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Lo, his triumphal chariot waits,

And angels chaunt the solemn lay, “ Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates,

“ Ye everlasting doors give way !” Who is the King of Glory, who?

The Lord, of glorious power possest, The King of saints and angels too,

God over all, for ever blest! 101. The Passion and Exaltation of Christ.

C. M. Thus saith the Ruler of the skies, " Awake


dreadful sword; Awake, my wrath, and smite the man,

“ My fellow," saith the Lord. Vengeance receiv'd the dread command,

And armed, down she flies : Jesus submits ť his Father's hand,

And bows his head and dies. But O! the wisdom and the grace

That join with vengeance now;
He dies to save our guilty race,

And yet he rises too.
A person so divine was he,

Who yielded to be slain,
That he could give his soul away,

And take his life again.
Live, glorious Lord, and reign on high ;

Let ev'ry nation sing,
And angels sound with endless joy

The Saviour and the King.

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102. The Passion and Exaltation of Christ.

S. M.
Come, all harmonious tongues,

Your noblest music bring,
'Tis Christ the everlasting God,

And Christ the man, we sing.
Tell how he took our flesh,

To take away our guilt;
Sing the dear drops of sacred blood

That hellish monsters spilt.
Alas! the cruel spear

Went deep into his side,
And the rich flood of purple gore

Their murd'rous weapons dy’d.]
[The waves of swelling grief

Did o'er his bosom roll,
And mountains of almighty wrath

Lay heavy on his soul.]
Down to the shades of death

He bow'd his awful head;
Yet he arose to live and reign

When death itself is dead.
No more the bloody spear,

The cross and nails no more;
For hell itself shakes at his name;

And all the heav'ns adore..
There the Redeemer sits

High on the Father's throne;
The Father lays his vengeance by,

And smiles upon his Son.

There his full glories shine

With uncreated rays,
And bless his saints and angels' eyes

To everlasting days.

INTERCESSION. 103. Father, forgive them. C. M. “FATHER forgive (the Saviour said),

They know not what they do:” His heart was mov'd when thus he pray’d

For me, my friends, and you.
He saw that as the Jews abus'd

And crucify'd his flesh,
So he by us would be refus'd,

And crucify'd afresh.
Through love of sin, we long were prone

To act as Satan bid; But now with grief and shame we own,

We knew not what we did.
We knew not the desert of sin,

Nor whom we thus defy'd;
Nor where our guilty souls had been,

If Jesus had not died.
We knew not what a law we broke,

How holy, just, and pure!
Nor what a God we durst provoke,

But thought ourselves secure.
But Jesus all our guilt foresaw,

And shed his precious blood, To satisfy the holy law,

And make our peace with God.

My sin, dear Saviour, made thee bleed,

Yet didst thou pray for me! I knew not what I did, indeed,

When ignorant of thee. 104. Christ is the Substance of the Levi

tical Priesthood. C. M. The true Messiah now appears,

The types are all withdrawn;
So fly the shadows and the stars

Before the rising dawn.
No smoking sweets, nor bleeding lamb,

No kid, nor bullock slain,
Incense and spice of costly names,

Would be all burnt in vain.
Aaron must lay his robes away,

His mitre and his vest,
When God himself comes down to be

The off'ring and the priest.
He took our mortal flesh to show

The wonders of his love:
For us he paid his life below,

And prays for us above.
Father, (he cries) forgive their sins,

“ For I myself have dy’d;"
And then he shows his open'd veins,

And pleads his wounded side. 105. Christ's Intercession for his People. c. M. Lift up your eyes to th’ heavenly seats

Where your Redeemer stays:

Kind Intercessor, there he sits,

And loves, and pleads, and prays. 'Twas well, my soul, he dy'd for thee,

And shed his vital blood,
Appeas'd stern justice on the tree,

And then arose to God.
Petitions now, and praise may rise,

And saints their off'rings bring,
The Priest with his own sacrifice

Presents them to the King. (Let papists trust what names they please,

Their saints and angels boast; We've no such advocates as these,

Nor pray to th' heavenly host.]
Jesus alone shall bear my cries

Up to his Father's throne:
He, dearest Lord! perfumes my sighs,

And sweetens ev'ry groan.
[Ten thousand praises to the King,

“ Hosanna in the high’st !" Ten thousand thanks our spirits bring

To God and to his Christ.]


106. Faith in exercise. C. M. TRUE faith believes the word divine,

And with swift wings she flies. To Jesu's cross, and doth recline

On his rich sacrifice.

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