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Jesus, bless us now indeed,
With all thy tender heart can give,
All thy dying groans can plead,
Or waiting souls receive.

118. Second Part of Jabez's Prayer. 7.6.8.

LORD, on thee we now depend,
And long to see thy face,
From thy glorious fulness send
The heart-expanding grace;
Send, O send, the Holy Ghost,
In honour to atoning blood;
Now enlarge our narrow coast
With all the love of God.

Keep us still in full pursuit
Of all the gospel grace,
Bring forth pure immortal fruit
With all its vast increase;
Jesus, brighten all our views,
Dwell in every contrite heart,
Unction all divine infuse,
And all thy love impart.

Then how swiftly shall we run


Along the blissful road,

Eyeing still the gracious throne,
And freely talk with God;
Gladly we the world would leave

To see the lovely Prince of Peace,
Crowns immortal to receive,

And sing abounding grace.

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119. Third Part of Jabez's Prayer. C. M. Now let thy hand be with me, Lord,

While here I dwell below,

Skilfully guide me by thy word,
In all the paths I go.

May the almighty hand of God
My daring foes suppress,
And draw me on the shining road
That leads to worlds of bliss.
May thy eternal hand be known
To vanquish all within,

Still to bear down the rising groan,
And keep me all serene.

Thus aid me in the trying day,

And bring salvation nigh,

Thy utmost strength, O Lord, display,

Till all my sorrows die.

Help me to swell the noble song
Of mighty grace alone,

To triumph all my way along
To yonder glorious throne.

And when in glory I appear,
This chorus will I raise,

The hand of God hath brought me here,
To Him be all the praise.

120. Fourth Part of Jabez's Prayer. $. M. LORD, may we view the cross

As onward still we move,

See the dear hand that writes in blood
And shows forgiving love.

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Sin would we now detest,
Its first appearance flee,
Each rising ill would now abhor,
And only pant for thee.
More may we never grieve
The Spirit of our God,
Nor for a moment turn aside
From the celestial road.

Keep us, thou God of Truth,
From paths of error free,
And keep us leaning on thine arm,
O keep us right with thee.
Dear Jesus, keep each heart
Warm with redeeming love,
Keep us sincerely pressing on
To nobler joys above.

Kept by a hand divine,

Soon shall we all ascend,
To see thy face, and sing thy love,
Where praises never end.

121. Whole of Jabez's Prayer. C. M.
THUS Jabez pray'd to God alone,
Bless me indeed with grace;
Let show'rs of blessings now come down,
And fill my soul with peace.

O that thou would'st enlarge my coast,
My narrow heart expand;

And make my soul for ever boast,
In thy supporting hand.

Keep me, dear Lord, from ev'ry ill,
By thine unerring word,

Lest pungent grief in me prevail,
As having griev'd my Lord.

Thus Jabez call'd on God most high,

To be in all things bless'd; The God of Israel heard his cry, And granted his request.

Now, Lord, we all approach thy throne,
Prostrate before thee fall,
In great compassion now come down,
O come and bless us all.

Blessings abundant now impart,
Rich blessings from above;

Open, enlarge, and fire each heart
With everlasting love,

122. Prayer for the Life of God in the Soul,



ESUS, the church's glorious head,
Behold we wait for living bread;
O feed our souls with grace divine,
While on thy bosom we recline ;
Cleans'd in the fountain of thy blood,
We pray to feel the life of God.
Lord, ev'ry barren soul revive,
And keep thy children all alive;
Gazing on Calv'ry's wond'rous tree,
There the atoning Saviour see;
Cleans'd in the fountain of thy blood,
We pray to feel the life of God,

Jesus, thy quick'ning grace impart,
And sweetly soften ev'ry heart;
To feel the gospel's joyful sound,
And find forgiving love abound;
Cleans'd in the fountain of thy blood,
We pray to feel the life of God.

Saviour, for life, for life we pray,
More of thy life, and more convey;
Abounding life, O Lord, bestow,
A heav'nly life we pant to know;
Cleans'd in the fountain of thy blood,
We pray for all the life of God.

123. The Wish. L, M, O HOW I wish I could but feel The joys which pard'ning grace impart! Wish that my Jesus would reveal,

Redeeming love within my heart! Wish that in mind I oft could walk,

Gethsemane's dear garden o'er! And hear the suff'ring Saviour talk,

And all his agonies explore.

Then to the cross I'd take my course,
And there employ each thinking pow'r;
And then most solemnly converse,
With Jesus in his dying hour.

O that his bleeding form would rise,
His dying love most clearly shine;
And break my heart, and burst mine eyes,
With joys and sorrows all divine!

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