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18. The Stability of the Covenant; or,

God's Love to Zion unalterable. L. M, When at th’ Almighty's dread command, The watry deluge left the land, Then from the ark the Prophet came, And built an altar to his name. Say'd from the vast tremendous flood, He offer'd sacrifice to God; Jehovah lik'd th’ oblation well, And did of rest a savour smell. Then, with a solemn oath he spoke, “ Tho' once, for sin, my wrath awoke, “ Yet now I rest, my fury's o'er, " I will destroy the world no more." Thus to his Church in Christ, he said,

Since justice smote thy Saviour's head, “And in the cloud

bow I

see, “ I never can be wroth with thee. “ Sooner the massy hills shall prove “ Like chaff, that's with a whirlwind drove, “ Than I forsake my firm decree, " Or let my love grow cold to thee. “ The pond'rous mountains sooner may “ Desert their seats, and flee away, “ Than I forget, or disapprove, “ The chosen objeets of my love, “ As by my name of old I swore, “ To drown a guilty world no more; “ So have I sworn, I'll never be " Incens'd with wrath to deluge thee."

19. The Church's Safety; or, Zion's Bulwarks the everlasting Love of Jehovah. s. M. Zion's a city fair,

Whose fame of old was known; Jehovah dwells for ever there,

He claims her for his own. Here his affections rest,

Nor shall from hence remove; 'Tis his delight to make her blest,

And live upon his love.
Her worthless name is found,

Deep 'graven on his hand,
In characters of grace profound,

That shall for ever stand.
Tho' oft with tempest tost,

Ne'er from her anchor drove, This chosen vessel can't be lost,

Secur'd by cov'nant love.
Her bulwarks and her walls

Are all the promises,
Founded in potent wills and shalls,

In oaths and firm decrees.
Her food the Saviour's blood,

She feeds by faith divine;
With Jesus one, th' eternal God,

In ties of loye divine. Tho' she's at war with hell,

Yet she's at peace with heav'n; Triumphant grace her foes shall quell;

Her sins are all forgiv'n.

L. M.

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20, The Overflowing of Divine Love from

God to his Church.
Oh! the mysterious depths of grace,
Who shall thy wand'ring mazes trace?
Surpassing human thought, to know
Where this abyss of love shall flow.
'Twas hid in God's eternal breast,
For all his sons in Jesus blest,
Whose mystic members, from of old,
Were in the book of life enroll’d.
Shall one, as now in thine embrace,
Before to-morrow fall from grace;
Be doom'd to Tophets endless fļame,
Where hope or mercy never came?
No! glory to his name, we say,
He'll love to-morrow as to-day;
No wrath shall e'er his bosom move
Towards an object of his love,
No heights of guilt, or depths of sin,
Where his redeem'd have ever been,
But sov?reign grace was underneath,
And love eternal, strong as death.
Come then, ye saints, in strains divine,
Rehearse the same in ev'ry line,
Nor fear to sing the charming lay;
You'll sing the same another day.
No other song will be th’employ
Of saints, in worlds of endless joy;
But loud hosannahs round the throne,
To the Great sacred Three in One,


21. Salvation flowing from Eternal Love.

C. M.
Now, in a sweet exalted song,

Let ransom'd mortals join
To celebrate, both old and young,

Jehovah's love divine,
'Twas on this deep, unfathom'd sea,

That life by Jesus came;
He bore his people's sins away,

All glory to his name.
'Twas sin that nail'd him to the tree,
That thrust the fatal

But love, that made him sin to be;-

Salvation centers there.
When he beheld the chosen race

All welt'ring in their gore,
Terrific frowns ne'er cloth'd his face,

Nor did his vengeance roar.
He turn'd his eyes to Jesus then,

And in his bosom saw
His dear delights, the sons of men,

Complete without a flaw.
To Zion's Great Eternal King,

Who bled for worms below,
Let bright immortal spirits sing,

And praise unmeasur'd flow.
22. Knowing the Love of Christ. 8. 8. 6.
To comprehend and fully prove
The depths of everlasting love,

A seraph's pow'rs must fail;
How then shall sinful worms below
The great dimensions ever know,

Or give the full detail?

'Twas Paul's desire, that saints with him Might know the breadth and length extreme,

And wonder and adore;
But, ah! how weak are finite minds,
To fathom Wisdom's great designs,

That sea without a shore,

When dead in sin the sinner lay,
Love found a new and living way

To bring him near to God;
"Twas thro' that sacred bloody sweat,
Which made the Saviour's garment wet,

When he the wine-press trod.

O love, beyond conception great,
Earth, hell, nor sin, shall ne'er defeat,

The council of thy will;
For whom he stretch'd his bleeding hands,
In heav'n a vacant mansion stands,

That they must surely fill,
The resurrection morn shall prove
The objects of eternal love,

A royal blood-bought throng ;
Then in the riches of thy grace,
They shall eternal wonders trace,


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