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Behold, O Lamb of God, a race

Of wretched sinners come, Naked and vile; o let thy grace

Afford thy children room, Think on thy gracious covenant,

And then, though we have sinn'd, Kindly forgive us; this we want,

O Lord, our only friend, 149. For a Blessing on the Gospel. 7,

SOURCE of light and power divine,
Deign upon thy truth to shine,
Lord, behold thy servant stands,
Lo, to thee he lifts his hands;
Satisfy his soul's desire,
Touch his lip with holy fire,
Softly fall the healing sound,
Like the dew-drop on the ground;
Drooping plants shall soon revive,
Faith in bud, begin to live,
And enlarg'd shall soon disclose
Beauties of the full-blown rose,
In thy pure and holy way,
Heights, and greater heights display,
So that whilst our race we run,
We may think it but begun,
Nor the past contemplate more,
Urgent still on what's before,
Ope thy treasures, so shall fall
Unction sweet on him, on all,
'Till by odours scatter'd round,
Christ himself be trac'd and found ;

Then shall ev'ry raptur'd heart,
Rich in peace and joy depart.

150. The hidden Life. C. M. To tell the Saviour all my wants,

How pleasing is the task;
Nor less to praise him when he grants

Beyond what I can ask.
My lab'ring spirit vainly seeks

To tell but half the joy,
With how much tenderness he speaks,

And helps me to reply.
Nor were it wise, nor should I choose

Such secrets to declare,
Like precious wines their taste they lose

Expos'd to open air.
But this with boldness I proclaim,

Nor care if thousands hear,
Sweet is the ointment of his name,

Not life is half so dear.
And can you frown, my former friends,

Who knew what once I was,
And blame the song that thus commends

The man that bore the cross,
Trust me, I draw the likeness true,

And not as fancy paints :
Such honour may he give to you,

For such have all his saints,

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151. The Mourner's Plea. L. M.
Gop of my life, to thee I call,
Afflicted at thy feet I fall,
When the great water-floods prevail,
Leave not my trembling heart to fail.
Friend of the friendless and the faint,
Where should I lodge my deep complaint ?
Where but with thee, whose open door
Invites the helpless and the poor.
Did ever mourner plead with thee,
And thou refuse that mourner's plea?
Does not the word still fix'd remain,
That none shall seek thy face in vain?
Poor though I am, despis'd, forgot,
Yet God, my God, forgets me not;
· And he is safe and must succeed,
For whom the Lord vouchsafes to plead.

152. Under Temptations. 7.
ESU, lover of my soul,

Let me to thy bosom fly,
While the billows near me roll,

While the tempest still is high; Hide me, O my Saviour, hide,

Till the storm of life is past; Safe into the haven guide,

O receive my soul at last. Other refuge have I none,

Hangs my helpless soul on thee; Leave, 0 leave me not alone,

Still support and comfort me:

All my trust on thee is stay'd,

All mine help from thee I bring i Cover my defenceless head,

With the shadow of thy wing. Thou, O Christ, art all I want,

Boundless love in thee I find; Raise the fallen, cheer the faint,

Heal the sick, and lead the blind : Just and holy is thy name,

I am all unrighteousness; Vile and full of sin I am,

Thou art full of truth and grace, Plenteous grace with thee is found,

Grace to pardon all my sin; Let the healing streams abound,

Make and keep me pure within: Thou of life the fountain art,

Freely let me take of thee, Spring thou up within my heart,

Rise to all eternity. 153. Encouragement to Prayer. 79 COME, my soul, thy suit prepare, Jesus loves to answer prayer, He himself has bid thee pray, Therefore will not say thee nay, , Thou art coming to a King, Large petitions with thee bring, For his grace and power are such, None can ever ask too much.

With my burden I begin,
Lord, remove my load of sin,
Let thy blood for sinners spilt,
Set my conscience free from guilt,
Lord, I come to thee for rest,
Take possession of my breast,
There thy blood-bought right maintain,
And without a rival reign.
While I am a pilgrim here,
Let thy love my spirit cheer;
As my Guide, my Guard, my Friend,
Lead me to my journey's end.
Shew me what I have to do,
Every hour my strength renew
Let me live a life of faith,

Let me die thy people's death,
154. The Efficacy of Christ's Blood. 7,
Jesu, Jesu, King of Saints,
Known to thee are all my wants ;
Self-convicted, self-abhorr’d,
I approach thee, dearest Lord.
Known to thee, whose eyes are flame,
1 thy love and pity claim;
With an eye of love look down, .
Help me, Lord, and help me soon.
Break, O break this heart of stone,
Form it for thy use alone, -
Bid each vanity depart,
Build thy temple in my heart,

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