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186. Submission and Deliverance; or, Abra

ham offering up his Son. L, M. Saints, at your heav'nly Father's word, Give up your comforts to the Lord; He shall restore what you resign, Or grant you blessings more divine, So Abra'm with obedient hand Led forth his son at God's command; The wood, the fire, the knife he took, His arm prepar’d the dreadful stroke. “ Abra'm forbear (the angel cried); “ Thy faith is known, thy love is try'd;

Thy son shall live, and in thy seed « Shall the whole earth be bless'd indeed." Just in the last distressing hour, The Lord displays deliv'ring pow'r; The mount of danger is the place Where we shall see surprising grace.


187. Doubts scattered; or, Spiritual Joys

restored. C. M. Hence from my soul, sad thoughts be gone,

And leave me to my joys;
My tongue shall triumph in my God,

And make a joyful noise.
Darkness and doubts had veil'd

And drown'd my head in tears,
Till sov'reign grace with shining rays

Dispelld my gloomy fears.

my mind,

0, what immortal joys I felt,

And raptures all divine,
When Jesus told me, I was his,

And my Beloved, mine!
In vain the tempter frights my soul,

And breaks my peace in vain ;
One glimpse, dear Saviour, of thy face

Revives my joys again.

188. Christ's Intercession for his People.c.m. Lift up your eyes to th’ heav'nly seats,

Where your Redeemer stays:
Kind Intercessor, there he sits,

And loves, and pleads, and prays.
'Twas well, my soul, he dy'd for thee,

And shed his vital blood,
Appeas'd stern justice on the tree,

And then arose to God.
Petitions now, and praise may rise,

And saints their off'rings bring,
The Priest with his own sacrifice

Presents them to the King.
[Let papists trust what names they please

Their saints and angels boast;
We've no such advocates as these,

Nor pray to th’ heav'nly host.] ]
Jesus alone shall bear my cries

Up to his Father's throne:
He, dearest Lord ! perfumes my sighs,

And sweetens ev'ry groan.

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[Ten thousand praises to the King,

Hosanna in the High’st ! Ten thousand thanks our spirits bring

To God and to his Christ.]


189. Heavenly Joy on Earth. s. M. Come, we that love the Lord,

And let our joys be known:
Join in a song of sweet accord,

And thus surround the throne,
The sorrows of the mind

Be banish'd from this place:
Religion never was design'd

To make our pleasures less,
Let those refuse to sing

That never knew our God,
But fav’rites of the heav'nly King

May speak their joys abroad.
[The God that rules on high,

And thunders when he please,
That rides


the stormy sky, And

manages the seas ;] This awful God is our's,

Our Father and our love;
He shall send down his heay’nly pow'rs

There shall we see his face,

never, never sin;
There, from the rivers of his grace,
Drink endless pleasures in.


carry us above.

Yes, and before we rise

To that immortal state,
The thoughts of such amazing bliss

Should constant joys create.
[The men of grace have found

Glory begun below:
Celestial fruits on earthly ground,

From faith and hope may grow.]
[The hill of Sion yields

A thousand sacred sweets,
Before we reach the heav'nly fields,

Or walk the golden streets.
Then let our songs abound,

And ev'ry tear be dry;
We're marching thro' Immanuel's ground,

To fairer worlds on high.] 190. Faith in Christ our Sacrifice. s. M.

Not all the blood of beasts

On Jewish altars slain,
Could give the guilty conscience peace,

Or wash away the stain.
But Christ the heav'nly Lamb,

Takes all our sins away;
A sacrifice of nobler name,

And richer blood than they.
My faith would lay her hand

On that dear head of thine,
While like a penitent I stand,

And there confess my sin.

My soul looks back to see

The burdens thou didst bear
When hanging on the cursed tree,

And hopes her guilt was there.
Believing we rejoice

To see the curse remove;
We bless the Lamb with cheerful voice,

And sing his bleeding love.


191. To the Blessed Spirit. 7'.
Gracious Spirit, Dove divine,
Let thy light within me shine,
All my guilty fears remove,
Fill me full of heaven and love.
Speak thy pard’ning grace to me,
Set the burden'd sinner free,
Lead me to the Lamb of God,
Wash me in his precious blood.
Life and peace to me impart,
Seal salvation on my heart,
Breathe thyself into my breast,
Earnest of immortal rest.
Let me never from thee stray,
Keep me in the narrow way,
Fill my soul with joy divine,
Keep me, Lord, for ever thine.

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