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Faith looks to Calv'ry's lofty tree,
Discerns the Saviour's face;
And with delight she doth survey,
The wonders of his grace.

This precious faith, which comes from God,
Leads always to the Lamb;

And is much pleas'd with pard'ning blood,
And drinks the healing balm.
Faith says, "my Jesus still is mine,"
Tho' gloomy clouds arise;
Fastens on promises divine,

And soars above the skies.
Delights in great Jehovah's voice,
Dwells on the Saviour's blood;
In truth eternal doth rejoice,
And ventures all with God.

Jesus, subdue my ev'ry foe,
My little faith increase;
Soon from this dreary waste below
Take me to realms of bliss,

107. Assurance. 8.7.4.

GOD himself is my salvation,
This my happy soul can say;
Free from ev'ry condemnation,
Christ hath bore my sins away;
Living waters

From this sacred well I draw.

From this sacred font proceeding,
Flow the streams of peace and joy,

All the depth of sin exceeding, Spreading wide, and rising high; Abba Father,

Oh! how sweet the sacred sound.

Thousands in the fold of Jesus

This attainment ne'er could boast; To his name eternal praises, None of these shall e'er be lost; Deeply 'graven

On his hands their names are found.

In this mirror let me view thee,
Jesu's righteousness and blood;
And in all approaches to thee,
Let me touch this sacred flood;
Then my off'ring

Shall like sweet perfume arise.

108. Assurance of Faith. 11
YE favor'd in Zion,
Enabled to say,

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My sins, by my Saviour,
Were all done away,”
This blessing of blessings,
Bequeath'd unto you,
Is sought for by many,
But found by as few.

While you are exulting
In God, as your own,
And see your salvation
As firm as his throne,

The weakling in Zion,
Still sinking with fear,
Is stumbling and halting,
"Twixt doubt and despair.
Yet, glory to Jesus,

Our Shepherd and Friend,
The sheep of his pasture
His arm shall defend;
Their hope it may waver,
Their faith become dim;
Yet hell shall ne'er sever
His people from him.

109. For a Living Faith.

C. M.

IN thee, O Christ, is all my hope,

My comfort all in thee;
Whilst here I feel thy mercy nigh
I know thou guardest me.

Me, nor the saints of earth can help,
Nor angels near thy throne;
To thee I run thy help to find,
- And trust in thee alone.

I feel the load of sin so vast,
It sinks me to the grave;
But let thy blood wash out my sins,
Mine whom thou cam'st to save.

On me, thy helpless worm, O Lord,
A living faith bestow,

That I thy nature's hidden sweets May taste, and see, and know.

Triumphant let me live, by love
Shed in my heart abroad,
And faithfully to Jesus give
The life which he bestow'd.

110. The Triumph of Faith. 11 s. THE God of Salvation, Jehovah by name, Who yesterday, now, and for ever's the same, From guilt and from hell, me a sinner hath sav'd,

And death of its sting hath my Jesus bereav'd. Thy name and thy conquests no longer I fear, Thy might and pale aspect e'en lovely appear; Depriv'd of thy power, with all thy sad train, My Jesus is King, and for ever must reign. His blood is my ransom, the captive is his, Redeem'd from my bondage to enter on bliss, A son through my birth, by adoption an heir, The kingdom of glory with Jesus to share. His Spirit, as witness, as earnest, and seal Of all these rich blessings I inwardly feel; His whispers divine do my freedom proclaim, And open an union with God and the Lamb. An union whose bonds are both stedfast and sure,

In which, I thro' grace can live happy and


The bridegroom's embraces with rapture I know,

And all thro' the blood which from Jesus did


What though I'm so helpless, I know he'll


My weakness with grace, and I on him rely, And I shall be happy the Lord to adore, To praise him now, henceforth, and for ever


111. Faith is the Victory. S. M.
WHOE'ER believes aright
In Christ's atoning blood,
Of all his guilt's acquitted quite,
And may draw near to God.
But sin will still remain,
Corruptions rise up thick;
And Satan says the med'cine's vain,
Because we yet are sick.

But all this will not do ;
Our hope's on Jesus cast:
Let all be liars, and him be true,
We shall be well at last.


112. Refuge in Christ. 8. 7. dble.
O THOU gracious, loving Jesus,

Now thy saving grace impart;
From the world and Satan save us,
Save us from our evil heart?
Throw thine arms, in mercy, open,
Bid, O bid us, Jesu, come;
Let our flinty hearts be broken,
Falling on the Corner-stone!

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