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Open now the crystal fountain,
Whence the healing streams do flow,
Let thy fiery cloudy pillar

Lead me all my journey through;
Strong Deliverer, strong Deliverer,
Be thou still my strength and shield.
When I tread the verge of Jordan,

Bid my anxious fears subside; Death of death, and hell's destruction, Land me safe on Canaan's side; Songs of praises, songs of praises, I will ever give to thee. Musing on my habitation,

Musing on my heavenly home, Fills my soul with holy longing,

Come, my Jesus, quickly come:
Vanity is all I see,
Lord, I long to be with thee.

142. The waiting Soul. c. M.
I WAIT the visits of thy grace,
My Saviour, and my God,
O come and shew thy smiling face,
And wash me in thy blood.

O whither can I go to get
A pardon for my sin,
But only to my Saviour's feet,
And wait and call on him?

O that I could but once by faith
Behold him on the tree,

And see him languish there to death,
And shed his blood for me.

O that I might but once be found
In that blest wedding dress,
Which in my ears doth often sound,
His blood and righteousness.
"Tis this alone can give me ease,
And heal my wounded heart,
My Saviour's blood and righteousness,
His sufferings and smart.

143. Surrender of Heart. C. M. TAKE my poor heart just as it is,

Set up therein thy throne; So shall I love thee above all, And live to thee alone.

Complete thy work, and crown thy grace,
That I may faithful prove;
And listen to that small still voice
Which only whispers love;

Which teaches me what is thy will,
And tells me what to do;
Which covers me with shame when I
Do not thy will pursue.

This unction may I ever feel,

This teaching from my Lord, And learn obedience to thy voice, Thy soul-reviving word.

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144. Happiness only in Christ. C. M.

O DEAREST Lord, take thou

my heart;

Where can such sweetness be,


As I have tasted in thy love,
As I have found in thee?

If zeal with knowledge in my heart
Thy loving grace does give,
Safe in the bush unhurt the whole,
Will unconsumed live.

If love, that mildest flame, can rest
In hearts so cold as mine,
Come, blessed Saviour, to my breast,
And all its love be thine.

My Lord hath seiz'd me with sweet force,
His prize and purchase just ;
This soul of mine was never made
For vanity and dust.

O! 'tis in vain to seek for bliss,
For bliss can ne'er be found
Till we arrive where Jesus is,
And tread on grace's ground.

"Tis heaven on earth to taste his love,
To feel his quick'ning grace;
And the blest heaven I hope above,
Is there to see his face.

145. For Christ's Presence. 7.

DEAREST Jesus, come to me,
And abide eternally;

Worthy friend of sinners come,
Fill and make my heart thy home,

Oftentimes for thee I sigh,
Nothing else can give me joy;
This is still my cry to thee,
Dearest Jesus, come to me.

Could I clearly see above
What thy saints possess in love;
All would be but misery,
Except Jesus was with me.

Son of God, my dearest Lord,
All my crown and my reward:
Thou who freely diedst for me,
Shalt alone my bridegroom be,

146. The Lord is my Shepherd. C. M. COMPANIONS of thy little flock,

Dear Lord, we fain would be, Our helpless hearts to thee look up, To thee, our Shepherd flee.

O might we lean upon that breast
Which love and pity fill,

And now become those lambs caress'd
That in thy bosom dwell.

How sweet that voice, how sweet that hand,
Which leads to pastures fair,

Shews Canaan's milk and honey land,
Lot of thy flock so dear,

As one in heart we all rejoice.
The sinner's friend to praise;
The Shepherd died, O, 'tis his voice!
He'll us to glory raise,

147. For a Blessing on Ordinances. L. M. BELOVED Saviour, faithful friend,

The joy of all thy cross's train, In mercy to our aid descend,

Or else we worship thee in vain. In vain we meet to sing and pray,

If Christ his influence with-hold, Our hearts remain as cold as clay,

Till we our God by faith behold. Then let us feel thy healing beams, And view thy reconciled face, Yea, prove thy presence in these means To bless a vile and helpless race. Here manifest thyself in peace,

Thy faithful mercies now make known, O breathe on us a gale of grace, And send thy cheering blessing down. We gladly for thy coming wait,

Seeking to know thee as thou art, We bow as sinners at thy feet,

C. M.

And bid thee welcome to our heart.
148. Public Humiliation.
WE all the sinners paths have trod,
Like sheep we all have stray'd,
In sackcloth let us seek to God,
With dust upon our head.

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Let shame our guilty souls bow down,
And let us tell our sin;

Who knows while we our folly own,
But Christ may make us clean.

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