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O that the sight of all his pains,

Might raise devotion's purest flame; Work vast abhorrence to my sins,

And purest love to his dear name! O that at last I might but die,

In my dear Saviour's bleeding arms ; Then sweetly mount to worlds on high,

Amidst his all refulgent charms!

124. For a faithful and upright Ministry.

L. M.

Lord, may thy watchmen all stand fas
Zealous and faithful to the last ;
O may they live a life of pray’r,
And all the truths of God declare.
May they oppose the monster, sin,
Show the great danger all are in;
Then may the messengers of God,
Direct them to a Saviour's blood.
May numbers hear the Shepherd's voice,
And in his pard’ning love rejoice;
Be thankful for the gospel word,
That brings them to their glorious Lord.

125. For a Blessing on the Word preached,

L. M. 0

BLESS thy servant, dearest Lord, While he shall preach the gospel word; May he declare delightful things, Touching the glorious King of kings.

O grant him bright celestial views,
While he proclaims the gospel news;
With fiery zeal his soul inflame,
While he exalts the bleeding Lamb.
Give him clear light, and burning love,
And show'r down blessings from above;
May we all hear the Saviour's voice,
And all believe, and all rejoice.

126. Prayer for Confidence. 8. O Jesus, thou fountain of grace,

Enlighten, enliven my heart; And show the sweet smiles of thy face,

And from me bid evil depart. Pronounce, O pronounce, I am thine,

A sinner once purchas'd by blood; And may I for ever recline,

On thee, O my Lord, and my God. Thou great and compassionate king,

Drive all my sad doubtings away; And let me with confidence sing,

“The Saviour expired for me.” The witness, that I am thy child,

O Jesus, to me now impart; The pleasing sensation will yield

Unspeakable joy to my heart. Bestow this rich blessing on me,

And heaven below I shall provè; I'll then go exulting in thee,

And tell of thy wonderful love,

Thy cause I will ever maintain,

To thee for support I will fly; And fight, till the conquest I gain :

Resolv'd for thy glory to die.

127. Conversion. 112'. Great God, convert our souls to thee, And ev'ry evil may we flee; Bow ev'ry heart before thy throne, And let us cleave to thee alone :

O turn us, turn us, by thy grace,

Turn us to seek thy glorious-face. Turn us from Satan, sin, and hell, And to our souls thyself reveal; Turn us from darkness unto light, From earthly joys to pure delight:

O turn us, turn us, by thy grace,

Turn us to seek thy glorious face. Dear Lord, how careless have we been, O turn us more from self and sin; ”Tis only thou canst turn the heart, And bid our evils all depart:

O turn us, turn us, by thy grace,

Turn us to seek thy glorious face. More

may we know our nature's loss,
And find our all in Jesu's cross,
There see our ev'ry sin forgiv'n,
And prove the way to God and heav'n:

Thus turn us all, thou God of grace,
To seek and see thy glorious face.

128. Opening of Public Worship. C. M. Now in the sacred house of God,

We all once more appear,
To sing his praises,-hear his word,

And worship him in pray’r.
O Lord, our spirits solemnize,

While in thy courts we stand;
Up to thy throne we lift our eyes,

And bow to thy command,
When we approach the throne of grace,

O may we sweetly find,
The beauties of Immanuel's face,

Break forth on ev'ry mind.
While the Redeemer's praise we sing,

And chant his sov'reign grace,
May the bright glories of our king,

Shine all around the place.
Lord, when we hear thy sacred word,

Apply it by thy pow'r;
Then ev'ry truth shall we regard,

And thy great name adore.
May the bright beams of soy'reign love,

With heav'nly splendour shine,
And may this place a Bethel prove,

To ev'ry child of thine.

129. Pray without ceasing. L. M. PRAYER was appointed to convey

The blessings God designs to give, Long as they live should Christians pray,

For only while they pray they live.

The Christian's heart his prayer indites,

He speaks as prompted from within; The Spirit his petition writes,

And Christ receives and gives it in. And wilt thou in dead silence lie,

When Christ stands waiting for thy prayer? My soul, thou hast a friend on high:

Arise, and try thy interest there. If pain afflict, or wrongs oppress ;

If cares distract, or fears dismay; If guilt deject; if sins distress;

The remedy's before thee- Pray.
'Tis prayer supports the soul that's weak;

Tho' thought be broken, language lame,
Pray, if thou canst, or canst not, speak;

with faith in Jesu's name, Depend on him, thou canst not fail:

Make all thy wants and wishes known: Fear not; his merits must prevail;

Ask what thou wilt, it shall be done.

L. M.

-130. More with us than with them.

Alas! Elisha's servant cry'd,
When he the Syrian army spy'd;
But he was soon releas'd from care,
In answer to the prophet's pray’r.
Straightway he saw, with other eyes,
A greater army from the skies,
A fiery guard around the hill;
Thus are the saints prescrved still.


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