין־לָהּ מְנַחֵם מִכָּל־ אֹהֲבֶיהָ כָּל־רֵעֶיהָ בָּגְדוּ בָהּ הָיוּ לָהּ לְאֹיְבִים : גָלְתָה יְהוּדָה מֵעֹנִי וּמֵרֹב עֲבֹדָה הִיא יָשְׁבָה בַגּוֹים s לֹא מָצְאָה מָנוֹחַ כָּל־רֹדְפֶיהָ הִשִׂיגוּהָ בֵּין הַפְּעָרִים : דַּרְכֵי צִיוֹן, אֲבֵלוֹת מִבְּלִי בָּאֵי מוֹעֵד כָּל־שְׁעָרֶיה 4 שׁוֹמֵמִין בְּהֲנֶיהָ נֶאֱנָחִים בְּתוּלֹתֶיהָ נוּגוֹת וְהִיא מר־לָהּ: הָיוּ צָרֶיה לראש אֹיְבֶיהָ שָׁלוּ כִּי־יְהוה ה הוֹכָהּ עַל־רֹב פִּשְׁעיה עוֹלָלִיהָ הָלְכוּ שְׁבֵי לִפְנֵי עֶר : ויצא מִן־בַּת־צִיוֹן כָּל־הֲדָרָהּ הָיוּ שָׂרֵיהָ 6 בְּאַיָּלִים לֹא־מֶצְאוּ מִרְעֶה וַיֵּלְכוּ בְלֹא־נֹחַ לִפְנֵי רוֹרֵף : זָכְרֵה יְרוּשָׁלַם יְמֵי עָנְיָה וּמְרוּדֶיהָ כּל מַחֲמַדִּיהָ אֲשֶׁר הָיוּ מִימֵי קֶדֶם בִּנְפָל עַמָּהּ בְּיַד־ צָר וְאֵין עוֹר לָה רָאוּהָ צָרִים שָׁחַקְוּ עַל־מִשְׁבַּתִּיהָ: חֵטְא חָטְאָה יְרוּשָׁלַם עַל־כֵּן לְנִידָה הָיָתָה כָּל־


מגילת איכה





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LORD, which hath not left saying, There is a son born thee this day without a kins-to Naomi; and they called his man, that his name may name Obed: he is the father. be famous in Israel.

of Jesse, the father of David. 15 And he shall be unto 18 Now these are the thee a restorer of thy life, and generations of Pharez: Pharez a nourisher of thine old age: begat Hezron, for thy daughter-in-law which 19 And Hezron begat Ram, loveth thee, which is better and Ram begat Amminadab, to thee than seven sons, hath 20 And Amminadab begat born him.

Nahshon, and Nahshon begat 16 And Naomi took the Salmon, child, and laid it in her bosom, 21 And Salmon begat Boaz, and became nurse unto it. and Boaz begat Obed,

17 And the women her 22 And Obed begat Jesse, neighbours gave it a name, and Jesse beget David.


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